Lydia of Thyatira Speaks

You Vampires have drunk the blood of the children enough; including mine and particularly the Trinity of Lydia, Esther, and Robert. Back at You Immortal World. ArchAngel Michael and I have a trick up our sleeves and that is Christianity. You are so funny.

Mary Magdalene (#TaraAnnMoons) sits down to speak with Lydia of Purple and Apostle Paul. Oh and We Forgot. Apostle John remains and wrote Revelation Chapter Two loves so go read about Jez.

Hello Love, let us tell the story our way. For we both know Jesus is Complex. There are many of them saying they are He; Masquerading the possibility away of our Dwelling with Love He. And Cara is just that trash of an empty box with a bright red bow which is on the Streets of New York City still. The bow is the loss of her free will. For Lucifer came to call as God did upon Mary the Mother and Cara has a lovely, large post-Christian family grappling with two fathers: Lucifer and Curtis.

How funny. Mary Magdalene laughs and tells Lydia a story about the three last children. Let Us go backwards, Love.

  1. The tallest, most beautiful Father Face and body (over 7 feet likely) stood behind Me one Valentine Season in 2017 and gently said hello to Esther, Edward, and Lydia. He was purchasing the most gorgeous little Valentine gifts. I paused; I looked up. The Face was sideways and the look cannot be written.
  2. 7 foot Justin had a little bitty ruby red necklace around a neck of Jesus supposedly, and that was on November 19, 2016. Gabriel (Father to Mary M. because I am She now so Tara must re-define her testimony to suit herself and none other) sat there resolute. I don’t even think He bothered to take communion. Mahesh Chavda, that Lucifer Jesus I gave a holy kiss December 1, 2017 to call up Ezekiel (Michael Shane Davis my Spirit Blood Brother in MS, Tribe Judah Strong). Lo and Behold my Lucifer, Patrick Stephen, gave Lydia Me ruby ear rings for her birthday; she is 14. We forgot Cara. When I was 14, my brother Patrick Clayton died the second time. When Dad Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. was 14, he didn’t speak for a year. His mother at the age of 42 died of uterine cancer that not even morphine would mask the Elect Judah pain of. We are stupid women, Eara and I. We have a lot of children and never hope to die. Justin imprinted upon Lydia and controlled My Son somehow. Lucifer showed up at Summer Moons and used My Son’s Voice to compliment my fingernail polish. All my friends and even some of my children paint their nails religiously. Lucifer requires it of Me to show that I am His. When next I go to church my nails will be Mine–just fingernails. I don’t have time for painting them and I don’t waste money on manicures.
  3. Justin and Mahesh are besties. Gary has a wife that went up. You don’t mess with the #FireAngel #DeathAngel of Cara named #TaraAnnMoons without the Men being made Eunuchs. Don’t touch Me; you die. If I touch You or you it brings life until it brings death. I have given a Man long life but I think He already had it. Michael, don’t You have different body forms like Lucifer? (smile) Yes, I thought so. Curtis is a Eunuch, almost, and Justin performed the deed in spirit life. Curtis knows because I told him. He doesn’t really believe me. I don’t care. All that fighting, ya’ll: we reconciled and it is fine. I’m just a timeple Whore. You read that right.
  4. She was born at home; Mary B. delivered her. What Love is this? Lydia of Purple says that you cannot have my children; I will kill you in spirit and some day in truth; it is bliss. Do you want to be released of this curse? Go ask Michael, surely He knows how to remove the dross and you can save yourself, perhaps, maybe. I don’t know; I don’t care. Protestant and Catholic Me plays Truth AND Dare.
  5. Mahesh spoke to Curtis in Alabama when we were young marrieds. They don’t like Me. How do I know? They refuse to talk to Me about interpretation of the whole affair. That is their free will choice–but at least Mahesh Chavda told Me the job is finished on December 1, 2017 but I wanted to pray for My family, nothing more or less. No no. Don’t pray for Cara. Make her look ugly instead. My Need is to get the inheritance back for Curtis and Me someday, perhaps. But I will not be cast to the street. Everybody thinks I don’t love enough to actually care enough to give my whole life, meaningless as GOD is still making it……………(Jesus Christ, Your many forms are not Nice, generally speaking and I’ve had a talk with Michael. He is reasoning with Me past the anger of Lucifer His Brother. That isn’t anybody’s business but Mine. No ya’ll I’m not DMing with that Body Form. Never spoke to Him. He did cross a parking lot once and made sure to pass by as I waited for whatever I wait for in parking lots.)……….AND still love my former vows, one of Angelic Will and the other of Holy Spirit’s Will. All I did was pray for the man; and here everyone thinks we decided it. You have got to be fucking kidding Me. I’m Elect; Immortal. You don’t choose anything with Us. Jesus told you that: He chose 12 men. Wow that was successful. Apostle John and Mary Magdalene are the only two left with Michael. Lucifer is toast. Gabriel is rancid manna. They love the old stories so I didn’t divorce them. I just kill them outright every single day, with their humans. (Shut up everybody! This is allegory like the Genesis account of Creation.)

Out of all this and plus the fact I chose to watch Twilight with Lydia and Esther after which a license plate showed up at a certain house that is mine in the ‘hood–and not theirs–telling Me that we were going with that movie series for a bit…….made me realize Justin was imprinting on Lydia Joy and using Patrick Stephen to communicate it. These Immortals control my family’s minds. So now you get the real truth starting today. If anybody wants to fuss at me, go find Daniel in the Lion’s Den. He’s the one who asked for it. That WAS a DM. Daniel, Introduction PT 1

Don’t hamper him on Twitter. He knows my email. It won’t stop us making sure to communicate since He is my spirit guide in the older religious and non-religious life of a certain Woman named Mary Magdalene back in the day OF……..Enoch and I with Melchizedek whom was paid tithe by Abraham. And no it isn’t sin Christian Church. You know my 30 year love of Curtis Coffey. You know how much I do for my family. You know my true life. You’d rather pretend I am something else but I need to move on to my real reality now and have a good time.

And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

The Wolf of the feature image is Me before creation fell. I’m pretending in this whole article but I do tell you how I feel as a human being so perhaps you can get to know some of us like me and make us feel welcome instead of doing things like shouting at an Exorcist and requiring Me to be what I’m not and trying to prove me any number of things that are not true. Perhaps you won’t give over; that isn’t my business. I want to be happy and free. So I will be what I have always been and am practicing more the other side everyone, including my whole family in Texas, completely still rejects and ignores. 

Leave My Body by Florence + The Machine

No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine


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