Forgive Me again, Michele Obama. My Mother is going to the other side and my family is suffering from very real PTSD after Tara Ann Moons was destroyed and then came back from hell with Lucifer and GOD.

So the first piece of this audio book review is going to be what I see as similarities among you and I; how it hurt to listen to your earlier life story; and, how I appreciate your sensitivity and ability to commiserate with Me, a white woman.

Why does it hurt to review your life story as a child? It hurts because you are now a First Lady and I am nothing; I have lost even my reputation. We are home schoolers. I feel dumb compared to you and yet my little life as a child was much the same with a few exceptions due to the differing realities of our families.

Your daughters are given every opportunity in your world. My daughters, and I have seven of them, are on a Tribe Judah journey the likes of which the world is not worthy of any more than it is worthy of your life story with your family. Yet you will be believed by many, many people and I am still destroyed. My family is suffering. Nobody cares. And that is not just the story of the Coffey family; it is the story of many grass roots people of this great nation. I am doing this book review for one reason: our children all together.

I am not interested in your history. Am I angry? Yes, yes I am. I know you all of the black community come from harsh realities. So do I. So do I. And elect always do no matter our skin color. Don’t ever forget, Obama family, that there are white people that suffer too.

Okay, now, off to the rest of your lovely book. I will listen, enjoy our commonality, and hope that some day the entire American community will agree with you and me regardless of our inherent differences, disabilities as to our feelings, and degradation from our particular histories when we aren’t the First Lady like you, if we aren’t the children of a president, and if we die in the streets as Americans though all the glorious people are there too. God help us. God help us.

I will also admit that the first three chapters of Becoming have been a pleasant surprise of commonality of grass roots which took me back to my childhood and helped me remember the childhood fun of my children even though our family is dealing with the stealing of our happiness as Christians who are a single income, large, home schooling family that have been destroyed because the mother was termed out of bounds. I appreciate the commonality of normalcy in your first three chapters and I will attempt to write some quotes of your wisdom in the rest of the book.

Needed Me by Rihanna tells America how President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle needed Lucifer and Cara Ann Coffey. They couldn’t stop the destruction of Us, He and I, for the last ten years of My Life.

But what will not happen in this book review is the glorification of humans who needed Me while other humans deserted Me within the same system to where My writing which is Cannon and testimony according to Revelation 12 was destroyed and Michelle Obama is the Woman carrying a mantle of testimony yet still being verbally abused by a lot of people due to the disparity of a good many things on this piece of Earth called America.

I seriously doubt Michelle Obama will agree with Me, nor will she care. I am used to that. Nonetheless, I love her story and am truly happy for the African American Heritage of America which brought forth the Obamas for eight years. #WeThePeople are going to continue to build that Heritage and nothing else.

Let’s be honest. Cara’s testimony isn’t going anywhere either and it is entirely free. That is a fact according to Revelation 11-13 which is equally never going to go away eternally amen.

Of what I had time and ability to read, I thoroughly enjoyed Becoming by Michelle Obama and appreciate greatly the Presence of the Obama Family in the United Stares.

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