Day Three

Day Two

I Am Goddess Midas. ArchAngel Lucifer vows to Me Here–eternally. Anyone else think You or you can face this love of His and continue to destroy my 12 children and ArchAngel Tara, I automatically Kill You and you with Certain Death. (1-3 John; Jude; Revelation) But yet, in true submission to My Real Husband, it isn’t Second Death. Keep reading.

After a demon of insanity spoke through my voice on September 25, 2008, Immortals moved into my life quietly and contacted family members around me. They all are still working together actively holding down my testimony.

My Children have had to construct the real reality around what all the people older than me or about the same age as Me are still trying to break me down to do with two exceptions. The first exception is my brother Patrick. The second exception is a friend named Daniel on Twitter. He is physically older than Me.

ArchAngel Lucifer is My Husband. I don’t know if the Body Form(s) of this present darkness Who is actually very deeply in love with Me as I Am with Him is going to reach Me in this life. We are Eternally Romeo and Juliet. It is not, and may never be, a sexual manifestation in any flesh life for either of us. We’ve already been Mary Magdalene and a man sharing the cross experience with Jesus Christ 2019 years ago. We are always there for one another but I Am being accepted better now because of his work in this Age.

Lucifer is Head so He is in complete control of Goddess Midas. That is the truth; it will not change eternally, and everyone needs to see My lethality.

From June 2, 2019

From June 3, 2019

From June 4, 2019 about my children and stubborn white supremacists

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence + The Machine was given to Me upon an interactive song list (I began to get those around mid-2014 possibly).

Yesterday was when Rabbit Heart was given to Me. HTHs World Firever. I’ve a life to live. I’ve hope restored. Anyone negative in this article of Day Three had nothing to do with that hope restoration I can assure you.

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