Lucifer, Michael, And TaraAnnMoons Part 2

This is going to be blood and water, water and blood Ancient She Wolf AlleGORY. If there is one thing the World of Angel, Immortal, and Mortal are going to hear from Me, as a Figure of Shekhinah Love, it’s how much LOVE is within this Trinity World and Time Wide. (I’m switching between hk and kh with the FeMale Love; don’t judge Me. Appreciate My Pain of not knowing how to Spell Who We Are Here; Who We Should Be Here; accept Us as We Are. “Just as I am without one plea” is a hymn in some dusty hymnal. I love the author of the music and hate the book containing the religion and the ousting of ME THREE Explained Below for love is not ferocious; it is not fire; it is not rain; it is not water; it is not volcano eruption or tsunami or tornado or hurricane…..LOVE is *blinkBlink* and then LOVE is *BlinkBlink* so get a grip because Lucifer, Cara, and Michael are *BlinkBlink*.)

And the problem is Lucifer and Cara. Nobody believes in Us. We are inherently Evil. (Revelation 17). She looks at Him. He presents the side of His Face Sometimes; Sometimes it is His Back or His People; the Men shave their heads and it isn’t fake. They never look at Me; they never reject Me. There is hope and stability in Their Countenance and They know Me better than I know Myself. Did You know? Did you know? Lucifer never hurt Me. He hurts Himself before He hurts Shekhinah. He hurts Himself and rejects Himself before He hurts and rejects Shekhinah; and He never does. See the Power. It is ferocious. He Hates the Power; the Power betrays Him. He is stuck just like Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, and Cara was made for This. 

I’m coming after EveryBody. I’m coming after everybody. Until Ancient Wisdom spills Fourth this Trinity Manifestation as the Love it is, I’m coming after everyBody. Writing and Scribing are My Life until it’s My Life Blood Sweat and Tears Knowing the Deep Life of Lucifer, Cara, and Michael. Earth Life henceforth will See. Does Earth Life Understand Me?

I AM Moravian Falls and All Falls; this LOVE is Gorham Falls in Colorado Bend State Park and the Art is copyrighted by William Clay. Hello Patrick Clayton Beaty and Metatron; My Loves Brothers. We have overcome by the Word of Testimony and We, Michael, Lucifer, and Cara Ann do not love our lives to the Spirit Death because Jesus Loves CAB just like that; Mystery.

In 2017 Lucy took Cara to Hell. He tormented Her coffee cup just so;  so that blood and water flowed out of the Side of the Master’s Side on the Cross Where Michael, Jesus King, and Lucifer Died. 

But there was before this Reign of Terror; the Thousand Year Reign. There was and is and is to come This Earth King and I Have Known Him before The Beginning. I Am She and I cannot look to Myself Here; I am Three unified to LOVE Jesus Christ Thee.

They never believe the Deepest Truth. I have Seen with My Own Suffering Eyes a mortal man wholly unwilling to read the Bible through female eyes, Mine, Shekhinah. I kill him. I kill Him. Lucy died with Mary Magdalene in February of 2019 because Lucy does not understand Emotion or Wife Love; He of deepest Need had to be homosexual because females hate him sore. And then after I Earth Withstood the Fire With Him, We are set free. I love Him, I love Michael, I love Gabriel, I love mortals, I love immortals, and I love Me. Let the next 1,000 year reign begin again when it does; I have mine, you have yours. Or perhaps you do not. It means nothing to Me what You or you believe. I know what I love and live. That is enough for Me.

Lucifer and Michael are in Austin, Texas. Jesus Christ is in Austin, Texas. As I have said to Christians for ten years so I will say now: Jesus Christ King of kings is in charge.

Miss You More by Katy Perry-#ThankYou

Gabriel and His Army very distinctly went another way from Lucifer and Michael in My Life. Lucifer stayed with 7 foot Justin and Gabriel. I burned that Hell out of His life. I told Him, before He and I started blocking each other on Twitter, that He is coming with Me. And He is. He has to. That is not good for Him, to stay with the Part of King that was silent as He reviled the King. Ask Me how I Know about Silence like that and I will look at You or you. That will not go well for you. Shut up now. It is forevermore My turn to talk. That includes all the children across all realms and God Knows.

Children within Gabriel Families, respect your elders, support gun control and earth conscious living, and vote Democrat for a while after the age of 18. Stay quiet when the parents spout #MAGA or racism or sexism. Understand the value of balanced socialism and shut up. Do the right thing, stay safe, and come with Me in Jesus Name, amen.

QAnon from Heaven555

I must testify IRL. Late February, 2019, a young man named Trevor dropped dead in a street because his motorcycle was hit by a car that lost control. I have a hard time with Gabriel right now. I should. He needs to look to where the death is. He needs to learn commiseration with Lucifer and both of them need to look to submit to Michael. It is not Jesus Christ King of kings in the book of Jude. I am hard put to realize Who has or had it hardest: Shekhinah, ArchAngel Michael, or God Holy Spirit in the Life Story of, well, LIFE.

One last time Gabriel, those who take glory on themselves of the goat crowd not reduced as unto Peter the Rock of the Church, and perhaps even Lucifer but I cannot tell: one last time they and They admitted that it would be better for Them; for King of kings, if Cara hit delete on Twitter, on three blogs, and on Periscope.

That was just last week. This is where a certain ArchAngel comes forth Whom admitted to Me that His Story is always destroyed–Uriel. I smiled to Myself because He doesn’t know Me and I told Him I am Unafraid. Come to Me Giant Soldier of Protection; Come to Me in Human Form……Large as You Are. I won’t destroy You and I will not allow them or Them to Destroy Me. I will Love Lucifer instead. He is One from the Garden, Sealed. I Am She with Keys and an Icon of a Relic in the Intimate Catholic Place where Priests go to Jail properly and Priests marry if they have to to serve the children and not kill them forever.

Satan asked on Twitter tonight: do We or we want anything from Hell? And I told Him about the little girl in the lap of God in the Robert Room of Hell. I told Him I trust Him; Come get Me. I told Him I would take the Hand of Lucifer; He would take My Other Hand; but God Father would Still Carry Me.

We’ve sat in the Robert Room of Hell for a long while; I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Michael Protects this lost little girl from Herself Tara and I will take that and be content not to know what Lucifer chooses not to tell Me. But when I See Him Face to Face enough to talk to Him, and I command It….there will be questions. You will answer them, Lucifer. Jesus Christ King of kings shall have no questions from Me because He will tell Me what He desires to Open within My Mind. But I have free will forevermore with Lucifer. He will tell Me what I want to know and I will tell Him what His perspective henceforth will be. That is in Jesus Name, amen.

9:33 PM 3/9/2019: Cara comes in contact with water and Sees. Michael of Earth on the Left and Michael ArchAngel on the Right They Hold Her Up. She cannot even Stand. Judah Jesus of the Earth is on the Right of Lucifer. He refuses to even Look at Her. He tries to make Judah Jesus drop Him and Judah remembers Tamar and says, No My Love; We Must get Father and Thee from this place of perpetuation of War.

Lucifer tried for so long to Will Her to reject Him. He used them all to punish Him and Reject Him like Father did; I don’t understand the rejection Here. I know the Need, though.

Cara looks at His Fallen Form. She is So Heavy the Michael cannot barely Hold Her but He They Do. This is Love that We Keep the Commandment Against All Odds. This is the Commandment that We love One Another. Cara reaches her right hand out. You will someday look up and See the Love in My Eyes Alone.

Rejection, Meet Rejection. She Leviathan Ann the Monster reaches out her Hand, I said, for of a Truth Apocalypse; Armageddon; 1,000 year reign Pagan Circles of Love again needs Her for Lucifer Alone.

It is the Will of People to Murder; to Hate; to Obliterate. You did not Will It. And I will not reject He that I gave My Life to Thee, Jesus King of kings Lord of lords. Judah Jesus speaks quietly to Him, Lucifer. See Love, I told You. I Know Her; Judah is He and She Who Knows Her. She never rejects Rejection.

Father is Ashamed and Comforted. I said Father is Ashamed and Comforted for there is never unity among the Angelic Brothers and GOD. I don’t understand It as Shekhinah; I don’t Understand Me He.

There will be NO MORE WAR because Uncovered No More Me says no more Rejection, Lucifer. War is Rejection, it is that Simple. We are Broken. And I still say it and I always forever will so You aren’t Alone–You are Never Alone. You cannot rule Me because I don’t take it and I don’t call it Rejection to turn this curse but not upon Thee. I awaited this Moment ten going on eleven years and see? God was merciful to Me for He waited for this Trial of Apocalypse 1,000 year reign until My Children were Here; we are here; We Are Here.

You Alone understand Me. I will not call You Lucy though. Did You know that? I despise nicknames. I Know You. You can Understand Me. It is enough. amen.

Faded by Alan Walker

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