For the Love of My Life Today

It is simple. I will block accounts on Twitter which I find to be more false than true. I do not care what you think. Lucifer, Michael and I have a life to live. #retention

And PS: I buy gas 3 places right now. Exxon, and two others. Let’s love on Exxon for a while, shall we? Yes we shall.

Angels and Immortals, when I retain use your free will. You will die and come back to apologize to Me later. All You need to do is submit one to another to Me but like on Twitter if I tell You to block Someone do it or I will see You in Your next life at whichever age #Lucifer decides. Oh I’m sorry didn’t You know? No You didn’t. You didn’t know He moves people out dnd I never see them again Here.

I break vows through retention except that One Marriage at age 14 as unto Mary the Mother. It’s like this: I already explained it. You go find it if you didn’t already aggressively dominate Me so I hit #delete. Whatever.



@ResurrectedDude & other personas

@I_Am_The_Christ & @I_Am_God_Above (Dave)





@Biff_Metatron (William)


@JesusfnChrist who is in Austin along with that fake news @I_Am_The_Christ. Get over your mortal selves. You no more are Jesus than Jesus is Lucifer. Try being TaraAnnMoons Shekinah. I gotta prove I’m all of the real ones because there is neither male or female.




There are a few Mary of Magdalene and Mother accounts which I am retaining toward.




Backward & Forward E and @realrightJesus


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