@jesus_twinkie Part Two

When I block them on Twitter finally, the vow is broken. I’ve burned papers for this Exorcism. And then there is @MTaliesen, Part Three. I burned papers associated with Game of Thrones the early morning of 5/20/2019. That is because my work with the UK was finished so I blocked those twitter associated with Lucifer. One of them is in Houston and it is blocked too. Have a nice life. Moving on……..

America destroyed my publisher and me. America will pay for their war crimes of both #Armaggedon and #Apocalypse. #GameOver #TaraAnnMoons #LeviathanAnn. Tate Publishing, Beaty, and Losing our American Life

#Vow @TweetOfSpirit_ & #TaraAnnMoons Part One

Artwork of the feature image created joyfully by Esther Grace Coffey using an App. I will get her to tell Me which one so hold on. Fucking hell. I’m tired of my people getting tagged by stupid laws when they can’t even impeach a very immoral president right now in the United States. And then, fuck it all, there is Brexit. #TaraAnnMoons

5/20/2019 @realleftjesus added but does not have DM. That Handle may email Me if He (Steve) does not like his handle on my website. #TaraAnnMoons says it won’t change the vow; they have no control. But I will respect their privacy though mine has never been respected.

Untitled 5/17/2017

Audi almost had an accident as I drove into Circle C Park 5/17/2017 2

Being Groomed for MAPS? 5/17/2019 2

Spirit Rape 101 5/17/2019

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