3/3/3 Is Full Circle

My Love spoke tonight. It was heard by Me, and accepted, and so I will write another tale I don’t know.

March 12, 2001 is ARC birthday in our living room. The child is 18 today. 666 and 92.

Digits of 3/12/2001 is 3/3/3.

Digits of 3/12/2019 is 3/3/12 and then 3/3/3.

To be continued in allegory when #10 brings my mouse back. 😂 I ain’t doing this without Mouse.

I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha

No Full Mortal Shall Pass–they tried. I have a #Witness. Shut up. He has long life. #PaganBlessed

Heavy In Your Arms by Florence — And the Machine

PS: I don’t know who put this music in my Apple account. It may have been Me. Excuse Me, I’ve been busy outrunning America’s murder of Me.

I’m a Whore. Cara Face It. You must acknowledge that You do know; stop betraying Yourself. You know….We were; We are; We are to come and, and, and WE all KNEW and KNOW about You the Puzzle Piece. We are not waiting anymore. We are demanding that You acknowledge….

You on Earth, Good Will to Humankind.

They think they purified “Christian marriage” with Me regardless of the fact that not only did She fight humanity, She fought ArchAngels. She fought Jesus. They and they don’t understand. Only Two understand and then all of a sudden it was only One; only One that I screamed at for so long; so long; so long and then I had to Give Up; not He. I don’t want; I do not desire; that We go another Round the World in 40 Days again.

So I accept that I’ve been. I’ve going to be again. But I won’t be Alone. I was always Alone; it’s been ever so long. But I wrote It and therefore it IS. First Summer together, and I have that first cousin too. She is Beaty born. You don’t fuck with US.

2017 is when Mortal Flesh didn’t See What Jesus Me Knew. 2017 is when FeMale Lucifer Saw what Betrayal knew to kill Me with and Kill Me with and He carried Me as did Jesus. It’s a mystery except to Me; to HIMs. It’ll be fine. Michael is cool, I’m not happy, but I will be; I will be; I will be amen.


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