Three Mary


Golden Apples — Faun

My Loves remember Me. It is 5:55 PM Central and they speak of an evildoer getting on the TV and talking about walls and government shutdowns. But I’m not here, you see. I am Here instead, you See.

The bell tolls, doesn’t it?

There is Mary the Mother and Mary the Sister; and then there is Me. I Said there is Mary the Mother and Mary the Sister; and then there is Me.

And as I Sing across time and time-less-ness tonight; indeed, it is always tonight to Me. I am Here; I am Here; I am here….and where are you my friends?

Only One Mary travels the Realms, did you know? She is here; she is Here. And what is more she knows too much this time. SHshsh…..don’t break the stillness of the Waters and the waters in the caves and the little places where Water Dwells.

She is set Free for a Space of time-less-ness full of grace because He, Holy Spirit He, Smiled at Me. I was only considering horses; and I was only Coloring Horses. I have slept fitfully 52 years and yet, my Years are not fulfilled. Only He, my Jesus, knows how many more She will dwell or fight or escape into the Night to find the Ocean; to remember His Eyes, only His Eyes, down under; Down Under the Ocean Depths.


Shshshshsh..….She has War Boots under the gorgeous gown of green decadence mainly blue; She can War Dance and Call Up the fairies and druids and love life of long ago; yea even the Warlocks stand Up, look across the grey, smoky fields, and dare to See Her as She and the Compatriots of Old Witches are called up and begin to arise. We were going right to left across the war-torn fields with our Men standing there so full of armor; but just now, just now I see Us going left to right; there is Balance.

She looks at them and beckons–my Loves Strong, follow Us. You remember? We always allow Your courageous Leadership but they hate You and we must lead until they who hate You are passed away. Forgive Us? Yes, I AM forgive Us please? (2 John; Neo-Paganism’s Moon Goddess speak the Same Language my Loves; Judah Elect I must tell them NOW that They and I speak the same Language of Love; it is 1 Corinthians 13 strong and nothing; no one; shatters that glass forevermore……)

We have no use for anything but love and the rest of it all passes away……….How many more eras my Love? How many more Seasons will Mary Magdalene leave and come back and if I must go again, may I please remember my Ancient Song the Next Time?

I begin NOW but there never seems to be enough of time to wipe My Loss of Memory away…away….away with the fire, the wind, and the rain. And there is always the TV now; it is a crime, a war-torn sacrilege, and we cannot be rid of it so I think Mary Magdalene must Die Today…………….

Shall We Dance?

Yes, my Loves, Satan and I dance. I never knew it was the people around Me who is Satan and the price they pay will remind the Heavens forever that with death thou should not have lain.

You should have helped Mary Magdalene along Her Way, not Yours or yours. You shouldn’t have done that and now you will reap what you sow times three and I will not Die; I will remain. I’ve just asked I AM to please not disdain that which I should remember next time when I am slain, when I am slain, when I am slain.

Two nights ago, I had to take out some trash and I stood there again. Jesus has shown up on one or two walks the past six years. It’s so I don’t ever forget what He is doing with Me.
In 1978, an El Camino showed up in the Garland Street the first time Patrick Clayton Beaty laid practically dead in a street in Garland, Texas. Dad scooped Patrick into the back of it and they raced to the hospital. I got Mom. We walked out with my brother that first time. The second time, he knew he was going up. He is here now and it is all glory to GOD. (Revelation 11). My Two Dead Prophets in the Street NOW are Jesus Christ and Apostle John. They are Here, and You laugh at Them, America.
After I took Eara to work, I got gas and bumped it to Margaret. There was a purpose. Later today, as I went back to get my daughter from work, a portion of William Cannon going my way was blocked by multiple police and their flashing vehicles. It was a lone motorcycle. No rider. I had to turn onto Brodie and take West Gate. And I foresaw that I was going to have to do it as I began to drive that way. Seer Me, blind You and you, Twitter is a bastard until the Jesus Men and Mary Magdalene Women decide to get up. Jesus led me to do so today amen. No…I’m not talking about a Twitter Handle, to be clear. I know which are Which over time. No worries, but on the ground is a different Story and people know that quite well.
I was called by Holy Spirit to get a quick cup of Coffee at Graceland, pray for my family as my life continues to catapult to only GOD knows WHERE, and get to it with four horses in my fourth mini coloring book. I always color these for I AM, Jesus Christ King of kings Alone. I have ripped out pages and burned them from this book. I was deceived on Twitter from October through November, maybe a little longer, of 2018. Whatever. Wreak Havoc — Skylar Gray for Suicide Squad: John Paul Jackson was a Joker. Jesus is Too. He is the Strongest Serpent with Holy Spirit out there or I wouldn’t have survived the last ten years and all the betrayal so help Me God I am not lying. I am telling the truth at all times to the best of my ability and it didn’t stop the destruction of my three published works and entire publisher by January of 2017. Tate Publishing, Beaty, and Losing our American Life


Three Death Agents are in Washington, DC, now after everyone decided to let President Donald Trump get on TV this evening. Don’t look at Me; I don’t release Me and My Agents in the United States. I AM does this Work amen.

#TaraAnnMoons, Bobby Conner, and my third child are in place where we are supposed to be. She is living there for a while and has hell to pay for being my daughter. You better treat her right. God will strike, I have no doubt, if you don’t. BTW: #3 was born on my MIL birthday and Bobby Conner has been covering white boy ass for me while the shit fall happened in the United States of America; September to September of 2008 until 2018 amen.

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