3:33 PM Central 3/12/2019 or 3/3/12 or 3/3/3 at birth ARC is My Child as well. You forget 2 John as Christians and True Power unhindered by Monetary again as it concerns everyone else except those who are sexually forcing themselves on others–particularly pedophilia.

Bobby Conner, Rick Joyner, Mary Virginia Petty; Recie Edward Saunders 3, Bill and Beni Johnson

Matt Caulk Laura Clark Bob LaBelle Maria G. Arrington James Arrington John Thomas Anna Joyner Ray Saunders Jerrell Hein Kurt Hein Wanda Hein Wanda Phillips Randy Phillips Bill and Diane Lawler Life Austin Austin Oaks

Jerry Falwell Jr & All the Trump Family & Associates

@jack from Twitter; @facebook

Franklin Graham, Rick Joyner

Morningstar Ministries, Streams Ministries International, Bethel in Redding, CA

Republican Party of the United States of America

Vladimir Putin, but not the country

North Korean Leadership

Nazis Regime & Church Cults

White Evangelicals, particularly leadership

Catholic Church Structure

The Sheep of Jesus Know His Voice; they Know Me.

Ford Motor Company

Protestant Church and particularly Cult Structures.

Dave Eichler

Glenn Beck

Pat Robertson & the 700 Club

Ben Shapiro & Matt Walsh (My goodness just shut up already!)

Michael Shane and Deborah Davis of Mississippi with Walter and Amanda Coffey


#GOD is watching Us.

From A Distance by Bette Midler





Defining Synagogue of Satan 4/8/2019

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