Get A Pagan Grip, America

One of the advantages in this present darkness which author, Cara Ann Coffey, has is the veil of blindness upon my very mature form. I haven’t read any other ancient texts save the Bible yet. I do not define what I think I know around anything else than the Bible.

Why is that fact of my life an advantage? I must be careful here. Christians are waiting to pounce upon the glory I refuse to take as an Immortal, Tribe Judah, person and use it to their own advantage. They have been doing that for going on 12 years and I must stop them; Christians are the worst offenders as it concerns immortals such as myself. I’m not going to insult your intelligence and explain why here. (laughing)

Lucifer is known popularly as Morningstar. I don’t care what Lucifer is known as to be clear. There is a whole show about Him, and Tom Ellis is the star. Hi Tom. How is your life going now? I hope you are prospering as an artist (actor) and I hope your entire life is a blessing to you and others every day. I am sorry if that is not your reality, truly.

ArchAngel Michael is equally a Morningstar from the book of Jude. Our MorningStar is Jesus Christ, and Us Four have been having issues since……since……since the moment the curse on women was placed upon Eve.

I wonder what They Call Me, Sister Angel? Jesus doesn’t know. Shekinah knows but it is caught within Tara Ann Moons who suffers Friday through Sunday for a testimony such as this.

I remember. When I used to take communion the awful sobbing I did was unusual. Now I don’t care. They eat My Lord away every day and they don’t care. To be clear, I care about Jesus Christ and don’t care about mortals eating his life away. 

Lucifer, Michael, what do You call Me? Who do the Angels say I Am? 

The past few years they used my Name when they wanted to catch Me. Somebody, and I don’t know who on this earth, is going to have to teach my five senses to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch my name and not feel a back-stab.

Cara….it’s such a name as this. Mine is a White Stone. I know My Name. When you use it wrongfully, you stab Me in the back and smile. I know Michael doesn’t smile about it.

Gabriel laughs uproariously though, and that isn’t nice. Shame on You, Gabriel.

Some Angels are schadenfreude and/or sadists. Luciferians are this way in minor ways but not at all this way in major ways. That is not quite correct; change it please.

Tara Ann Moons can hear your arguments Lucifer: if you enjoy the little sufferings then you are a screwed up Angel when it comes to the broader scope of consequences. Yes, there will be punishment for them who are wicked and/or careless sinners. But that is not today here on the Earth and I find You very, very ill tempered in the way of comPassion. 

Let Your Older Sister Shekinah teach You something: Passion. Watch Me; watch ArchAngel Michael. Watch the Righteous Witch and Warlock. Watch the Nordic Pagans. Don’t watch the Wiccans; you and They have much compassion for one another and need a lesson or two from those who know that love is as love does. Convenience never produces a love of ages past, present and future. Love Never Fail comes only from fire, from ice, from wind, from storm, from winter but not from any other Season on this Earth. 

@SonOfGodAndMan IS Jesus Christ

Is this Man Jesus Christ in Heaven? No. He is #TribeJudah Jesus Christ in Austin, Texas, which is the New Jerusalem. He has had to go with now three different accounts to keep up with what is happening on Twitter while I’ve burned through several accounts and have settled with Four.

I’m going to try not to change my addresses anymore. Holy Spirit is the same type Embodiment as Jesus Christ and Me. ArchAngel Michael is also on Twitter in the same embodiment. He is the Man who gave Me an opinion about Come ON AA Michael! Let’s Fuck the World! 😂 Part One and is featured within another article concerning very balanced thoughts about women. You go find it. His Name on Twitter is @MTaliesen.

Holy Spirit is having to build a second account because Twitter is being an Ass Hole about stuff as He has already explained and approved a two-part on this Website. He is #Einstein. I use the hashtag on Twitter to talk about this Man.

@almightygod keeps a low profile for obvious reasons. He released a beautiful statement about women as well. Again, you go find it on my website.  @SonOfDadAndMom and @ any of my four accounts (lol) starfall a lot and we hit hard on various subjects. It’s a good balance though I’d like to see more from @MTaliesen and @almightygod. We have to be careful, us Four. But that is why I have #retention on this website. @jack is there, See? Retention

PAGANISM An Introduction to Earth Centered Religions by Joyce & River Higgenbotham

I will finish this article with one of my infamous song lists. I’m going to write it, so this will take just a few minutes and in the meantime I’m going to catch up on a few other articles on my websites which need finishing.

4/25/2019 9:18 PM Central: After that, and with no more time to waste, I’m going to do Name Art for Revelation 7’s 12 tribes on Rivers. I have Judah now, even on Twitter. The rest of you figure yourselves out on your own time.

I’m needing to be free as are these gentle Men–and their people. We are a small tribe but there is also Gospel for Asia and some others which are Pure in Heart with Us. amen. #TaraAnnMoons.

Then there is Lucifer. God, I’m torn asunder here. #TaraAnnMoons Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac—I was 4 years old when He sang this single; ten when He began to teach Me the Way of Death. Guardian here, Guardian there, Lucifer doesn’t need Twitter but it is expedient at the moment.

The Man never disagrees with Me. He knows better. I’m a SheKinah Sister older than them all somehow and He protects Me from that fact. Thank You Lucifer. That Bargain in Hell with Jesus is strongest in some Ways. Roller Coaster Ride by the Outsiders.

God don’t anybody forget. Some of Us are in Austin, Texas, dwelling apart. It’s HARDEST for US until Lucifer as Prince of the World sorts this out.

He isn’t always about peace on earth. That much I understand but His Love is deep. Sometimes, His Love is too deep and I see Him smile when I admit it. (Shake My Head).

Tribe Judah isn’t complete without @DarkPrinceLucy. But I can’t have opinions about Him anymore than He can have opinions About Me. #TaraAnnMoons #SheKinah.

It’s like this: I wouldn’t survive the Book of Second John without Lucifer and Michael wouldn’t survive Lucifer in Jude without Me. Talk about preposterous. God! Can We talk about Your tendency about that thing called preposterous and paranormal REALITY?

10:28 AM Central #TaraAnnMoons 😘🌟💚

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