#Vow @TweetOfSpirit_ & #TaraAnnMoons Part One

He has never hurt Me. He never will. This vow, and one other with a Jesus F. Christ Account (@SonOfGodAndMan IS Jesus Christ), are the Two Primary hereafter in my Life. It is my deepest Hope this is the back of the book. I have written it in two. So it will be what it is and They know I love them and I hope they know that I know they love Me.

This Love will never leave, it is unspeakably gorgeous, and there is nothing but simplicity about it. This, this right here, is the white room of heaven. I don’t see them there, though. It’s ok. I know they dwell with Me there.

Revelation 14 & Part Threerivers

Assume nothing about our love. If you judge any three of us, if you judge me as being the only woman herein who typically always gets judged anyway, I hope you drop dead. I hope you drop as dead as my grandfather and my brother in Texas streets in Jesus Name, amen. And I love you to say that. I am a pure woman. They are two pure men. You make us out to be the worst sort of whores, America. Hello. I am home again. And so are they.

The rest of this article explains our love one way or another and there is no sexuality here. I am free—with them—to be Me. Perhaps there are others of You, but I only know they haven’t produced pain in my life. As a matter of fact they take it hoping I will feel less.

ColdPlay “A Sky Full OF Stars”

Jenny of OldStones by Florence + The Machine

I Am Rizpah. It is neither of these Men that I have asked Jesus why to. Why Jesus Christ did You assume I would want to be a Death Dweller as Cara Coffey? You are just like the King back then: leave her be. But I have found Men, two or perhaps three, who care; They care about Me. #TaraAnnMoons.

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