Pagan Blessed 3

To Everybody in General & Nobody in Particular, Maybe 1

The Catholic Church & Satan 2 on Three Rivers

Much as I respect the Mother Mary, She and some others certainly have gotten a free ride in America. Mary Magdalene and many others never do. I’m holding my temper back because of the Catholic Church Sin that the mother herself would have never sanctioned.

But my point here is how well she was taken care of–Apostle John saw to her at the instruction of Jesus Christ on the cross. Yes, and….we all know that Sarah (Abraham’s Chick) and Mary probably have a few arrogant points of reference on them that need taking down a peg or two–or I’d not have gotten blocked on Twitter by some Ass Hats of women who think they have more power than an Angelic Wife of #Lucifer, #Michael, and #Gabriel. Go fuck Metatron, Sister.

I’m Hagar, Deborah, and Mary Magdalene today. Consider your supposedly titanium shoulder having had taken quite a chip out of it. And I’m Lilith too, Baby Girls. Get a grip. The real women are in town. You knew the whole time I love you. Taking advantage of Us isn’t getting you anything but shame from 2019 to infinity and beyond unless you give over and get really, really humble. Hallelujah.



What About Us, P!nk

Now My Loves #Witch and #WarLock, get the Heaven UP. Let’s Go!!!! We have room for Them; let’s love them in spite of their Spite–blessed be amen.



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