The Holy Spirit @TweetOfSpirit concerning Twitter Part One

1/24/2019 at about 11:30 AM Central

#1: Twitter is a microcosm of the world.

If you’re verified in their eyes, you get to do things like be racist trash, commit crimes, or use it as a platform to even become president.

Whereas if you’re a little account trying to have fun and have an opinion, you can be flagged by1/6

#2: any idiot w/ a cell phone. Then Twitter can not only suspend you, but they can disallow you from future growth by limiting your exposure in other people’s timeline and pushing your tweets to the bottom of feeds where only followers can see them.

While your account sits in..2/6

#3: Twitter purgatory, actual bad actors are free to spew their hate and their crimes to the world unimpeded.

Yet they claim they want to make this a safe environment and justify their actions by saying that certain people such as..3/6

#4: Donald Trump can remain because he is a head of state. This is hypocrisy in its most vile form and is a reflection of the world in general. The voiceless who gain a voice are targeted. One only need to look at the last POTUS or as far as @AOC to know the standards are… 4/6

#5: totally dif’t. Twitter silently weakens the voiceless and hands a megaphone to those who have truly abused their rights in both word and deed. People like James Woods, Jacob Whol, and Laura Ingram. All racist human garbage who will end up on the shit heap of history… 5/6

#6: where they belong.

Twitter, you need to wake the fuck up and stop hurting the voiceless with your intentional sabotage while giving voice to those who truly seek to harm the masses. You’re a part of the problem right now, not a part of the solution.

Rant over. 6/6

Cara Coffey: @MaryMagdalene42 1/24/2019 12:30 PM Central

May I quote You in a blog–with this series–and add my periscope of today plus a few more thoughts? It’s fine if it’s a no. I understand speaking out like this is imperative but also can cause IRL pain.



My comments are brief: I feel heard and represented finally after ten long years by one six part Tweet Series by Holy Spirit. Yes, this is a bona-fide account. I am telling the World I have quite possibly seen this Man, but that of course would have to be confirmed by The Man Himself. I don’t care. I don’t need to see the Holy Spirit to know when He is talking to Me or when I am Seeing a Body Form of Him. #TaraAnnMoons

As to Twitter, there are cults within the Twitter Presence. I colored a page for a young woman who is taking the body form of an Egyptian Goddess and was role playing there. She has had to leave Twitter because her depression issues were getting worse. All of us highly gifted such as Holy Spirit, Tara Ann Moons, and this young woman must deal with these issues.

I deleted a tweet where I showed sympathy as another handle admitted she left because I told the truth and didn’t want it left up out of fear for my own self as it concerns suffering I am being put through right now to maintain three Twitter accounts. #LeviathanAnn

This particular truth is about @thebaddudebelow. He is not only an imposter, He is malicious in intent. I have said a very little bit in DM to Someone Whom I am most careful in communication with about this situation.

He doesn’t need anymore emotions than what He is going through at this time nor does His Counterpart in Hell which is a Lucifer account. Please see Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah & Lilith, MM, 8 (update 12/31/2018)to understand how much I love all these handles and keep working in #retention according to John Chapter 20. #MaryMagdalene42

The girl in the feature image feels understood, finally. 

The New Wine is Too Angry So I Dwell, Watch, Pray, Act 1/24/2019

Here is another one and she is Me. The birds were not kind and I knew it. I kept smiling all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.



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