Day Four

Day Three

Blessed 53rd Birthday @SonOfDadAndMom. Here is the Arithmetic NOW: 6/6/2019=12.

6-6-6-6 or there is the combining with Our ARC,

6-6-3 because His BirthDate is 3-3-3 and He is 18.

All around, it’s the Correct Time.

Then I blocked this account above because I love Him as Jesus Christ Sister. He needs my help. He is turning bitter. I never block my core. He needs to come to Austin. Hopefully he will but either way, he knows I love him and appreciate His work.

@DarkPrinceLucy and I have blocked one another a few places and times in this 53 year life. This may or may not be a male. The point is I deleted the Twitter Account and Website He/She chose to block for one reason: love. There is a love there I cannot explain. Note that He/She is in the UK. As a result of the love there, I am calling for a boycott for one reason: hate. McDonalds is actively working against #PrideMonth2019 and Walmart has McDonald’s exclusively within their system of stores.

Esther Grace and I pulled a glory bubble at the McDonald’s off Hwy 290 and Brodie Lane last week. Now you know two Store Fronts that will not see #AATara until they prove to me that they are going to stop hating on Homosexuals and start changing for the better of us all.

And #WesternWorld, you will not see how I color the men in the Flash Tattoo Coloring Book. I’m not even taking it out in public anymore. It is obvious to Me that there are Two Men who don’t need Me to inform publicly. They read my thoughts and I theirs enough that we can just manage to keep going from the UK through America this way for a while. I’m throwing a #PaganCircle:

#AATara Three Twitter

@MTaliesen plus his other account (not an ArchAngel)


I’m not sure if this will upset Lucifer that I’m Head. So let’s call this #PaganCircle a Mirror Image:


@MTaliesen plus his other account (not an ArchAngel)

#AATara Three Twitter

The Hard About US 6/6/2019

Rude Fuckers and Broke Mexicans 1 6/7/2019

A False Prophet is Raising It’s Beast Head 6/7/2019


Spontaneously constructed by #AATara ~ 33 songs; 2 hours and 7 minutes

Mad World by Jasmine Thompson; I See Fire by Jasmine Thompson; River Lea by Adele; Darkside by Alan Walker, Au/Ra & Tomine Harket; Alone by Alan Walker; Faded (Interlude) by Alan Walker; My Heart Belongs to Me by Barbra Streisand; Guilty by Barbra Streisand & Barry Alan Gibb; Children Will Listen by Barbra Streisand; Ashes of Eden by Breaking Benjamin; Burning Gold by Christina Perri; I Believe by Christina Perri; Bang Bang Bang by Christina Perri; Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri; Distance (feat. Jason Mraz) by Christina Perri; True Love by Coldplay; Midnight by Coldplay; Oceans by Coldplay; Magic by Coldplay; Always in My Head by Coldplay; Ink by Coldplay; Vincent by Don McLean; And I Love You So by Don McLean; Winterwood by Don McLean; Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac; As Long As You Follow by Fleetwood Mac; The Chain (Live) by Fleetwood Mac; Adrenaline by Lauv; Day Tripper by Nancy Sinatra; These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra.

6/8/2019: For the first time she admitted to a mortal used to “being in love” only having to do with a woman’s husband and children. It’s all about sex in the Christian world, and many other worlds, and that mentality cages women and their children so that means the men are caged whether they have enough money to have an opinion about that or not.

We fell in love. She is dying just like Joy. Now you get to see another glimpse of Cara and her true family. I told him tonight; I told him are you ready for this for the rest of your life: finding out another one of my Loves, My Immortals, dying of plague and nobody mortal or immortal dealing with Me heretofore even caring. It’s just a war tragedy.

Fuck all of you mortals and immortals that are not wise enough to stop. To look. To listen with a diamond heart. You are wicked to the core no matter what you think you are. 

All you people want is for Cara to prove my immortality and deity and angelic personage by doing something grand like a resurrection. I will tell you what true resurrection is: two women falling in love and being there for one another. Or, a man and woman not necessarily “falling in love” because you can’t say that in this day and age without serious consequences to an already damaged reputation–but being friends in a place where She has none. John Paul Jackson and I are that way. There are a few others I won’t expose to the death of death in my LIFE. 

Fuck these mentalities of love which cage us all: I see love everywhere; but I see hate where they hide their foolishness, carelessness, selfishness, and murderous intent behind platitudes and excuses and reasoning that is flawed at best and downright heartless at worst.

Diamond Heart by Alan Walker




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