Ice Earth, My Loves American Indian…….

I wrote; I cried; I arose; I died

And they do too


I saw; I see; I free; I flu

And they do too


I see; I vomit; I rest; I comet

And they do too


But today was a difference laid well in my past 12

Where Mary Magdalene works and Lucifer spells


And I skate Alone as a Moon nobody dwells

While He roams and dwells in a torment of spells


So I See Freakish Me skate Frozen Earth for the sake of love which tells

Past glory, love, hate and all that possesses hill and dale


He must save the She that is finally, restfully pale

As A Mist of time that Holy Spirit requires 2 Bea sell


So I do it; for the love of He Wind I will skate solemn yet Ancient Told

And wait for the Men of the Woman Me they always know

Comfortable in hell, in fire, in wind, in storm, in flood, in snow

I can look in the distance Witness true and see past young tree Cold

My Loves, it is a privilege to smell the lovely smoke of incense Into the Night by MAROMA.  While I drink a little wine and contemplate how yet again, my poetry is foam upon frozen foam.

Now I state Creation Purpose past all pain: it is that my Loves newborn to 28 are released in all their glory Holy Spirit yet again.

It is fine that my daughter and I cannot yet tell of the Mare I know she is and I will tell. I can wait, so can patient she. But Lucifer Waits No More for Morning Star Me.

For I realize what I always knew; the Moon tells us King of kings is blue. And He desires rest upon Earth. So Lucifer and I will dance in streets and injoy our own pyres.

Shshshshs tell Me no secrets I will tell you no lies; comfort means I skate with red, blue, ice and scarlet vampire eyes. And my damnable sight changes as He loves Me; that is the doom and glory of the Moon set wholly free.

The feature image was taken where my mother~love died. She did the best she could. I resurrected her twice; she died at my permission and I languish now in the love I know is my commission.

For He tells Me what is truth while I turn the lie of the earth into the testimony of fruit. I have eaten, refused, and eaten again. Lucifer sings of the demise that is definitely no end.

For the star is bright in the moon’s late light. He will make the sun submit to the reality of Earth Worshop and stop the fright. I look up ffrom the toil I know I had. And I tell them all remember; remember that the Moon will never End. I will sing and dance until you believe Me; He will see to the creation again of an eternal Street Tara Me.

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