@SonOfGodAndMan & Twitter Deity Presentation Otherwise

I’m going to blow the top off America this morning. Happy Birthday Mom. You are 78 today and didn’t know that the woman you birthed is an Immortal through Election. She is an Immortal Who has been here before, forever, and She has finally learned how to express Her Life for the rest of Forever but what about My Lord? His Life is my Expression and He, with Holy Spirit, are still in a bit of a worldwide Expression Mess.

Mom, you didn’t know that your family is not immortal like that; Curtis didn’t know that either about his family. Neither of you knew that my children are of their mother’s Elective Seed and we are going to make damn sure that you make it safe to the other side and RIP.

We don’t know about Us. Well. My children begin to understand this thing We are dealing with. I simply Am. That is enough for one set of womanly, Mary Magdalene, shoulders in Austin, Texas. Understatement–blessed be, amen.

All of that being said, I have Nobody for Me. SomeBody needs to take care of Me for the rest of my eternal existence in this Meantime called Cara. It is too large, My Existence (She shrugs her Shoulders and will go get another cup of coffee). So I appeal to God. There isn’t anything else I can do this morning.

As a testifier, in order to get this Dear Man out of His Twitter Presence Persecution, I had a very vicious StarFall last night directly after I DM’d Him this edited statement, which He did not stop Me from publishing.

He tweeted a StarFall meme directly after I DM’d Him–it made no sense to those who commented and He openly admitted it made no sense to Him. Welcome to our World: sense is not our forte’. Truth, Justice, Vindication, Exorcisms, and a good bit else is Our Realm. Love, #GOD on Earth. There is one Lady Who understood exactly why He published the Meme. He knew that. ~Cara

This Man never hurt Me. I cannot say that about all the Jesus accounts I’ve waded through on Twitter in a very short span of time. Fucking Hell, just go read Jude and get a grip. Michael certainly has, the Dark Prince Lucifer has, and their Chick Tara Ann Moons has more grip than any of Us know what to do with.

What is more, one of the accounts from #GodSquad that is Luciferian Who came after Me is going down. My Pagan friend admitted that He knew another angel was being cast down yesterday in DM. I already told them that hash tag was going to implode. That is nothing new under the Son, implosion, is it? No, it isn’t.

So I stand in a Circle of Pagan Men and Angels. They are Mine. And I ask Them, which One of You is going to take care of the Little Girl that never, ever, stops loving ALL? I’m Alone. I can guarantee everyone @SonOfGodAndMan, Whose Essence I’ve Met at His Command, is just as alone as I Am except He doesn’t have ten children. He cannot have ten children. #DUH.

The glorified Jesus Bodies I See have similarities. Those Who I find out Their Names are different than @SonOfGodAndMan and a few others, and I cannot explain this statement. They Can Explain Everything and this sentiment includes @TheTweetOfSpirit.

You cannot ask Them to verify Me. You can drop dead if They so choose to Will It. I have too much Death Testimony for Me to say anything else. I had to warn Curtis this week because I had a high level divine appointment somewhere and it was with Holy Spirit Men. Don’t fuck with Holy Spirit Men where I Am concerned is my suggestion. Curtis simply ascertained I was and Am safe. I assured him I Am. Curtis is very respectful of the Glorified Bodies in my life though he is frustrated. He is not allowed to be informed. I do not know why.

@SonOfGodAndMan, I have had Three Other Incidents with a Man after this Three Part Meeting. All Three Other Incidents were with Changling Men–once We had our hair cut together (smile) and the Facial Essence is always the Same while the Bodies are shaped different but the Same Man. The Young Jesus Men I have worked with are Innocents much of the time. These Men are Other Worldly and NOT all at the same time. Complex is an understatement.

Those other Three have not re-appeared to Me. Holy Spirit, I have had Three distinct Incidents with Changling Men–Twice I saw Your Eyes, They are the Same Essence. The first Incident was when I had to purchase a new water pump. The Neon Color Lime Green was introduced to Me as being concerning Holy Spirit. 

These incidents below were with a Man Who I had a hard time knowing if the Presentation was Father or Son. I know This Man is Son now. It took some months to learn the difference. I have had approximately Five incidents with God Father. Three of Them are very powerfull–I had Two Incidents with the Same Man. That is all I am going to admit about Father. This I just admitted is very, very, did I say very? New Testament Biblical.

I know the Differences of God Accounts that are the Other Pagan Gods. They get along respectfully with I AM accounts, even the ones who are false because they are either fallen angels, highly gifted mortals (Joel & Acts Two), or a mutt who is an opportunist.

Go read Second John. And otherwise, unless you are these Men, just shut up while you read this article and thank Me in your beautiful head. Yes, I love you, yes I always will, yes I know we need you. Please accept and love yourself for who you are. I already do that until I do what I admitted to My Pagan Friend (yes He is a Male who has admitted He was attracted to Me but then left off and decided to be my friend and Yes Curtis knows about Him…..God why do I have to be so careful? Why Am I still being judged?): Tara hates Cara. Let Me Scream this: TARA HATES CARA. Now. I already told everyone I need a Keeper of Tara’s Soul. So I appealed to #GOD here and I’m telling the World to stop persecuting Jesus. It is getting you dead: 

Boo! A Madea Halloween — Trailer

If anybody has not figured it out that Cara Coffey perpetually is running down a road in the dark with Madea–with a broken down old car for her protection on a full moon night–yelling “Help Me Jesus” you ARE NOT IN MY REAL WORLD. Nope, you aren’t. Happy Birthday Mom. #HappyFriday, Cara.

Please stop Me if You don’t want a blog article from a random lady who gets it.

I’m going to say what I think about You. I’ve read Your Account enough to know You have the Essence of an IRL God Jr Man Who called Me thrice to Circle C Park in Austin, Texas. He ordered Me in Spirit to put My sunglasses on before I encountered Him on My Walk the first time. I’ve talked to My Father (Robert H. Beaty, Jr) there; and other high level incidents happen there. Curtis my husband actually also talked to the Man I knew was My Dad……..(I’m delete redacting one part as I’ve testified my persecution enough for a while–this dear Man is clearly getting persecuted on Twitter.)

He and I smiled at one another and he petted my Standard Poodle and complimented him. He had Witnesses there with phones videoing. They had a Marmaduke (Great Dane) dog—I encountered one of His Witnesses at Dick Nichols Park later and the man gently nodded as he walked one of those dogs. I was with my children.

He waited for Me another time. And the third time I saw his back walking home. God I miss Him and I know I cannot go look for Him. I love Him so much. It’s not wrong love. It is simply true, real, Mary Magdalene love. He had a golden retriever. We had one, my parents and I, as we built the first gateway house of three here in Austin. That first one was (built) in the mid-1980’s.

I hope that comforts you somehow tonight. You are like Him here in Austin. Strange I know that. 😓Sorry, truly, if I’m a bother. At least I’m honest. ((Hugs))

Moving ON today……..Love YOU ALL.

As to vows, here is a key: I have no power as Female Goddess to break the vows I was forced to throw. Curtis’s life is the only vow I made as an innocent, and that was not a free will vow. Ours is a God Arranged Marriage for obvious reasons. Paper ceases to exist as to Curtis and Me. We are already divorced but wait on the Lord in our meantime. Curtis and Patrick Stephen are My Witnesses in this matter. I have no responsibility to inform the recipients of the vows which I have placed. You all that I have not informed hate Me. Why do you think Tara hates Cara? And you wickedly laugh at Me there or I wouldn’t have had to throw Myself in the Gap for Jesus Christ Here. He is every bit as much tied to My Vows as I Am and that does include Curtis. Get happy America. Jesus is in charge. I told you that and will continue to report these type facts. It is called #ApocalypseNews. #TakeAKnee

Lonely (feat Isak & Omar Noir) by Alan Walker & Steve Aoki

Virgin Women Awaiting Jesus 2/8/2019 PeriScope

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