To Everybody in General & Nobody in Particular, Maybe 1

I am not saying good-bye after thirty long years. You are. I’m still here. I am speaking in Christian terms today. I will live to see the day when these 52 year old fingers type only with Pagan View in my Mind’s Sight. Here is a series across the death of my father three years ago on 2/3/2016 until today, a 30th wedding anniversary, 2/4/2019. 

Christianity, I will always love you. You never grew in love with Me. I forgive you except I do have a #retention list that is like the fabled list of Santa Claus. Naughty or nice means nothing to Me here. If your name is on this infamous list, you will answer to GOD or not. For if you do not believe Deity exists I don’t know what happens to you. Perhaps your greatest dream comes true and you return to the dust never to return in any form, animal or human. So enjoy your life now. I wish you well, truly.

That is what they of my Christian Life knew but wouldn’t tell: I Am Jesus Christ in the Female Form–Some of Us Are. Oops. This Cat is out of the bag and I’m not necessarily a cat today. I change form enough in Spirit Life to wipe the smug smile off every Christian’s face from 1950 to this present darkness.

Why, Cara? You killed Them. And I knew it all along. Now go to your death with a good attitude. Don’t look back. The salt you change to will sting your heart like you gutted Me, John Paul, Scott, and many others that you thought were expendable as you just kept pulling out of Cara Coffey for such a testimony as this. It’s your Masquerade; not mine. You ought to have seen that DM to a friend of Mine, a Witness. Have a nice life. I am going to do that, too.


Tweet #1  2/3/19 7:39 AM on @CaraAnn42 Sometimes, many times, details will cascade before One’s Reputation and then the viewers of that Soul believe what they desire about the larger Frame of Reference and so the masterpiece is shattered in that quarter yet again. Choosing to rise the Sight above Details is paramount.

Tweet #2  He chose Being the One Tear; I chose Destruction Intelligently, but not for Myself. For what I have Point Blank refused to allow to be done to Him came fourth in my Xtian “Double Moons”–He is not Tare. So I Win forever and you go to your place. Dad, I miss You. Three years……

Tweet #3   Awakening Amen And yet, I will #NOW hit edit and say it like this: “Awakening Blessed Be & Amen”. Xtianity in America with #NEVER be Alpha. I will allow Judah to be Omega with Me. As I have stated at this Three so let it be done. #TaraAnnMoons

Tweet #4  10:18 AM Central and Nobody can say Cara didn’t Labor long in warning America. No, I won’t let you say anything at all today. I’m at Circle C Park. Only One Man and His People and my Beaty Men are Who Dwells Here. That’s Don Carpenter and Slaughter Lane, Babes, America.

Tweet #5  As it concerns Universalism, I Am fully Human Female Jesus Christ officially April 14, 2017. here is the Math: 84-51=33. Why did I use 84. Look at Root 42 with My #Pagan Eyes. Matthew 1, Revelation 11-13. 144 and 42 are unrelated. Thus We See the Redemptive Power in Rev17.

Tweet #6   April 14, 2050, as the Wife of Melchizedek, I am 84. As the Wife of the Lamb, I Am equally 84. That’s 42 Twice. Now may the Pagan #Gods and #Goddesses Come Forth. The 12 times 12 redemptive work of #JesusChrist was already complete at my 33. Rev 19-22 is spent. #TaraAnnMoons


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