Lucifer and I have quite a bit of experience with fires during my testimonial trial by fire of the first ten years of the ministry of Uncovered No More.

For the Love of My Life Today has a new Twitter Handle within it. I’m not going to motion too hard core, but I will equally say there is One Lucifer Twitter Handle that is and has been doing deliverance work with Me but I cannot say for how long.

I can tell you when I encountered Him on Twitter I knew Him. I remember that Tweet. I went after Him and kept taking Him out in spirit to the point that when Metatron communicated with Me, He got slain in spirit IRL. I had taken Lucifer out and He Metatron knew it.

I have one vow with Lucifer He placed when I was 14. I have one Pagan Vow fully testified on this website. I have told the vow of Pagan Ancestry that He and Lucifer I will not hard slay anymore. The Pagan vow has been ordained in Michael’s ArchAngel Authority and it was easy to pass up the need to remove by Angelic Swords. Lucifer took longer for obvious reasons. I came to the decision to call off Death Angel from Lucifer, and that was right before my 53rd birthday.

The #retention is of a Seer. He is an idiot on Twitter like a few others. They play at this thing called Immortality. I called Up Lady Diana Whose Death I witnessed on Raeburn Drive in the middle of the night that night.

That was two days ago where I tweeted with this Seer whom I retained toward like I always do when the body form just keeps attacking Me IRL or Twitter or etc. It does not matter. I love you and I will do what I need to do with ArchAngels Michael and Lucifer to help you along in Shekinah Love.

Notre Dame saved from total destruction as fire rages on

I also had Divine Appointments to where I released the book review I’m beginning on the audio book, BECOMING by MICHELLE OBAMA and my Michael Contact is my informed witness.

I have called it as a Death Angel with many other fires, but you don’t have to believe me. Lucifer and I know exactly how to interpret what is going on so move along, World. Let’s see what else happens as Cara Coffey finishes her birthday week and her mother goes above stairs all glory to GOD. When I say all glory to GOD anymore, it isn’t a sole Male Trinity. Shekinah is very much within the testimony. Lucifer and Michael protect that part of Me. Always have, always will. Deal with Us, World.

Wiki Bastrop Fires 2011

Uncle Paul had a house in Bastrop that burned down. His work is now in a zip code with 666 as the last three digits. Dad and Uncle Paul’s work in Austin likely won’t burn. I don’t think Lucifer and I would allow that to happen but I don’t care. Who said an FeMale ArchAngel had to care? She doesn’t. America did this to Me, Lucifer nor Michael did anything but weep for Me as America destroyed Me in fullest knowledge. I’ve been telling everyone the day of the reckoning would come. Yes, and it just so happens the Lucifer I am speaking about is from France, or around that area, in Europe. Have a happy life, America. He and I are not having that at all. We keep weeping inside amen.

Carr Fires……Redding CA; this is one report of many

After the fourth blood moon in 2015, I went to the house of my second cousin who tried to shame me, impress me with his shit, and then I pulled out the names Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson from his arrogant body form. He had gone behind my back and constructed false authority on my testimony and to this day his family are #MAGA fully supporting Donald Trump. His mother was in the foyer of my mother’s house making a phone call on purpose around Me (yes she has done this before) talking on and on about going to church and wasn’t it nice how they prayed for Donald Trump. This was in February of 2019 when I was primary caregiver of my mother.

That was for my mother’s birthday. I had begged her family to come in small groups. They came in a bee hive so rudely my children were incredulous. They barged into my mother’s house and forced a party on me. Literally. Then she pulled this shit. I was thankful my one cousin I can trust was there. 

I would suggest American Christianity get very honest. European Lucifer is where I know He is and it isn’t France. That’s funny. Do you honestly think He would put Me in harm’s way when I need to testify? He hasn’t even put that despicable family of mine in harm’s way. Everyone who has betrayed Me point blank is safe.

The Boston Bombing was involved as well, some years ago. One of the betraying cousins moved to Boston at that time. Again, he is safe. They are all in retention now, and that article is Retention.

Do I like it that I must tell the truth as my mother dies? Do I care? You will never know. I am living above the earth with my people. I am carrying on with the young people as I told my son Patrick Stephen Coffey I would. I told him several times in around 2014 that I was coming with their generation. Watch Lucifer and I do just what I said I would do when I didn’t know where He is. But He is the One in charge of the Zeal of God bringing Fire and Storm according to the fullest testimony of Uncovered No More. Oh come on America. You all remember how I turned back The Perfect Storm by John Paul Jackson, right? (Revelation 12) Hagar Speaks Quran Part One on Three Rivers



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