Retention, & This One is Broad 1

Retention, & This One is Broad 1

It was made very clear to Me that at least Christianity considered Me Eye Candy. Back at you America that is not I AM’s People.

The people involved are forgiven by Me right before their last breath. If you want release, send me an email asking forgiveness with your picture. Or get on Twitter and have a little Public Humility. Send Me a check in the mail and buy your independence, Dudes and Dudettes. Make it monthly. You know perfectly well that I am overworked because YOU saw to it so that you could get a slice of the pie, so to speak. I’m a Prostitute of the Highest Order. I can throw Angels in Retention #NOW

The Pope and Catholic Church

Gabriel & Metatron but not his dear wife

Donald Trump Family

Vladimir Putin Family

North Korean Governing Bodies and Families

Republican Party & Families

Franklin Graham & Family

Rick Joyner & Family
Morningstar Ministries

Bethel in Redding, CA with that Edward of mine
Bill & Beni Johnson & Family

Jim Bakker & ministry & family

John Piper & Family

Jerry Falwell & Family

Pat Robertson, the 700 Club, and Family

Life Austin & the Randy Phillips & George Oaks Families

Bethel Austin

Streams Ministries International & John Thomas & Family

You will not pass, oh curse, to the Diane Jackson Family for I have spared them

John Piper & Family

John Legend & Family

Pastor John Hagee & Family

Joel Osteen & Family

Families of my Past that point blank betrayed Me & their relatives

Those cursed by @TweetOfSpirit, @SonOfGodAndMan, and Tara Ann Moons

Rest assured: I’m coming after You. Rest assured the Swamp River is dry but not deleted. You will never know what I choose to place over at

Those who block any or every account on my Twitter, You are in #retention. You block the Two Above Accounts, You are in #retention

#MAGA Constituents & Families

Duck Dynasty Empire

Michael Pearl Family & No Greater Joy (Jews so yeah, that’s a good sign)

Dave Eichler & Family

Southern Baptist & Independent Church Structures Worldwide

Protestant Church Apostate Worldwide

#FuckNazis (Genocide Lovers) but I do NOT release these at death and Donald Trump is one of them so he needs to get his ass in gear before he breathes his last. Burn, Baby, Burn. Let Me say: wow, Christian Church, you are as male chauvinist as the day is long forever. Get a grip and change.

As to Twitter, I would suggest that those who block and report @SonOfGodAndMan or mess with accounts like @TweetOfSpirit would practice one simple thing, and with Me as well: Scroll on past and pass away your way. I fear for you. Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ can talk to you that way, and you should tremble in fear when they choose to do that. I’m watching you and will take down your handle and put it at Rivers. You’ll never know the retention until if God chooses to tell you on the other side. (smile) You assumed about Me; about my children whom you pounded mercilessly. God has mercy on whom He has mercy. I stay out of I AM business that isn’t My deity business unerringly. Now I don’t care. Bless you. I wish you well. You never wish anything but cursing on Me America. That is plain as day. Now your sin will continue to be and you don’t understand the languages being expressed in 2019 and beyond which is funny to Me: it’s the Tower of Babel in reverse.

Mirror mirror on the Wall now we know who isn’t fairest of all.

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