A Small Conversation with Myself

I’m going to have a conversation out loud in typing for just a minute. The thing is as a Christian, the Pagan in Me was killed by the age of 14 when my brother Patrick gave up his life. For a season that spiritual death was a good thing because even as a mother I had quite an extensive journey in cults and common Christianity. The last ten years, I’ve watched Christianity die and I still step inside the doors but it is only for short spaces of time.

So when I encountered the necessity of becoming more and more Witch-like according to that woman Babylon in Revelation 17, I remember backing off my well taught sin conscious, guilt-ridden conscience. But I was one to keep balance; I am exhausted admitting it. Why? To swing across and rebel wholeheartedly is no solution either.

I was gossiped about. My room has been searched, email and DM read, and other things is my guess. I’m watched constantly. If I’m not careful I’ll get made negative-looking. I just had to inform some people that I cannot be told what to do anymore. I will shame you instead of you shaming me like was done behind doors. I have had information pulled out of me; been driven to destroy my own writing; and evolved into understanding myself across ten years so I am now slowing down and feel safer than I’ve felt since I’ve lived in Austin the second time. That has been about 22 years now.

The last straw in this regard was someone close point blank still wishing that I delete all my blogs, my Periscope, and my Twitter accounts. No person in America that has a life which is fairly comfortable can imagine being powerful on one side, powerful enough that I shook a man’s hand and then a tractor fell on him on the 8th anniversary of when a demon of insanity spoke through my voice and degraded enough that my family thought I needed help in 2016 and still won’t back down. Yes you thought you were caring for Me, and you weren’t, you were wrong. But my children didn’t know the campaign of “ministry” around me which was wrong indeed. Those of Christianity thought they were doing what “was the Lord’s will” around Me but it wasn’t. Perhaps I didn’t say “thank you” enough. Perhaps I could have done a million things different. And perhaps it all is what it is and was what it was and everybody just needs to shut up and get a grip: deal with the New Jerusalem more respectfully and stop complaining. Work together. Don’t mouth off. Simple? No.

Here it is. I’m not going to provide the Bible passages, and you can go look them up.

If a husband looks at another woman and lusts after her, he just committed adultery in his heart as a husband. You are an adulterer. If there is divorce, it’s your hard heart, not hers. If a wife commits physical adultery, she is guilty. But even at that, Jesus Christ defends her and she doesn’t get stoned.

Cara stoops down and writes in the sand. I’m just kidding. I’m at the computer.

I have never committed physical adultery but the way I have been treated you’d think I’d done a great deal worse. I’m not vain to say I know perfectly well many a Christian guy has lusted after my body, my power, and my ability to speak into creation what is righteous. They, he that collective, should have submitted one to another with me instead of maximizing on that one tiny mortal vow I’m bound to.

And now we have the likes of Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Franklin Graham supporting monsters in the White House and Republican leadership and leading many young people and older people astray. The churches are awash in cults and God Father on Twitter point blank yesterday said that churches should be taxed just like I’ve been saying for 3-5 years.

November 19, 2016 at Austin Cathedral when a Man showed Up with #MeToo, that Man was Justin Jesus and His Father, not Gabriel whom I testified the older, astute Man was. I know that now. I was ArchAngel Michael that Day but I didn’t find that out until one day before my second Son, the ARC, turns 18–and I had to become a Pagan and remove Myself from the grasp of so much wickedness in the Church to hear this correct interpretation but if you want the honest truth, GOD doesn’t care and neither do I. It doesn’t matter what I testify, Christianity just keeps trying to demand their reality. They lost.

Christianity remembers that dream of Richard’s, don’t you? Jesus hugged Him, and in that Vision He was a very Tall Man Whose Face Rich couldn’t See. He told Richard It is Time.

I threw a Pagan Circle across Austin, Texas in February of 2019. I built the Walls of that White, Full Circle in 2017 on walks as I suffered because humans and immortals against Me kept tormenting my soul. They still are demanding their reality as anyone can see all the way from Curtis Coffey to Jerry Falwell, Jr, Franklin Graham, and Rick Joyner. Donald Trump is signing Bibles as of last week. God have mercy, it’s a Masquerade of anti-Christ is what it is.

Yes, and they are raptured. They are in their happy place but I will tell you this: it is hell. They aren’t satisfied where I left them. That is just funny to Me. They could have Paradise if they would just give up. They never give up. little gods you, Jesus is here.

Bow or die. I don’t care. Mortals and immortals did that to Me. Now meet your Maker whomever that is you define it to be. Many of you define you to be your maker. That’s funny too.

And get honest: you are wrong in perception but some of you are correct and right in the power of love. It isn’t what you wanted it to be, this new life is not what you wanted Me to define it in Austin, Texas. So GOD wrenched control out of your hands and you have a really bad attitude. It is that simple. Well……stop hammering on the Witch/Prophetess in Austin and go clean your bathrooms, do your laundry, and help your kids weather the storms of the societies of American Religion and Politics being rebuilt by the Truth with the GOD People on the Earth doing it with you. I’m One of Those and I will do what I do. Get happy with it. Maybe some day you will get behind and push instead of trying to slow Me down and control Me. It is SO typical of Human America: control Her, denigrate Her, demand for Her to be wrong after you gave it your best shot of destruction.

Nope. You are filthy. I’m pure. Now let’s see what that is going to look like for the rest of My life but it sure as hell isn’t going to be done your way. You lost the privilege of My listening to you and that became obvious by right after the four blood moons. Goodbye.

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