Part One is #Balance; The Core

Blindness Removal

666 and Revelation 13; the death of Me; the life of Lucifer; and that is that

We demand our Resurrection to be Unified and Together. This is forevermore the definition of Passion Worldwide and I won’t change. He sees to it. Judge Me, hate me, He kills you or allows a remnant or elect to be hard slain fallen asleep if it is their time so they don’t suffer anymore. I prayed with Lucifer years and years ago about this. Let Them fall as Jesus Does and gives up the Spirit Within.

For as They Work to Unblind Cara, They know that Tara brings in the Sheaves with the Angels. It is that simple all glory to GOD.

“I’m blown away by what Unity actually means. The problem with Cara Ann Coffey is that love never fails. That’s the problem with me.”

For the Love

Michael & Jude & Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey

Holy Spirit as Lead with Michael

My Lucifer; this resurrection is for the Christian Church and Muslims

Jesus Christ Judah King of kings

Father & Tara Ann Moons the Little Sister Who still stays in the Robert Room of Hell with Him and We just love each other and love each other and pine away for the day of that Holy Kiss I get to give Him.

I Believe by Christina Perri

Choosing Angelic Form 4/6/2019 part one

666 is His Number and Mine Part 2 4/6/2019


It is not shootings which happened in Louisiana. It is fires. This is not America. None of it. Now let’s do this We the People’s Way.

At least we have Passion, controlled and bold, as exemplified by Lucifer and Cara. We have that and it is finally defined to where He knows. He’s got this random Woman Who stays with Him as He dips below, plants Feet on the ground, or flies up as Uncle Paul used to say.

Lucifer hollers at God and the Kids. I don’t have to holler anymore. Hmm. Maybe I will want to paint my nails.

I don’t think He has blue eyes. And He is already Dwelling Here. But I demand One Thing Forever. We need each other, Lucifer and I. Everybody better get over yourselves because you’ve killed Us enough.

Michael and I are with Jude and no matter Angelic Opinion, One ArchAngel has a BodyGuard and her Name is CAB. If you’ve learned anything in this almost 53 year life, it’s that He handles judgment with Me and We help Jesus get those swords outta His Complicated Mouth and beat those Buggers into Plow Shares. 😂✌️😳

Jelly on your Dashboard 4/6/2019

This very day my mother began to travel back to the place where she belongs which is with my father in heaven. There is a very real love between Lucifer and Me; there is not an abiding presence of dwelling where I Am appreciated and have worth Here. I Am a realist; therefore, I Am meaningless on this Earth called America as a post Christian and person female who gave up my life for my Friends in a very real way across the eleven years. This is Synagogue of Satan and Lucifer behaves that way.

The Jesus Men are Here in Austin. My reputation is such that I will drive myself to work and contribute money at some point on this property which was removed from Me in 2017 as much as my reputation and very supposed life purpose was taken from Me from September of 2008 through until December 1, 2017, and then some. It is being set to rights.

What I aim to do is dwell within the love of the real Me. Honestly, and it is even shown on this website, this means I will be going to a Universal Church, loving my family as I’ve always done, and getting used to being in the land of the living now where no mortal flesh may pass.

I begin to be free; but there is only Me. Lucifer cannot pass Here. My Jesus Christ, God Holy Spirit, God Father and Michael already are Here. This is obvious. It is 4:13 AM Central on the next day of writing this and I switched headship of Me. Late last week I removed the remaining Coffey family member from #retention. This week Franklin Graham was banned from FaceBook. Now the prayers and services of ArchAngel Michael and Me will be seen forever. I have been faithful to the very end of Lucifer’s life. He may now RIP.

For the Love

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