SO Therefore, 144,000 Is HERE

A Small Conversation with Myself

3/3/3 Is Full Circle

And I already did that artwork. I’m not going to look it up for you. There is a Circle, a TriAngle, and then a Square, oh wait! Cara is kind;;;;;it’s the feature image. You don’t ever believe Me so you just keep sending the shit my way to try to pull out more.

Jesus is Here. Right? Right. It’s Me. #TaraAnnMoons

PS: they don’t believe Me that that jeep–all I had to do was walk by and give both fingers acting like I’m stretching my arms and then freemasons showed up at Kerbey Lane the next time I graced My and Lucifer’s People over there and then Bingo They gone. They don’t believe the 3 license plate either. It’s hilarious at this point. Sayin’.

#MAGA dude how’s that Tat you have ass hole? Was it worth this public shaming that you threw me out of the excellent place I was at the table and sat your terrified family there? I have witnesses. Haha. That’s what they all forget. #TaraAnnMoons has some Witnesses.

Smile. 6:12 PM Central and Lucifer decides to send Me another Apple Interactive List

Sometimes I hate those lists. Sometimes it is what puts Me to sleep. Sometimes I feel respected because They never hurt Me when I just can’t listen their way that time.

they never believe about my lists either. so Emma be silent as a lamb a little better for a while. Sleep peacefully Cara Tara Bear. They are Here.

Perfect by The Piano Guys

Eyes Shut – Nocturne in C Minor by Olafur Arnalds

Breaking the Silence by Breaking Benjamin

Monsters by Hurricane Bells

Wreak Havoc E by Skylar Grey

The Spider and the Fly by The Rolling Stones

I Put a Spell on You by Justin Johnson

Fire Meets Gasoline by Sia

I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner

Song for America by Kansas

I Believe by Christina Perri

“..that the words he told you are not your grave…I believe in the lost possibilities you can’t see…..I know that your heart is beating, beating…..”

The only reason I Am still alive is because My They are still alive.


Forgive Me; the top message was last. I’m telling You and you that Alpha Omega is Here; America, Your Destiny is Mine as Female Jesus Christ. You will BE Peace on Earth and GoodWill. Amen.

Do not ever tell Me there isn’t a price for My TurtleDoves in this thing called Me being Female Jesus Christ Eternally. I release truth. People Die. Lucifer, please, protect Us All. 😭

49 dead in terror attack at New Zealand 🕌



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