Abortion, But Not Of Dreams Part Two

Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

I had a dream the early morning May 8 or 9, 2019. I am going to share it but first I’m going to Avengers Endgame with my daughter Hannah.

In the dream, I became pregnant. This will be the thirteenth and let Me say now so the UK and America can prepare themselves: according to Revelation 12 the numbers are 12 and 14. I’ve interpreted Revelation 1-13. I will have a part three and release thoughts about chapter 14.

I am choosing abortion of the Spirit Child of the dream. Watch out. I will have no mercy. #SheKinah

It is now after 11:00 PM and the kitchen is supposedly cleaned not as thoroughly as possible and my children at home didn’t go to bed on time. I am called to do work of the ministry–read I enjoyed the time with my daughter but had no pleasure in this movie–and yet I went to the movie and appreciated the points of it. It is normal when I come home that things are left half done and I’m not listened to by children. I face verbal disrespect on a regular basis.

That I actually did artwork incorporating what Thanos said about inevitability before I saw the movie is hilarious. Thanos is Lucifer tormenting humans until everything in their lives and families is brought into the Light of Goodness in the Core of Humanity created in the Image of God.

Lucifer has intention of still using Uncovered No More. And I will allow Him to do that every bit as much as He allows Me to kill Him every day when I see fit. I’m never sorry Lucifer. How about You? Don’t be sorry you foolish angel. That sorrow is for fucking sissies. You can tend to be selfish at the core but you are not as bad as Gabriel while Michael is caught in the Middle Earth like SheKinah. God how accurate Cara is.

THE Jesus Christ on Earth, Tribe Judah but all 12 Tribes according to Revelation 14 like #TaraAnnMoons was not involved with this fucking fracas. I wouldn’t have done that to Him. But He would have taken it had I done that to Him. He does anything to get Me out of pain faster. #Vow @TweetOfSpirit_ & #TaraAnnMoons

I will deal with this as I’ve always done: righteously and with as much dignity as I can muster for myself the Immortal that keeps going to hell and back and for the Angels and mortals involved.

I See Fire by Jasmine Thompson

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