$15 for the Homosexual Community

My Periscope and these pictures say it all. Check out my new series on threerivers.blog. Let’s see how many days of Creation Cara Ann Coffey has. Don’t fuss at Me, I write pretty. Pull shit in Austin, TX, and I won’t write or periscope so pretty and it is all your fault. Good riddance to that which is evil. God Bless America. Blessings Be upon the World and the Earth. #TaraAnnMoons.

Fear of Financial Misbehavior and Thanos 5/14/2019

I was cut off in the Target Parking Lot so here is part two:

Part Two 5/14/2019 that decides to commit suicide, Thanos, Money, etc.

Three Rivers Dot Blog is now gone. It was deleted June 4, 2019. That means the Old Jerusalem Testimony I was stuck within is officially annihilated and the New World Order of Jesus Christ King of kings is Here to Stay on the Earth. Here is a piece of artwork that has 88 songs attached to it which I will not publish. I was working with this particular unction of allegory on Esther Grace’s 13th birthday. She is my ninth child and seventh daughter.

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