Inglorious Basterd @JhonnyTopside is #RIGHT

June 14, 2018 in response to a tweet series removed by @AntGoree

All that Cara Coffey can do anymore is pray for my Loves like this who speak the truth in love and have no ability to BE THE VOICE HEARD forevermore–here I am telling you that Mr. @JhonnyTopside will be added to my Rescue Me Horses coloring book so that We can Dwell together in Unity despite the miles of land that separate Us.

The population of wickedness and false information is so high now that those of us who know the truth are at a loss. Well, at least at Uncovered No More, I can give Voice to #TRUTH and leave the rest to #GOD as I’ve always done. Having Mr. Basterd give me permission to post his excellent book gives me courage to never destroy myself as an author and artist again though I’ve had even my closest friend tell me I am a Destroyer with #GOD and then denied my testimony outright.

He still won’t apologize of his own free will and continues to say things to pull information out of Me for his people. They are still tormenting me and Me. This is just as much all glory to God as anything else in my stupid, inconsequential, and female life. Yes it is. ~Cara Coffey, author, Uncovered No More.

Mr. Basterd’s opinion of those who are members of the MRA (men’s rights activists): Complete idiots who think treating others as equals somehow infringes on those in power.

I told him that I have the same feeling about some females. One more point: this is a book by Inglorious Basterd.

It’s that simple. I wonder how much else this Golden Person has written and the World refuses to hear across all of Time? Does He know He is an Immortal? I hope so. ((hugs to @JhonnyTopside)).

Please let it be known I released this tweet series this morning:

Tara Ann Moons @Zipporah42 at 11:00 AM Central 1/25/2019

#1: Everybody stand back. #TaraAnnMoons #LeviathanAnn tells you Sarah Sanders cannot say anything except exactly what she says. She knows what she is-Another Female sacrificed to the #gods “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy. I’m Hagar; I’m Mary Magdalene. #ownit

#2: Now do we See why Cara Coffey is taking #TeamJesus #GodSquad and #godsquad to task? Yeah and I’m getting kick back on my blog. I let the first comment pass. I didn’t let the second one do that. Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah & Lilith, MM, 8 (update 12/31/2018).


#1: I’m unclear on whether you and your club agree with this failure condoning nonsense, but for the moment I’ll assume you accept this toxic gibbering for the same reason someone might quote, at length, Mein Kampf or Birth of a Nation as “interesting”.

#2: This is a near twenty year old rehashing of what was already centuries old whimpering vitriolic weakness masquerading as some revolutionary truth. All it is, and has ever been, is males being confounded by females and being disproportionately frustrated by their own deficiencies.

#3: The properly rational, self-examined individual would look at the problem on hand, then inward, and discover the fault lay with within and take it upon themselves, as responsible adults rather than petulant, temperamental children, to correct their faults and try again. (Tara Ann Moons notes this is either a Male or a Female who should do this and the Feminist Movement is having issues too.)

#4: Is that easy to do, particularly when faced with repeated failure? No, but if we insist that being a man is hard, that it’s work, that it’s a struggle and a challenge, then we must, to be men, rise to those occasions. Strength of will, character, & mind are as vital as physical.

#5: Speaking of strength, I can only imagine what it must be like to live in a world wherein half the population where capable, at any time and with very little repercussion, if any, of physically overpowering me and an unknown quantity of them felt entitled to do so for their own

#6: sexual gratification or pathetic need to assert some kind of power over someone else. Whether that stems from millennia of women being viewed, traded, and treated like property, or poisonous rhetoric spewed by sad, weak, feeble worms like Fitzgerald or his contemporary, Peterson,

#7: or their own selfish sociopathic urges is immaterial to the immediate threat posed by literally every man on the planet. If my defenses were solely these oh so wicked wiles of manipulation, deflection, flattery, even seduction, you can be assured I would employ them, & constantly

#8: because no one’s wounded pride or bruised ego would ever be worth my very real and life long injuries should they ever impose what they felt, or what society had told them, or whatever bullshit ideology like that had empowered them to do to me. No one’s. Not ever.

#9: Women do not owe men sex. No one owes anyone sex. It is not a mother’s love to be expected and enjoyed unconditionally. It is not life or liberty. It is a shared experience, and to be shared it must be agreed upon, consented to, & emphatically welcomed. Anything less is a crime.

#10: Anything less denies the essential humanity of the other. Anything less makes you less. Less than human. Less than a man. Less than a beast. Anything less makes you weaker and more craven than you ever were before, because you have denied every better part of yourself.

#11: Claiming that women owe men anything is not brave. It is not enlightened. It is not interesting. It is a sickness upon the mind. It is a disease upon the soul. It is weakness and cowardice. It is treason against humanity.

#12: Blaming women, blaming society, blaming anything and everything but ourselves for our faults forfeits the very essence of masculinity Fitzgerald, Peterson and every other mewling MRA would have you believe women are robbing you of. Be better. Be a man. Be human.

Jordan Peterson’s Website

I’m not linking the other dude Inglorious Basterd is pinning accurately. Are you kidding Me. We don’t need to put fuel on the Shit Crowd’s Fire.


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