Day One

Many of us get hit with acne like this. Mine is not just acne; it is cysts. This one literally came up overnight as I got my daughters out of the nightmare sealed within Edith’s core that tormented her and her sisters and Me. Add to that the intelligent tendencies of males and mortals, and my immortal sons had to be snatched also. But the hearts of fathers and sons are reconciled in this case. Blessed Be. Now watch Me draw allegorical blood as I keep moving. I don’t have to warn you anymore, America. I have been jinxed many times over.

I’m scorned in Heaven 5/22/2019

An Antique Mustang 5/22/2019

Several days ago I stopped at the business right across the street from where the Mustang was parked before I went to the YMCA and I rolled the window down, turned up the music, and gave that business the finger. Ford Motor Company, you betrayed Cara Coffey. You did not betray Curtis, Patrick, or Richard.

And since when is this supposed to be what inheritance restored to females looks like according to Job 42? It isn’t. Watch Us not care. I hope you all go out of business. But I know that my two sons also went through a lot with Curtis. My family have been spared and they will faithfully take care of what they are supposed to take care of. They need to shut up, basically. They aren’t doing that yet. Wait and see. I don’t care. Moving on.

As announced on Twitter, so I will testify now:

Messiah & Tribe Judah Complete


Michelle & Barak Obama

Gisela & KP Yohannan Gospel for Asia

They have less authority if the typeset is smaller. This is election. We have no problem bowing to One Another IRL.

@TweetOfSpirit and the second account @TweetOfSpirit_

12:12-12:18 PMC 5/23/2019: @Frank_Schaeffer @s8n @HolySpirit6661 @TaraAnn66 @ShekinahJesus1 @tara_moons66 @TalkInTheNight1 @MoravianTaliesen

@SonOfDadAndMom Who has several accounts and lost four.

He is saying, very clearly:

You better like Socialism & Abortion.

So do it now. Shut up otherwise.

Elect Tribe Judah WorldWide 5/23/2019

This has to stop #FakeNews 5/23/2019

Teaching children to embrace their sexuality 5/23/2019

This is hilarious. Esther Grace screen shots games. Uhhm. Donald Trump’s hairpiece, Anyone? I just produced some free hand art about an 88 song list. #BlackPanther wearing my 88. Go Team!!

First Things First


There is a book of poetry coming in the mail that I must consume before I can go any further with Rune Stones or PAGANISM. This is by order of Ralph M. Blum:


I have PTSD. I will do this right. Otherwise, my daughters will continually have PTSD for the rest of their lives. Fucking Hell and Heaven NO–And then there is Robert Edward Coffey and Uncle Patrick Clayton Beaty and John Paul Jackson.

My Enoch Men need to come forth and then they will usher in my other Coffey Family. Beaty is in. What do you motherfuckers think? You ain’t killed Cara Ann Beaty and the youngest Beaty cousin Edward Kenneth Beaty, Junior. Go to Hell. You ain’t gettin’ to him and Me.


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