Shattering the Silence in Separation, Part One

First of all, I want it understood that January of 2019 is a time for Cara Coffey to fall asleep. I have been very active in the core of the Earth Dwelling. Jesus Christ has carried Me or Stayed with Me so many times; it is a privilege to type thus.

The following Arithmetic is from the rawest form in my possession of the Double Moons Prayer Initiative which was written in June through September of 2013. I desperately tried not to release The Untold Story of Uncovered No More; however, the time has come. America chose to destroy the Woman Who told the Truth for Ten Years and lost my life. But I didn’t lose it. That is all glory to GOD.

I remember now. I was at the stop sign at Eitel and John Paul Jackson was there in Spirit. He and His Family are at Austin Cathedral as of January of 2019. I am Alone, but so is Jesus in this Article. Do any of you honestly think you will see my Family after what you did to Me? To Them? Well, yes you will some day but whether you are up above or down below when you do so is none of my business.

47 years old (as I wrote the initiative, so my natural age) + 40 Years a Christian + 33 Years of a testimony locked inside since my brother Patrick laid dead in a street the second time because He gave up his life + 24 years of natural marriage = 144.

Then I discovered that in 2050 I will be twice of 42 (this age 42 is when a demon of insanity spoke through my voice the day after Curtis turned and said I was going to write a book called Uncovered No More) which is 84. 42 is my life number as is 144. I prefer the Pagan Circles; however, that is not the only shape I take. Be Fair and Be Square, Cara.

And the Two of Pagan and Christian war within me now just like the bride of Christ and the wife of the Lamb did before I ripped hell apart with Lucifer to find Jesus. Satan is expedient, but He loves hate naturally enough. It is called humanism.

For let me explain: one can be morally correct. But one cannot ever be truly in love without I AM. It is impossible. Oh the depths, and I speak of Christ Jesus the King and His Church which is everywhere and nowhere at all depending on dwelling and wandering; wandering and dwelling.

So I pull from Apostle Paul tonight. He won’t mind. He and I live in love with each other and the world of Jesus Christ though we both have been very severely misunderstood across the ages.

The second tier of this article will be explaining my Twitter Presence. That will help me, at least, be understood by the Right People in the Right Places of My Life and none other.

I value communication. I have not found the Christian World to care about true communication at all. I believe Neo-Paganism not shunning our Christian Roots is the Way to America becoming a Social, Democratic, Republican Peace on Earth reality more and more each passing blink of TaraAnn Moon’s Eyes. For you See, that is what happened in America: Cara Ann Magdalene.

She is multi-faceted and now America may deal with THAT true reality and We all know whether we love it or not Whom I’ve always asserted is in charge even as You America tried to destroy Me and failed: Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lion of the Tribe of Judah.


From Twitter, @CaraAnnCoffey, on 1/11/2019:

#1: Finally, #GOD has brought this Magdalene to Nazareth. Surely She can dwell; the safety is Here. And She has travelled enough in Spirit to allow Wolves their place but away from Her Dwelling. Wolves belong outside the inner sanctum of Earthly Holy Dwelling. She made Peace.

#2: She enters; keys jingle upon Her Belt, gates rejected Her. Not this One. (Please read Song of Solomon about the woman being in the streets, and the accompanying pain, to read my story as Mary Magdalene and the Shulamite and Rizpah and Hagar.)

She pauses; She gazes behind Her. There are the Living Loves: Goddesses and Their Army. Rejected, Torn Asunder; Will She Reject Us? No My Loves. Rejection is not in Magdalene’s Core.

#3: So Magdalene looks into the Beautiful Eyes of each Authority Here; and Cara sees Rejection, Fear, and a Little Hope.

Cara Sees the Gorgeous Collective Female Pairs of Eyes in each Face–a Quilt of Love. She Knows these faces, some of them like Herself, have Seen the LORD.

#4: Magdalene never rejects HIS AUTHORITY. This Gate is Primary, New Jerusalem. And Boundaries must be Set. For the Truth is Simple. Magdalene has Seen the LORD and She will have no #anti-Christ in This Dwelling. Make Your Hearts ready My Loves; dwell Solid with Me; with HIM.

@CaraAnnCoffey is Uncovered No More which is live testimony. I kick butt on all three accounts. But two of them have reached 666 followers or more, and this is one of them. I try to keep it merciful in GOD by some of what I post as far as #JUDGE work. God is in control of all three accounts and the nature of what I post. I am to the point in my prophetess and Goddess Witch career that I don’t know what that is about. It is too detailed for a Spiritualist like Me to discern. Whatever. Christians NOT like me are known for getting too detailed. Bye Bye Baby. Love ya! As to Twitter, seriously? I’ve had another retention list enacted because of what is going on over there. What a Beast already!!! Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah & Lilith, MM, 8 (update 12/31/2018) You Twitter are no different than mortal Christians: shit you don’t know how to repent so I can hit delete. What the living hell is this? Get over yourselves!!!

@MaryMagdalene42 is Cara Coffey. Enough said except would you please refer to the 42 information? Thank you in advance. It’s Job 42, and Matthew 1, ya’ll. Get over yourselves and make sure women have equal inheritance as men and do it however peacefully you need to do it. Spoil the women and uplift the men. Go!

@Zipporah42 is Tara Ann Moons. Enough said. Shit ya’ll. Tara Ann Moons is an unfortunate accident always waiting to happen and happening all at the same time all glory to GOD. Hallelujah!


What am I talking about as to “separation”? I will not take Imposters into Nazareth. And since there are so many accounts on Twitter proclaiming to be Deity, while I know I am a Female Goddess and Deity Shekinah Figure, this is something I must be hard-line about. I must have my true People with Me and none other. There are many anti-Christ. There is One Jesus Christ King of kings. Has He reached Me? In many manners of speaking forever yes He has. It is the death of Him.

But there is another separation and I must speak as Elect Tribe Judah Here. I have ten children adopted or elect in this regard, and it depends on parameters I’m not willing to discuss anymore about the differences because I will not have my children picking each other apart anymore.

And when you have ten highly gifted children, which is simply Joel and Acts Chapter Two assertions of the Holy Spirit falling on all flesh, there must needs be separations. This I have learned.

If you require too much social closeness within any group of people, you are forming a cult. Hands down, it will cause some of them to be more vocal and some of them to silently slip away into the night and never return. This is why I am returning to My Pagan Roots. We naturally gather, or not, and We Accept One Another as evolved Neo-Pagans. So get a grip, get a loving life with your People, or not, and let us dwell together separately, in awe at the beauty in us All, forever amen.

I will have neither cult principles or anything but Tribe Judah King of kings fellowship here in the New Jerusalem atmosphere because EVERYONE  is picking one another apart–I have 144 in the core. You love it how you think you can control Me. You cannot, nor can Goddess I, build peace on earth anywhere going at it that way.

I’m not only talking about my children but I am talking about Twitter and Judah. Sons of God are allegorically of all 12 Tribes. My Jesus Christ King of kings is Judah. His Men working with Me are Judah. I worked with Two of Them on 1/13/2019 IRL. I was and always am Alone in that work and They are too. In Other Words: WE DON’t NEED WITNESSES! and WE ARE HERE.

The rest of you? You may be Sons of God but lemme say. If you are a part of #GodSquad or #godsquad or #TeamJesus hashtags and You or you aren’t of the Ministry of Judah Jesus Christ King of kings, you aren’t my Jesus Christ and what is more, DMing with Me or following Me as you start up another account just so you can pull power is not going to be tolerated.

#GODSQUAD is Tribe Judah. I anoint that group with Second John Leadership of the Highest Order henceforth. If anyone is not on that list that is Immortal or thinks they are Immortal, you will go above and be judged individually and you won’t be coming back down.

John Paul Jackson and I conquered death in our testimony together. Beaty Men conquer death with Me. Scott Evelyn conquered death with Me. Both John Paul and Scott lost their physical lives for this testimony so you cannot, anyone save the I AM, know my pain one hundred percent of the time. In my experience, very few people EVER care. That is #lovegrowncold.

#GodSquad #godsquad #TeamJesus are fractured and have spirits of anti-Christ running rampant through them. #ANATHEMA #GOTOHELL #PORTALDOORCLOSE #PORTALDOORLOCK

There are many members of #GodSquad who are male chauvenists. They are not real even in the other 11 tribes as far as Jesus Men. There is no way to define it or differentiate between these accounts and their women are found to be cultish on Twitter.

They will hate on an Immortal Goddess like Me unless I play to the tune of their Men. Why in the Living Hell do you think I went back to my Pagan Roots? Because I’m in charge as the Moon Goddess I screamed I was with the writing of the third volume of testimony that everyone knowingly destroyed as primarily Christians.

Your only recourse is to hit delete on imposter accounts and apologize to Me via DM. I will decide whether or not I make it public. I’m not talking to angels. You can get over yourselves and go to hell or heaven. You obviously have your own free will.

But Metatron knew when I left Lucifer’s Blood all over the Throne Room Floor once.  Yeah and He got hard slain and fainted. I don’t even know where that Physical Form lives. Lucifer takes it from Me. He doesn’t have a choice and He is a Gentle Man. He’s never taken Me out. The only reason I have to take Him out occasionally is Women and women who are at enmity with Me. Go look it up in the Bible. Women are vicious toward Me in Spirit Life and my seven daughters and I are now tough as nails because we have to be.

Gabriel or Michael haven’t tried to take me out and I don’t care about Gabriel’s women. They are wimps. But Gabriel? I slap the living hell out of His life every day. He is a Fire Angel. I’m the Fire Goddess, at least in this age. So I Trump Him and I have the testimony and the presidency to prove it amen.

The Joint by Eric Church

I do this Burn every whip stitch. I use 8 swords every freaking, hellish month. I drive motorcycles, jets, and fly through the air on a regular basis. I transport in water. People read my blogs sometimes. One person has explained the synchronization in his realm as he read as “lightning” and I think Metatron might just agree with him. And He saw Satan fall as lightning, Loves. Come with Me. Let’s be Satan, shall We? Lucifer and Jesus will appreciate it and I can assure You of THAT.



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