Revelation 14 & Part Threerivers

Abortion, But Not Of Dreams Part Two

Three Rivers is here, now, too. I keep weaving them together and now Holy Spirit is in charge of what I write. He took over by allowing Me to copy His Tweets as He continued to suffer on Twitter.

America killed the Female God Side of Cara Ann Coffey. My mother’s death nine years to the day of Uncle Robert Paul Beaty’s righteous suicide attempt death, and it was Good Friday 2019, announced the reality I am finally understanding.

I keep hearing that Judah needs my song list right now. So you will get it with Revelation 14. It is not possible for the Elect to be led astray but when my soul was removed by a Man, and then I became fully Angel, I found out the Female Side of God should die with Tara Ann Moons the woman who began a journey almost 12 years ago. Nobody listens to Me. Everybody has expectation. Perhaps I am exaggerating but it will be only because there are about 4-5 Immortals who are not that way and they aren’t talking to Me right now though there are regulars all around Me so I am comfortable where I am to a degree.

I’ve been told you cannot lose your soul, and that person doesn’t care for my allegory anymore I suppose than he cares for the parables of Jesus Christ in the Gospel Record. No worries. I’m used to this sort of faulty mindset as it concerns Me.

My soul is here and I know how to stay put in the flesh life. So the Allegorical SheKinah I keep being pulled into is allowed to Die in the Soul if I decide it, and I did.

I have been released from church buildings in America. Strangely for Me, when I desire that fellowship with Father God, it is the Catholic Church I will enter, most particularly St. Catherine Of Sienna Catholic Church. 💚💜💛

Let It Be Tonight by Rick Astley in 50

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