Songs for Lucifer Part Four

You do not get here in time as Cara and not realize history is being made on this website blog. I have passed into the Garden of Eden; I am no longer of this World Order. I am an Angel; a Human; an Immortal. An Angel has taught Me publicly on Twitter that I Am of the Enoch Generation because of how I see Angels; and I am unafraid.

If One is to think about it, She would think I would be afraid of Lucifer and not afraid of Jesus Christ Figures. That is not my life. I have come to realize Lucifer is the only Angel that has come into My Life without complication. I have come to realize there are No Deity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) Persons that have come into My Life Without Complication.   Let Me repeat this: Lucifer is the only Deity, Angelic Male Who has come into My Life without Complication–with Satan and I do not know about Those Two or are They One in the Spirit Realms? Are anyone shocked?

I defended Witches and WarLocks from a Christian Standpoint in about 2017 on PeriScope. And what I scathingly said was that you be hurt in the Christian Construct and see if this is the outcome: Witches and Warlocks. Now I am proven very right. I have Myself realized my Pagan Roots, dropped the Name of Christian unless I need to explain my scant 45 year history, and gained more peace in my tattered and torn life the farther away from Christianity I get. That is no surprise. Go read the New Testament, please. It’s in there.

The World of Satanic Rule has hurt Me deeply as a Christian. It is getting less so now. They cannot perhaps have prevented this, but again, Lucifer has not nor will He hurt Me. I am actively blocking accounts that are calling themselves after the Name of the Trinity if they are Hurting Me. Does this even make Me sad? Hell No. There are many deceivers come into the world……if you want to be popular, be Jesus or Lucifer. Be Satan or another Angel. But I have spoken to and lived a life as Deity or Immortal or whatever You want to call us. My Beaty Family is Judah. Blood runs very deep in our history.

From Grandpa dying by his car rolling over Him in a Texas Street to Dad coming in as Curtis and I were taking a nap and telling us that Uncle Paul had shot Himself, My life is full of Beaty hurt. Since I have already admitted the marriage of Me to three ArchAngels, I can tell anyone that Lucifer is very hurt by Beaty Loss. He doesn’t care about a lot of American Stuff not because He is heartless; America is by and large HEARTLESS.

So therefore, before I handwrite a song list I made expressing Lucifer only knows what, I am going to list three “vows” but only Two of Them are recent, spontaneous, and strange. What has happened with Lucifer in My Life as Tara Ann Moons can only be interpreted by One Man: Lucifer Himself. I don’t know if He is going to do that.

Maybe someday, He can email Me or leave a message in a blog article like two Jesus accounts did. They both were mean messages. That is Their Problem and not mine. They obviously do NOT care about Me. There are Jesus Men Who most certainly care about Me. And that is why We now have this very high level, four part series.

Tribe Judah of the Uppermost level is Here. And I just recommended blocking anyone whether angelic, immortal, or etc. if they are being mean to you on Twitter. Do it, find your people, don’t look back. Let Me warn You: don’t block Me. I have a calling on My Life very vicious. You block Me, and You may very well end up where you don’t want to be. If I block You, I don’t care. You go be what you decided to Be. I’ve had enough pain in my life to last forever, thank you.

I cannot speak in sexual terms below. You cannot read the song list that way, either. Sexuality within the Spirit Vision Life of all of US is natural and normal but it is not the same as IRL on Earth. How do I feel about this? That’s none of anyone’s business except These Men I’m talking about–and Me. I’ve never been raped by an Angel (smile). Angels wouldn’t do that anyway. They, as Pagans are taught and I automatically DO as Tribe Judah, do no harm to the best of Their/Our ability. Humans do harm. That is that.

  1. Lucifer came down out of Heaven twice in my Life: once when I was 14. It was like unto Mary the Virgin Mother in some ways, and I fell in love with Him. Someone can say, Anyone can say, that He forced it. You say whatever You want; Jesus was impregnated by GOD Holy Spirit in a Woman; I fell in love with an Angel. Both Women are necessary, aren’t We? Yes We are. I have always said be it done to Me according to the Will of GOD. I thought that was Jesus Who came down and wrote so in my writing that has been destroyed. Justin actually perpetuated the destruction of my writing, and He was with Gabriel on November 19, 2016. I am no longer going to speak of Gabriel. I will leave it at that. I was telling the truth to say Jesus had shown up when 7 foot Justin showed Up. I have the emotional and spirit scars to prove it. Had Lucifer shown up with Jesus, people would have dropped dead. I suggest ya’ll get thankful. Bumble Bee — Zedd & Botnek.The second time, it was October 18, 2015. I thought He was Jesus that time as well and I was wrong. It was Lucifer Who told Me to Remember I Am Human. I wasn’t scared of Him. I sent My phone number in email that day to the only male I’d ever sent my phone number to in my Christian days as I contacted ministries who steadfastly ignored Me but they have communicated to others. That is called betrayal. I have been lied to by humans. Goodbye. That day, my third cousin died of a double bout of brain cancer at the age of ten. His great grandmother had died of brain cancer in my bedroom when I was ten, Her Name is Tribe Judah Aunt Shirley, and Dad baptized Her in our bathtub before She went Up to be with GOD in Heaven. I don’t actually think this testimony is a vow. I do not know what it is except a part of the TriUnion of a Strange Woman to three ArchAngels. Obviously, there is a very strong bond between Lucifer and Me though He may not see it that Way. Lucifer, Magdalene, & America 2019 and Beyond Part Two
  2. Metatron: I put Him under a black ribbon vow in 2018 when We DM’d. I was ordered by a Jesus account to block Him. He is now unblocked, that Jesus Account is blocked, and that is that.
  3. Come ON AA Michael! Let’s Fuck the World! 😂 Part One

In the Part Two article, I assert I am with Jesus upstairs. I’m beginning to wonder if that is Lucifer too, upstairs. Lucifer is in Austin, Texas. I am now in a DM conversation with a young Man Who is a Death Angel. I helped Him see it. He knows He is Tribe Judah. He told Me he has seen Lucifer as well. How He views Lucifer and how I view Lucifer is different, yet both correct. Lucifer is older than the Man Jesus Christ. Does anyone know what is strange to Me? I’m writing this stuff and I’m not scared. I’m hurt like Nobody but Lucifer may be able to understand. That is an understatement. Pagan Men have more compassion than Christian Men. Daniel has shown Me that, and we are friends.

This article does not mean that I do not love my current earth life. If I didn’t love all the people in my current life, I wouldn’t still be on this strange property in Austin, Texas. I would have deserted them all and I didn’t. I have nothing to prove. Lucifer and Cara Beaty have nothing to prove. My Tribe Judah Family of Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Father have nothing to prove. Michael the ArchAngel and I as Tara Ann Moons have nothing to prove. If anything, the UnMentionables that I have dealt with in the past, as far as Immortals, have something to prove with their human counterparts. Whatever. I will state what I have stated in the past upon blogs that are long gone since humanity and some immortals kept tormenting my Soul and forcing My Hand toward destruction: I Am UNASHAMED. I am joyful I don’t have to go through the last 11 years again. amen.

Notice a certain disChorDance in this One not below. 😓Waters are parted; I Am less DisJointed. Not enough so yet.

Cara was live….Tara forgot to title this PeriScope 🙄😂

Part 2 3/3/2019

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