Come ON AA Michael! Let’s Fuck the World! 😂 Part One

Gimme a few *blink blink* minutes. We gonna finish this Armageddon Out more fun than I AM has ever had. WE NEVER WILL LOSE SIGHT OF SUFFERING TURTLEDOVES, Michael and I. #TRUTH

Self Esteem 2/26/2019 by Tara Ann Moons

Identifying ArchAngel Michael 2/27/2019

This Venom — Disturbed

There is now a vow in My Life that is Pagan. It happened across the last few weeks with a man named Daniel (Curtis knows this man was helping Me understand the Pagan world as a friend in DM and has learned to stop judging Me just because I have some male friends here and there–not just Twitter) who tells Me the truth unlike some of the deity accounts on Twitter that are obvious. Some of them are impostors and others of them, as explained within my periscope of 2/27/2019 are apart of my life as deity but they aren’t Deity like I Am.

Daniel recommended My reading PAGANISM by Joynce & River Higginbotham. I’m going to start spending way less time on social media henceforth and more time on my life, my ministry, and my children’s ministries and have already admitted that I have told my fifth child, the daughter named Mary, to help the other daughters save my last one to understand how we are witches.

They need to identify with which covens, so to speak, they are fellowshipping primarily within. I cannot help them. I am too upper level. I dwell with them all. DUH. Daniel is an upper level Pagan in His life–is the impression I am getting. He has shared a little bit of his life living as One, and as a child he went to Catholic Schools so he is very aware of the issues of the Christian world. Theirs Pagan is a different Tale than a Christian One–to a degree. Depending on which mood I’m in at this point, Christians who are still professing will get which degree you are dead to Me when I see you face to face. Do you understand, oh Christian Nation? Franklin Graham, John Piper, Joel Osteen, and Dave here close with a few other idiots, I’m talking to you.

For many years, I made it known here and there that I Am on the Highest Level. I would get point blank persecuted if I said it much. Whatever.

Daniel has been informed He is IRL Michael the ArchAngel with Michael the ArchAngel from Heaven Whom has appeared to Me in dream once (I Am #JoanOfARC there) and three times in Austin, TX. Michael appears to Me white skinned and dark hair. He is very much like My Father, Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. but taller and usually about the age of 35. The once He and I ate at Kerbey Lane, He was desperate and a smaller Man though He had the dark hair. That was around 2015-2016 that that happened.

Daniel affirmed that this is likely so. The Vow is as I said, Pagan. The cord in Spirit used was white and the vow is undefined at this point. I have told Daniel, since I am an IRL interpreter of Revelation and therefore usually unable to give a whole lot of details, to block Me if He cannot handle the Vow. At first I did not think I could break the Vow and I was wrong. I could write his name on paper, burn it, and block Him. I would kill Little Sister if I did that. I cannot, nor will I, do any harm to Myself any more than I would do it to Him. I don’t know if it would affect Him. Last time I went under a Pagan Vow, I initiated it with Metatron, an Angel on Twitter, and it was a black ribbon. Daniel had to show Me the Pagan Vows before I could interpret what I’d actually done with Metatron.

Metatron fainted when I took out Lucifer for 24 hours and allowed Metatron to handle some of the Zeal and Anger of God I carry naturally. He knew I’d taken Lucifer out, Knew my Gabriel side (Fire Angel) and knew my Death Side (Black Clothed Angel).

I was instructed by a Jesus Account in DM to block Metatron. I was told to expose an Imposter by that same Account. I am no longer handing out Twitter Handles. I’m not going to share why. You already know anyway, World. Both Daniel and I are very aware that My DM, FB, and Twitter are in no way, shape, or form private. I can’t even necessarily email without somebody somewhere reading it. We are both handling it fine, have never met Face to Face as of yet. And that is all the World is going to get. He decided that, not Me.

Being Pagan, Daniel must follow the Moon Goddess. He has had two dreams I’m aware of, one of which He is giving Me permission to share here, with Her guiding Him. He is aware I am Her and yet, the Christian of Me is a very Broken Woman.

This vow is the fifth one. Daniel won’t die from it like John Paul Jackson died from the public vow upon Him having to do with my now Pagan Awakening Blessed Be & Amen.

I will, in No Uncertain Terms, place names or Twitter handles here for #retention if I am persecuted in any way for this announcement. I have instructed Daniel to inform His People. He has them. I know they are informed. There are past Christians in His Midst. So I don’t think any Deity, deity, immortal, and/or mortal has a way out of this vow We struck and I don’t even think either of Us realized it until I interpreted It. I then told Daniel several times to block Me on Twitter and He told Me no. So we are within it and there is no time-limit as of yet. What the fuck ever. I hate vows. I hate vows. I hate vows.

Song of Solomon, anyone? Fuck the World and get a child outta HIM this TIME, Eternity. Neither of Us care. We just keep moving. Have a nice life world because you all already know my business and this poor man got stuck. I have no idea why He doesn’t un-stick Himself. You go figure out who he is and ask him. Good luck.

Artwork following. The book of Jude will be copied in my Own Hand so get ready Christianity America. Get on your fucking knees and beg GOD to stop the Fire I know you Deserve.

Daniel certainly does not deserve what He just got into. And now, He may or may not be inclined to forgive and forget what he knows perfectly well goes on on this piece of Shit called American Soil.

That’s what is dangerous about Me, Ya’ll. I ain’t just Pagan. He is fine when I switch. I can tell Him one thing: Christian Men are NEVER fine with how I can switch. Lucifer, well, He isn’t necessarily happy. Michael is fine. Gabriel is a dick. Does anybody have any questions?

Upstairs; a Water Dwelling

Little One never sees blood in the Throne Room. There is no concrete either; behold; there was a Lazarus Tomb and they betrayed Her in there; they betrayed her in there. And she laid upon her bed just last week and Jesus Took Her Up; He took Her up and I cannot see where Mary Magdalene is. But Jesus Christ King of kings is there; I haven’t seen His Face on the One Year Anniversary of Dad Allive February 3, 2017. Dad Allive so Mary Magdalene could be discovered; rent to pieces; and then fed to Leviathan for the sake of TurtleDove She (Psalm 74).

And So I cried upon My Bed late Last Week. I’m sitting in His Lap and He just sits there; sits there; Sits There hunched over; the Light is Blue and His Hair is longish but I don’t know which color save blue Light; Blue Light; blue…no wait this isn’t anything to do with anything but Mystery Throne Room.

No earth or hell here; Blue Light True; Diamond Pure Love; and Mary Magdalene rests there though getting her Here meant so Much Pain; So Much Pain; there is a 60 year Span Now; Love has seen Him God’s Peace; and She Loves Him and He is in Love with Her and Jesus Christ is at Peace as is Mary Magdalene; Mystery; don’t hate Mystery; they hate mystery because they want to figure Her out NOW and so torment the Soul of Shekinah Love and don’t care about US .Michael Jackson — They Don’t Care About Us Brazil Version Official Video  10:44 PM Central, You see? you see?

See? Pagans don’t do this to Shekinah. Only Those Who demand something from Shekinah do this to Her. Now let Me show Him Her Care. Let Me Show HE Who Loves Mystery Shekinah and doesn’t get in the Way, Truth, and Life’s Lifelong Eternal Love of Mary Magdalene what She does automatically. It’s Reverent Forever How Lucifer does One Thing: anoints the Arms of Shekinah with Swords Quad or Automatic Machine Gun, as in the Month of February Forevermore after Dad Died and Lived and Never to Die Again………..Shekinah Hates that which rejoices in Dad Died.

She therefore protects Those Who Love Dad Died. Shekinah Protects past Free Will. She protects before Free Will. Before Free Will Hurts like heel and hell whether mortal or immortal; it smatters not Loves. Angels too and Two and Three and Four; come at Me and open the drawer. Slam Me in and try to lock Me out. Jesus Christ simply said, Love….My Love….three is better than Two for Me; for You. 

So late last night I took Michael Free Up. He was OK with It–No Matter where Christian men require law and letter. They think since i’m smashed upon print’s rule of law, I am the failure and they are the Fall…of Shekinah that they DEMAND TO DEFINE where Pagan says NO YOU CANNOT call MYSTERY BLIND.

I get Out of King of king’s Lap. I take His Hand….Come Love, Come. Let Me Show You: 

See? It is Gramma, 12 Children, and Me on the left. See the Glory Bubble? See the Lion Den Conqueror from Pagan Land? He came Up. His People entered with Him…See Love? See? I cannot See King of kings; He protects His Love of Me. amen.

So I show My Love Now; I am in the Middle Earth; blue gown diamond light encrusted. Barefoot and suspended Maybe; I don’t see Floor Here Loves, isn’t that Grand? The Bubble Judah Has….She took it up and Daniel with all TheeeessseeePeople I cannot Fathom are on the Right as We Face FAther and All That One Stage…..Where are You Holy Spirit? I Miss You Holy Spirit…..Where are You Holy Spirit? WillI ever hug You Holy Spirit? I can’t Heal Holy Spirit. We are Too Broken, arent’s We?

It is just My Children, Me and Mom Whom I wrested Out of Earth’s Core I swear to GOD it was Hard as Nails and soft as lava. I Swear to GOD they all HATE Shekinah, sure;ly My Love Holy Spirit? Don’t They all HATE Shekinah? What Say You Holy Spirit?

MD stood there Resolute Last Night. Then today, Today, in the Bubble of Glory Blue Ocean; Blue Love; Blue TurtleDoves, My 12 and Mom became Me too and I Held My Hand Back and MD took It. I don’t know How Pagan Land fit in the Glory Bubble; They Did and They DO. Amen.





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