@TweetOfSpirit Details Wickedness on @Twitter, Part Two

The Holy Spirit @TweetOfSpirit concerning Twitter Part One

This is self-explanatory. Shit I’ve been that Way for so long it gives Me great pleasure to say that about the Holy Spirit Who has a way bigger problem than I do with this Feeling among the Immortal New Jerusalem Citizenry.

Please let it be known I informed Jesus Christ on Twitter this morning about some things I’m learning about how to navigate betwixt the physical plane and spiritual plane in My Life.

Suffice it to say that Cara Ann from years gone by could not have DM’d what I did without a tremendous amount of Holy Spirit Pain in time which has passed Me By. Now the Christian World can see what it is for a Physical Form of the Deity Female to have Her Tears Wiped Away by God Father amen.

This is a book review. Get used to Mega-Power Men and Women becoming very brief and to the point in a mini-book on Twitter called Uncovered No More. It’s the fastest way to get the word out that I AM is HERE, and I never knew this conduit from heaven to hell and back again existed. Impossibility? Check. (smile)

Tweet #1


We’re punishing your account indefinitely because you said one thing we disagree with even though we never checked in with you on context or motive. Bottom line, you have no recourse.

Also Twitter:

It’s fine if James Woods threatens a race war.

Taken from @RealJamesWoods….”The media onslaught against “white privilege,” Christianity, “male toxicity,” all the liberal nonsense,  reveals a misstep by those uneducated in the power of history. The one sure thing history has taught us: never declare a race war against a majority. It won’t end well.” ~ 7:05 PM, Jan 25, 2019 quoted by Holy Spirit 4:59 AM, 1/26/19

Tweet #2

For those asking, Twitter suspended my acct briefly a week ago but also is enforcing a different type of “silent” punishment against it by altering the acct algorithms to force My replies to the bottom of the threads.

Tweet #3

So even though My own followers just see that My reply is at the top, it’s only doint that because you’re following the acct. Other accts who don’t follow are unable to see Me unless they scroll to the VERY bottom. So My post, no matter how much activity it receives..

Tweet #4

remains at the bottom.

It disallows the acct from gaining exposure from new people and essentially makes it incapable of growing.

It totally ruins the experience and the point of the platform.

@TwitterSupport also is totally unresponsive. You can’t do anything..

Tweet #5

to overturn it. I’ve reached out to them several times and they just send an automated reply and never follow up.

My hope is that this is temporary and will be lifted this week; but My guess is they turn it on and leave it.

I get that it sounds like I’m this (and He uses a GIF as Deity accounts, including Me #Now, use to express things because We tend to be caught in in-express-ability or outright destroyed as I Am proof of in America IRL–the GIF is showing a Man teaching or presenting in a rather exasperated way….)

Tweet #6

But I have statistical data to back up my claim and can prove that this is happening through other ways as well.

So that’s My plight.


Yes, well, Holy Spirit isn’t going to be destroyed on Uncovered No More and I will take out anybody arguing with Me–and consequently Holy Spirit–and as I said, I have reported to Jesus Christ on Twitter about My current situation this morning. I used a GIF too, and it is a kick ass female warrior with a red bladed sword and red/black hair–that tweet is pinned so help yourself, world. Witch Me is Lethal in a way the world is not worthy of in Jesus Name, amen. (Second John)

A suggestion: go watch Aquaman. I’m the Mother and the Sister to that Dude. (wicked laugh). #TaraAnnMoons #LeviathanAnn #VampireVictoria #SisterAlexandria #HippieGirlBeaty #PentecostalPatricia, @MaryMagdalene42; @Zipporah42; @CaraAnn42

It took 42 generations for Jesus Christ to get here within bloody Jewish History. It took 42 years for Jesus Christ to find His Mary Magdalene from 1966 to 2008 AGAIN. I’ve lived in His Life however many times He has manifested across eternity.

You have to go ask Jesus Christ how many times that is. I know of several. But I’m married to Prophet Isaiah and Moses and three ArchAngels: Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel. Try to figure Me out and end up as Blood on the Throne Room Floor if you have your bills paid, you can read, and you can work in your zones where you choose to be. Does anybody still have any questions?

Yes you probably do. I’m not into answering questions. I don’t have time. Shut up, stick your questions and bad attitudes where the Son Doesn’t shine, and do whatever the hell you want to do. Goodbye.

James Wood on Wikipedia

Women have accused Mr. Woods of sexual misconduct upon them as minors. If you think they will be heard, you are an ass hole like James Woods and you just live your life, go burn in hell, then die second death but stop abusing women and their children.

We are #Here and you may as well get used to New Jerusalem trumping you at every turn IRL. Keep watching all media. We are coming after you and it is being reported. Yay #GOD.

The feature image is my brother’s driver’s license from shortly before he died the second time. The thumb drive has my second and third printed works within it. The Asian style tea set is a gift from Dorothy Ann some years ago.

I have chosen not to republish all of the third book last week as I shifted, carefully, the general feel of threerivers.blog. I am saying that I see the New Jerusalem with this second part of Holy Spirit’s Work on Twitter. I am not wholly reconciled to what is making up the Manifestation of I AM to Me in Austin, TX, because of rifts in #GodSquad and #Godsquad because I was not allowed into the mix. I was a disappointment. Yet here I am still being understood so that is a comfort. 

Here is the truth: bringing in the sheaves is clearly, time-wise, closing as are portal doors–since the Judgment is complete. So I put the feature image here as proof that New Jerusalem Me is not flinching. I’m not wavering. And I never did.

I am not ashamed and never was but sometimes, I have lost hope. I have been so degraded I forgot who I was and so did some of my children. We are Here, and I will continue to feel love for that which is being separated. But I have no duty left in that world.  Jesus Christ broke Me this weekend. I fought Him, and fought Him, for this final burden of His.

It is not fair. It should not be. Mary Magdalene knows. What is inside of Thee. And She cannot fathom. The depths which were and are. That which is impossible. Is mirrored in Every One His Scars.

It is no different; and it never past tense. That which Holy Spirit represents. For how can One See this Lense. And survive the Enormous Expense.

But of a truth I did survive it; and I never knew how, or why, or why not it was any other way. So I will keep to this gorgeous life and now endeavor more and more to stay out of the fray. Why? Simply because Jesus Christ has begged me to do so. That which is Me will do so. Herein you see that place, oh gentle readers, where Monarchy New Jerusalem knows the difference between necessity and extravagance of Love that never grows cold.




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