@almightygod Has Spoken Female Freedom

And He does not even capitalize His Twitter Handle He is So Soft-Spoken and in love with Us.

SomeOne has suggested Hera to Me and I listened to Him and admitted this Woman is She. Here is a link explaining Her Beauty. We are Resolute and you will not win against Us. We don’t compete. We Are She. Wiki about Hera.

But She is Moon Goddess in Nordic Tradition as well. She is defined by all Universes. My Body Guard Know Me; Know Her in the Steadfast Representation Of #FemaleGodRepresentation otherwise known as Shekinah.

It is why I colored the Skin Green. We are no monster but We Are Dragons. We do not bow to Monsters. We slay them instead. You will continue to see. We are Peace on Earth and True Male Know Us; Protect Us; Nurture Us; and Defend Us. We do the same for Them.

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