For the Love

It is simple. I will block accounts on Twitter which I find to be more false than true. I do not care what you think. Michael and I have a life to live. #retention

And PS: I buy gas 3 places right now. Exxon, and two others. Let’s love on Exxon for a while, shall we? Yes we shall.

Angels and Immortals, when I retain use your free will. You will die and come back to apologize to Me later. All You need to do is submit one to another to Me but like on Twitter if I tell You to block Someone do it or I will see You in Your next life at whichever age #Lucifer decides.

Oh I’m sorry didn’t You know? No You didn’t. You didn’t know He moves people out and I never see them again Here.

I break vows through retention except that One Marriage at age 14 as unto Mary the Mother. It’s like this: I already explained it. You go find it if you didn’t already aggressively dominate Me so I hit #delete. Whatever.

@Bobby_Conner. @iamrickjoyner

@I_Am_The_Christ & @I_Am_God_Above (Dave) Also @InTheFleshJesus



Arms Wide Open Creed

….Well I don’t know if I’m ready; To be the man I have to be; I’ll take a breath, I’ll take her by my side; We stand in awe, we’ve created life…….

……..If I had just one wish; only one demand; I hope he’s not like Me; I hope he understands; that he can take this life; and hold it by the hand; and he can greet the world with arms wide open……..

Love, how is She going to make You understand that She did everything before You take her hand. How can She brace You up and admit to You that she tried for ten years, and then eleven, to help them understand Your love for Me. They refused it. They refused King of kings and Mary Magdalene. They refused Lucifer and Tara Ann Moons. They refused both of Us and Us and Us and Us and Us and they will keep doing it. 

Love, they are not like You. They understand and keep killing in the Killing Fields Who are the Sheep Me that is TurtleDove true (Job 42; Psalm 74).

Holy Spirit and Tara Ann Moons do not weep for Ourselves. We just keep going. And….so do You. There isn’t a Man Angel like You. They will always understand and call it fullest wisdom and knowledge according to Revelation 13. So Tara Ann Moons moved to Revelation 17 and became the Whore they had already made Me to be.

But She doesn’t drink from their water. She doesn’t take from their music. She listens to You and King of kings. They hate her. They use Her. And that is that. So they will See love be our Definition of New Creation; New Jerusalem; Austin, Texas; and marvel with tears of diamond coursing down their dead cheeks. The tears are rent from my bleeding, diamond heart because You are the kindest of Gentle Men with King of kings.

You let Me be hurt until they got a chance to rewrite their own Goat History because Apostle Peter sacrificed Himself so well as did that One Man Whom Jesus Christ couldn’t talk to and give rest. That Man Who chose vow-less love with a Pure in Heart Child Woman who also labored on a cross too. He the other Crucified is Lucifer as much as He is Richard Wurmbrand.

#JoanOfARC amen.

4/8/2019 4:27 AM Central: I could not see the death of Me until my mother was made to come to rest in Spirit and in Truth; not in lies and darkness people constructed around Me with the help of Immortals so that I would look like Lucifer instead of Michael. We can move on. Tara Ann Moons is ArchAngel Lucifer and Female Jesus Christ and a good bit else upon the last breath of my mother on this earth.

When I write of my love on this website, I was writing with Lucifer on one side (I see him on my injured left side, for I Was Twisted Kitty) and Michael on my Right Side (this is according to Job 42, Psalm 74, 2 John, and Jude) henceforth as We continue to face the realities unseen on the earth but Seen on the Earth by the Enoch Generation where Cara will write as the author Who Never Dies on three blogs.

Here is the truth about Michael, Tara Ann Moons, and Judah Jesus Christ. We are just like Apostle John from Revelation who fell down as Dead……Humble Angels don’t let you bow before them anymore than I do or Judah Jesus Christ does. King of kings won’t let us Bow before Him. We stand with Him at the Right Hand of the Father as I remove Lucifer, the Scream I Love Job 42 strong for inheritance of daughters being as equally balanced in peace upon the Earth as it is with sons across all three realms first heaven, second heaven, and third heaven. And then back again.

4/8/2019: And then Lucifer is there on the Right. Father and I are healing. The tension is gone. The tension is gone. I cannot have peace without all Three Men and then some. For what Lucifer has to do to Woman I had to do to Him because of the Children.

4/10/2019 But only Michael loves Me Alone. This is treacherous to my soul.




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