ColdPlay “A Sky Full OF Stars”


Some time in 2015, I can remember vaguely lying on my bed more than once and listening to Ghost Stories by ColdPlay and literally having a heavenly respite. I was being The New HashTag is #SpiritRape, Patrick Stephen #spiritraped and betrayed so much by so many people it is very difficult today to explain how hard it was.

Literally yesterday at Walmart, there was a Man. He was shopping like I was and I looked at him and he simply got in front of Me and then walked out as I went to check out. I was panicking inside just a little bit as I left the store after having concentrating very hard to decide to buy what I did. I have been made to look bi-polar in purchases because debt was blamed on me literally, and things were done to  my finances (this is a single income “Christian” family so I have no money as the stay-at-home parent who home schools yet I work as hard as the father to make ends meet and he was calling me a destroyer and denying my testimony from late 2015 through until today).

I do not impulse purchase. I was using credit cards under unction of Lucifer with glorified bodies and Jesus Christ Men to call off the curse of how money is the root of a lot of evil.

I am not believed in Austin and now you see the fruit of it in my private life. Let this be a lesson to America. You can make anybody look good or bad. You are human machines of monster proportions to behave this way and care nothing for the men, women, and children you have in your very real control. #Lucifer and #MaryMagdalene rage at this insane misuse of money power on a regular basis and He respectfully asked Me just yesterday to try and put the anger aside. #SpiritConversation

You don’t believe Me? Fine. I have it in a coloring book the world will not see even in pictures so why don’t you jet set yourself to #Austin and peacefully come into my glory bubbles. You never know what #loveneverfails is going to look like in #Austin but you can peacefully come view it from the Outside if you like.

In 2014, Patrick Clayton Beaty appeared in a side-aisle of Walgreens off Escarpment and William Cannon. I was going in to purchase less than $3 of photos to send my MIL in Jackson, MS, because it was her birthday. Margaret Elizabeth shares this birthday with her in November.

Patrick swiped my American Express. Then months later, Edward Gilligan of American Express dropped dead in an airplane heading into New York. Edward P. Gilligan on Wikipedia.

Previous to this, and to prepare Me for this testimony above because I Am a #DeathAngel as #TaraAnnMoons, Patrick Clayton Beaty and #Lucifer were on a walk/bike ride in my neighborhood.

Suffice it to say #Lucifer was there and only just. He is an athlete. And He was driving that bike very slowly in full athletic gear. #powerundercontrol while Patrick was in a white Tee, jeans, and he had glasses on from back in the day when we were teens before he died in a street. Twice. Revelation 11.

Thank You Coldplay. I love you. 😘💕


Nowadays for healing after being #spiritrape so much, I use #vinylrecords. This is one record I will NEVER BE WITHOUT and the ones I will never be without are going within a new page on this blog of My Music. There will not be any other form of music within this page. Essential oils, Incense sticks, Record Player with Vinyl, Skin Brushing, TTapp, Callenetics, and Coloring with various other #ArtWork along with My #Author work are my healing implements. Herbs are also healing elements. I take Valerian on a regular basis for sleep pattern balance. I use breathing techniques as well. I am trying to get strong enough mentally to make a decision to take Tae Keon Do with Robert Edward. #PTSD #sucks.

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