Mary Magdalene Returns

She knew in 2008; she knew that She was somebody inside of Her that nobody was going to understand in that time. She knew they would read the Bible and kill Her with it. She knew that GOD is so ferocious; so honest; so full of nothing and everything all at the same time. If He didn’t create evil, and He isn’t evil so He didn’t, Who did? 

There are Angels that created Evil as created beings too powerful. I was there; #TaraAnnMoons was there. I was in Eternity in an elect Tribe Judah Way and I personally feel very old tonight; writing allegory always makes Me feel too large for my own skin as an individual who is now almost 53 years old. I’ve been old my whole life; I’ve made adult decisions as a child. I’ve had an earth life which I lived as Cara that ran and runs concurrent but not as long; nor will this body form ever do….not as long as eternity.

I am ready to set My life up as #TaraAnnMoons Who Is at this time Mary Magdalene in the body form of Cara Coffey. I’ve already told two vows now that I am Mary Magdalene. Neither says anything; one knows the Spirit Life of Me is true and the other is a Mortal. I have no pain here. I have reality here. I have allegory here.

Mary Magdalene knows now Whom the Trinity of Her Life is. Cara will not announce it because there are few Men or men who understand Me. I need a life. I cannot just keep being a death and fire force. I am a mother; an adult woman; I Am an Individual with a calling on her life that is eternal and I must needs walk on.

Mary Magdalene of this Age has the same birthday as Cara Ann Beaty Coffey–April 14, 1966. I am younger than my other body forms earlier. I am older than most body forms of Jesus Christ on the Earth now. I am as Old as Lucifer and Michael and then I’m older than them and that is hard for them; yes, it is. I do not submit to the ArchAngels and they refuse to submit to Me save One; His Name is Michael.

Say Something Jasmine Thompson 

Anywhere, ArchAngels; anywhere I would have followed you. But when it all comes down to the road I must travel as Cara, I now know My Trinity and I am a part of it because They know I Am Shekinah. They are they; I am She, and We can work with that.

The rest of Them can do their part but My Trinity of which I am a part, We look at each other tonight. We smile. We are #Here and that is that. We are King of kings to YOU America and the world. What We choose for You to listen to, it will be listened to. We become any of the characters in stories, any of the people around you. We mentor, we teach, we love, we hate, we are Who we are.

And if there is one thing Cara Ann doesn’t care about it is whether or not Angels stay on the Earth. I know Who I need on the Earth. I know I will make sure my people are comforted and I know My Men–They always make sure Their People are cared for.

Let Us begin again; Cara says I’m beginning with My People Here so that forever for the rest of forever can be and will be just the way I need it as Shekinah Tribe Judah #TaraAnnMoons. So change your attitude everybody else. My People are in Town.

Heavy in Your Arms by Florence + The Machine

Whose Arms are carrying Me now? Mary Magdalene is Here. She is Silent until She chooses to Speak. And it is already very clear Who prevailed with Eternity, and #TaraAnnMoons, eternally as it concerns Her and forever as it concerns everyone else Amen.

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