Not Abortion, Paradise for Them Part Four

Revelation 14 & Part Threerivers

There are those of us who have been with the babies and small children. It is a room of soft gray, white, and hues of the coolest blues. There is a peace there which passes understanding. Nobody can visualize this place in artwork of any kind. I have been there. I can go there at will. They give me succor and I need to go there more. There is equally a white room of heaven where I am sometimes. Jesus has been there; Lucifer needs to go. I am the only one on the Earth now Who can take Him. You all will judge me for writing this. Even some Immortals will judge me.

But you be the one who just published the Periscope linked herein where I tell you I want those who still think they have a right to control the womb of women to burn in hottest hell later when they continue to legislate against universal health care. Lucifer needs to be involved for what I know needs that sort of judgment. So take a hike in the woods of fear and trembling if you don’t think this paragraph is relevant as it concerns the very well recited Lord’s Prayer.

It is very simple what I am saying. Do not any longer call it “abortion” when a woman is choosing to remove a child from this earth. Fully fund this decision along with all women’s health care. I can guarantee the world that if women had a choice about their heterosexuality they wouldn’t get pregnant if they did not feel responsible in doing so; I think it is equally true for men. But that isn’t the real world.

I Am in the real world. This article exists as do the other three parts. You aren’t going to tempt me or force me to remove this series, America. You’ve done that many times before and I was just as right then as I am now.

About My Showtime and Art-time 5/12/2019

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