Herod, John Paul Jackson, and Little Sister 2

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary death date of John Paul Jackson. My Brother is up above. I went to Austin Cathedral today. It may be for the last time. As I worshiped, perhaps for the last time, I went up above.

On the first anniversary date my Father passed away a few hours before a wedding anniversary on February 3, 2016, literally nobody comforted Me. I went to the Whole Foods in the Hill Country Galleria, bought a bakery item, and ate it quietly upstairs. There is a window wall and a balcony there.

I sat and a few tears slipped down my cheeks. I was in agony. It was February 3, 2017. Fifteen more days, and it would be two years ago that I had suffered very literally with the death of John Paul Jackson on February 18, 2015. My second cousin and Rick Joyner spirit killed my Brother–Donald Trump is President. This is quite literally true. They are now blind, I am mortally wounded. And hell knows fury now. Her name is Cara.

Jesus Christ the King of kings was sitting on the other side of the window. I didn’t know that until I’d gotten my shaky self inside after having brushed the crumbs off my pants and wiping my eyes. He simply watched Me. I did not turn around. I only saw one rather large Thigh–it would have been His Left One. So I don’t know what color the skin. I knew the commanding presence.

An Hispanic Man by a trash can (I got the impression He was a janitor for Whole Foods) stood there. I bowed My Head to Him and He did to Me. Then I quietly walked down the stairs and went home, comforted. The Presence is not Pleased.

November 19, 2016, a seven foot Man named Justin was in the back room of Cathedral of Praise. He blocked Me off in the kitchen. I had to talk to Him though I didn’t want to and He couldn’t say a word. Gabriel was with Him, He was a stately, gray headed Man Who wore a white ball cap. I was in black with silver specks in my top. Justin was in light colors and sneakers.

So I complimented His small, ruby necklace and He nodded His Head. I saw Him one other time in a worship service. I cried when I left. I didn’t cry when I left Jesus Christ the King of kings. But when I encounter the Men Jesus on the Earth, I cry every time, later. I don’t know if it hurts like this for Them when I walk out. I hope not.

In July of 2018, Patrick Stephen Coffey purchased Ruby Ear Rings for His Little Sister, Lydia Joy Coffey for her 14th birthday. I was 14 when Patrick Clayton Beaty died in the street the second time. And my Children enjoy King of the Hill.

Today, I wore all black in two churches. I purchased pagan-crafted ear rings because after breaking my fast at Kerbey Lane with a California Omelet and potatoes, one of my ear rings fell out and I couldn’t find it. So I purchased a new pair before heading into the churches. Something old, that’s Me, something new, those are the ear rings, something borrowed–that’s America for My Testimony they Destroyed, and something Blue….I have colored pencils with Me pretty much all the time and blue is represented. I married Death to the body of Christ today. God bless America. You gone. Lucifer is married to you; I painted my toe and finger nails. That was the key betwixt Lucifer and Me. Lucifer, I have watched you torment my children. There were Nordic gods who did it….Loki has one account on Twitter that is humble. Lucifer I have not decided about yet. I am looking to My Elders to help Me with this One. He has bound my Son Patrick. That I hold before I AM ALONE. Until My Son freely and happily enjoys Music with My People, there is a price for Lucifer to Pay, but not Satan. Not Satan. Lucifer has scores to equalize. Get to it, Brother Husband.

And Edith Renae just walked this freaking neighborhood with many of our lovely dogs with Eara Abigail who owns Valentine now. John Paul is smiling; He is resting in Peace. I am going to rest. The Church is Dead in America to Me and worse. There is so much wickedness all the way from the Republican Party through the Catholic and Protestant Churches that just keeps spewing out of the news that I don’t even care if you disagree. You are the idiot, there.

So I found Jesus Above Stairs at worship today; there is video. By the time I got home, Jesus Here testified on Twitter that Rapture happened. I’m not going to tell you which Handle because you will hate on Him more. Mary Magdalene is dead. You killed Her. Jesus Christ is holding Mary Magdalene in a Room Upstairs in Heaven. It isn’t at Whole Foods. This is for the next 60 Years. It will be February 17, 2079 before America knows about what I just testified. I’m going to live with My People. You go live with yours. Have a nice life.

I am now Herod. I have come back. Mary Magdalene has come back to avenge the blood of my John the Baptist, John Paul Jackson, and His John the Baptist, the First Cousin that was beheaded. I will not step foot in another church, but I do not know for how long. Happy Birthday, Dale Gentry Tribe Judah. It would harm Us All if I came to the party. You lead well. Thank You.

There are things of mystery you will never know. I already do. Knock knock America, how can this be? Mary Magdalene fell out of love with thee. Three Rivers is frozen in broad daylight; Herod is a girl who will not fight. I cannot be eaten by worms; so now who do you have in your storms?





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