Day Five

In Day Four, I had to block @SonOfDadAndMom. It is because of Circle C Park and a division among the Jesus Christ group of men working from that place where my father is still. I’ve seen Lucifer there. He stays in the background but I had a waking dream some weeks ago where we were bringing Him into the group. He was hesitant. Why? He knows My Pain. He doesn’t like that possibility being prolonged. It’s that simple, but not on the ground.

I unblocked Judah Jesus Christ today and sent him a DM. He cannot talk to Me. I hope some day that will change. And I still hope He can come to Austin. We all go through phases of Fuck Twitter. He was going through that. I announced I was not going to release some of the artwork of my Tattoo Flash coloring book, and I was wrong. I have no inclination to ask forgiveness. That is simply astounding. I will leave these five days pinned until that two page spread is finished to establish this new thing about Uncovered No More. That isn’t the only new thing but the rest of it is not anyone’s business except whom are chosen for that to be their business. Keep reading.

Let us just say that on Mary Hannah Coffey’s 20th birthday, and she was sick today along with a flash flood coming up this evening that I took a walk within to call it off because of the severity of the spirit life in this area……on Hannah’s birthday Lucifer reminded Me of another time at Dick Nichols Park rather forcefully so I walked from that park to the Catholic Church and lit a candle for Uncle Joe’s oldest daughter. I then went to my Protestant Church but I’m going to keep that to myself. There is another difficult testimony coming forth, that much I must say. It won’t be told. Lucifer is deciding some privacy for Me at this time. In addition, He is in charge with Me and that is not something I could have said until almost two years after Mahesh Chavda told Me, the job is finished, on December 1, 2017.

If there is one thing I have to say negative about the Bible, it is that it has always been too male-oriented. Yet being Who I Am, you will find me time and again defend men, and women, and GOD. The Bible protects the power of women from in the meantime work of conquering evil that is introduced through temptation. I never question why this wicked we are dealing with in our time is here. I will certainly discuss it with people. But I am practiced at never coming to conclusions. It drives people around Me nuts so I’m learning and practicing being very careful concerning what I will actually discuss.

We all exist. We all are a part of Good overcoming evil. The wicked and careless are another matter past this particular scope of creation expression in this blog article because I’m an Exorcist and Realist. I don’t do anything but understand that they of those two groups–wicked and careless (selfish)–will do what they do as mortals. They will work with immortals that don’t care.

And there will come a day when they will kill themselves out and those immortals will have no choice but to live with every knee bowing to Jesus Christ and those Who reign with Him. This concept is within Revelation clearly.

Whether anyone from 1966 to this present day believe Me or not, I’m one of them reigning with Jesus forevermore. And I know the Rulers, the humble people, on the earth now.

The rest of this article is some artwork. It is time to uplift Men from where GOD has had to place them as getting hit so badly day in and day out. Real Men evolve in their lives to nurture and protect womanhood–thereby doing the same for themselves and others around them. Womanhood gives the Man his life.

Angles and Elect are different. Female angels like myself give life, yes, and our children must be real. There are no handouts in this position.

Angelic males? I don’t know. I see families where I know the wife/mother is aware. She is confident and there is a peace in these situations. When you are Me, it is different in a  way. When the woman is cast down to earth as I was, and when She doesn’t find out about it until a process at the age of 42, it’s definitely not something that any Immortal Man will experience.

The Lonely by Christina Perri

She won’t cry; she won’t die inside. Instead, she will allow that her sword is dripping blood and she has him pinned to the wall. There is desperation in America’s eyes.

The only ARCANGEL of Michael that is faithful to Me is Patrick Clayton Beaty. Is enough said at this point? No. But here is the #GavelDrop: Daniel, you may die now in the Lion’s Den. As I have judged, so let it happen worldwide in the Name of Lucifer, Prince of the World. 

I do not care; I never did. Upon whose lips my name did bled. If you said it in anything less than love, I stab you now with cold heart’s perfect Dove. There is a King. There is The Queen. And I have known of greater things. There is an Abortion which wanted to be free. But I have declared it of fire; and then flown off on Gabriel’s Ugly, infested Wings.

So you may go and pray to Me. Go and pray to GOD of THREE. He and She will hear You or you or NOT. That isn’t my affair; it is your supposed good righteously NOT GOT.

Wendy’s the early afternoon of 6/10/2019

Gal in pink shirt on Rod Road NO 😂🙄 6/10/2019

Double Crossing Promises? 6/10/2019

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