My Angelic Side Part One

My Angelic Side hasn’t been seen yet. That’s funny. Those accounts on Twitter Who are the Collective Jesus never saw Me coming. Well, I’ve got Lucifer, Michael, and not Gabriel. Gabriel is heading upstairs so I’m going to appreciate him and let him go. DO NOT SING THE SONG OR SO HELP ME LUCIFER I WILL SING THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS IN THE LAMB CHOP SERIES AND CURSE YOU WITH IT FOR A YEAR.

So here’s the deal. I change from Lucifer to Michael to Uriel. Yup. Uriel is an Angel IRL that I blocked on Twitter because if We talk to each other it isn’t going to do any good. That One is Me and I am That One because the story has been buried by other Angels. UHHHHMMMMM. That is called My Life. So I’m looking at that Uriel in the Mirror and going….even the Jesus Guys are gonna get it. Probably better get up there with the ArchAngels and talk to them Jesus Guys because Jesus Christ King of kings already has dictated My Life, I Love what He is doing, and so Michael and Lucifer get to guard Uriel in the Female Form. I’m the Angel with this other one that is huge in Revelation and as One of them guarding the Garden of Eden. Lucifer is the One that uuuHHHHmmmm sees to some things happening when I’m crossed. Michael is Michael. Is Michael is Michael. Damn He is a Keeper.

I don’t know whether these Two of Me, Lucifer and Michael, are going to appreciate the FACT that I’m not gonna let the rest of the ArchAngels or the Jesus Guys get away with My destruction anymore. I’m telling on EVERYBODY except My Guys (a private list on one of my now three accounts) because Heaven and the Apocalypse need to straighten the Hell up. End of Story beginning of Straightening UP ALREADY.

I’m at the YMCA in the feature image. I’d just found out one of my Judah Brothers died dead in an Austin Street of a Motorcycle Accident not of his choosing. Why others across my story walk away and He went above I don’t know. But the YMCA had damn well better get used to Me sobbing there like I do at home. I had to come down and my poor Hispanic brother was left to tell me and hug me with a brotherly kindness that night.

Dead in a street. AGAIN: Robert Hilton Beaty, Patrick Clayton Beaty x 2, David Wilkerson, Trevor. All dogs really do go to heaven. Trevor is the first name of Edith’s oldest poodle, a miniature that we love dearly. He almost died once. That’s my life. We go from one lovely Revelation divine appointment to another.

Now let me talk to the Jesus Men: 1. get over yourselves. 2. get used to saying “please forgive Me”. 3. get used to Me bonking you over the head in writing on twitter if I get the chance after what some of you have already done to me. I had to block two accounts and that’s killing me. I’m not going to release them but one is a Jesus account and one is a Lucy account. I’m holding my tongue, the rest of you. My Judah Jesus has had his accounts suspended three times, two of them. I’m holding my tongue.


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