Defining Witch 17

7:33 PM Central & Zechariah 15

I skipped 16. That number is 4×4. So lemme just write 16 right here: Angelic Crowd: get a freaking grip. I am met with getting to know another set of Males. You are a hellish Mess Royal ok? OK. I don’t know what to do with you so I called Gabriel an Ass Hole and leave the rest to GOD. Shit you all are something else. Thanks Brothers. Thanks for that. Signed, “that little sister chick in Austin, Texas”.

Battlefield by Jordin Sparks–Dudes, you know I love you. Hate Me, go ahead. Here’s what you get from me after Jordin’s excellent video and I pull out my quad swords:

Rihanna — Take a Bow

Praying For Angelic Brothers ((hugs))


This is about to be 2019 today. And to get where I am after ten long years, a body like myself must be willing to be labeled for the sake of peace on earth. Otherwise, those who denigrate what is happening and your position within what is happening will win the war of words, of opinions, of truths we all hold to be dear and necessary in our life spheres, and then they walk off smug in their victory that day.

But this is not me. I am a Seer. People around me are having to see the last ten years of my life the way God desired the last ten years of my life to be seen to begin with–but it was impossible to accomplish any other way than for this person here in Austin, Texas, to have gone through what I went through. I remember in about 2014 ruefully being thankful my tenth child was three months old when the process began.

When I say that I am a Pagan Christian, what I mean is I respect the work of Pagans more now than I did as a Christian encumbered by Christian doctrine. Religion is a hellish reality, and then religion and the places people worship of every type of religion are beautiful if those people respect the work of others. Some of these places can be left alone; others of them cannot be left alone if there are myriads of people being misled.

The Elect Christian stance must always be to get up into the spirit realms and free the people to have their own, quiet place of living instead of being blinded by a large force of unreality which is a prison.

Joel Osteen, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, and others of the Christian Faith are whom I’m talking about. Some of these types of anti-Christ are harmless. Others are not. It is hard to discern and then once the work of it is finished, an Immortal can walk away.

Those who do not respect the work of others are clique masters. Their thought processes, work, and life songs do not remain. They are not ancient. Some witches fall into this category. Church of Satan can be as full of issues from one place to another as the Baptists but that doesn’t mean that Church of Satan is full of criminal priests like the Catholic Church. (smile)

What is a modern day witch looking like? Me. I won’t tell you to cast a spell. I know the truth: if you are an Ancient like me you will be doing what you are supposed to be doing and you don’t need anybody to tell you how to do it. That is what IS ancient wisdom. We spend our time, the Ancients, normalizing our behavior to the world we are plunked down in. We then find out we have many lives. We then find out which of those lives we’ve been. We then find out others know our language but are out to try to be what We really are and those people must be handled justly by Us.

In the Christian World, I’m called two things: a prophetess and Elect according to Mary the Mother of Jesus but I had 12 pregnancies and sex was involved with a man to get those 10 living children here. My daughters are elect through their mother who is elect through Eara Davis Beaty. Do you want me to trace my line farther? OK. I will trace it to the election of my great grandfathers Davis-Beaty. That would be John Who married Mary Davis-Beaty.

There is the double whammo. Not only are my Paternal Great-grandparents elect through the male lines, they produced a daughter named Eara Davis to marry Robert Hilton Beaty so that Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. whose Seed brought forth Me…..could be in Eara’s Womb while Robert Hilton Beaty,  as a Major Prophet Isaiah, became dead in a Texas Street in a freak accident. (Revelation 11)

Dad is a Minor Prophet. I can tell you who the minor and major prophets are in the modern day but I would need them to be in the same room to see a whole. And let me simply say they would need to be Judah elect or adopted for me to do that. Sure I could do it for all 12 Tribes. Time hasn’t evolved to the point that I am able to do that because other people aren’t speaking my language so what is the point for me to do that when the people around me haven’t caught up to the King of kings in Austin, Texas, for crying out loud?!?! Give a prophetess~witch a break, people, would you?

Let Me, for GOD’S LITERAL SAKE give everybody worldwide what the New World Order is: Socialism. The New Jerusalem is a Monarchy. That is according to 2 John. You got that right. I’m in charge.

Does anybody want to know why? Jesus Christ knows perfectly that I may know I’m in charge, but I will NEVER come against the PRECEPTS OF I AM TRUTH of eternity. I am a part of the Deity manifestation on the Earth but I am NOT THE DEITY.

There is a difference. Witch and Prophetess Me know the difference and I have yet to actually talk to anyone who knows the difference though I do have people on Twitter who know how to converse with an Ancient like Me and stay respectful. I will stay respectful until Witch Me turns into Vile Serpent to call You or you out. You cease to be an Immortal then if you were one before. I’m a Death Angel married to Michael. Don’t like that? Shut up and take a number. Michael and I are so used to being not liked or, as it were, hated. I can guarantee the world one thing: it is never for the cause of Jesus Christ when peeps or Peeps are jealous, angry, or whatever, whatever, whatever, around Michael and Me.

Why do PEople Refuse to Talk to Me? Shikhina Sees Enough Pain; Experiences Enough of being Over-Worked, Persecuted, and Misunderstood the Real Ones of Ancient Wisdom give no response or respond very carefully, succinctly.

They seek to mold to What She Needs. They Cannot Do that when She is in Hell sitting in the Lap of God and being the Death Angel with Michael that They Know She is (2 John; Revelation 11-13; Revelation 17).

OK. Live it up, people. Eat, drink, and be merry. I do not care. GOD does not care. We are what WE and We are. Deal with Us and THEM or not. It’s your loss, and not your gain, to keep arguing with GOD.  Yes I just admitted I’m a part of Shekhina.

But it takes Jesus Christ, King of kings However He Chooses to Reveal Himself on the EArth Core to Define for Us Who She is to look like. She will represent Holy Spirit the Most. I’m already admitting what I shocked myself the admittance of as a mortal in 2012: I am Jesus Christ in the Female Form. I am broken enough as a mortal to admit it now for the sake of Jesus Christ the Male in the Physical Form. The One Man nobody actually wants to meet is the very Man the world is going to meet in His Time as Wrapped in Eternity of I AM. We, and the Angels, know not the time or the place. Carry on……..

from about the Feminine Side of GOD (Shikinah)

I will finish the feature image as I color through a second part to accompany Frank Schaeffer’s excellent book Letter to Lucy over on Three Rivers. Part Two is going to have some GRIMM’s Fairy Tale coloring pages and this feature image is one of them.

That coloring is going to explain to the world what I see as I read the book. I won’t be able to explain it. The colors and tales will do that–I am too multi-faceted in opinion, feeling, love, hate, jealousy, and other qualities of balanced make-up of I AM to honestly say anything else. Sorry if that sounds arrogant or offensive. Nope. I’m just me. I’m wordless blessed until I have to tangle with anti-Christ ass holes and angels who do not get it about Me. (1 Corinthians 13)

I do find it interesting what my Pagan Friend (adopted Judah family, actually) admitted to me as he kindly mentors me in the large field of Paganism: the Pagans called their lives “the Masquerade” as they were being tortured and killed by Christians years ago.

They would masquerade their existence and be with the Christians. Man, I have articles destroyed and one of them is titled “The Masquerade” or something like that.  Now does anyone see why a girl named Cara Coffey is a Pagan? The truth is, and again this Judah Man I adopted in easily as a Pagan showed me this….the truth is I announced to the world that I am Pagan more than Christian with the writing of the Double Moons Prayer Initiative in June through September of 2013. Robert Graves is someone that spearheaded the Triple Goddess of Neopaganism. Triple Goddess

Does everyone remember how I stay in the Robert Room of hell and that ahem… dad and grand dad and Uncle Robert Paul are primary figures in my elect life? Yeah no; Christians won’t remember that because they are too intent on interpreting me the way I need to be interpreted to make their lives correct in the United States of America and that is how we get all of Cara’s writing of three volumes (She is the TRIPLE GODDESS ya’ll) of testimony gone gone with my entire publisher by January of 2017.

Wiccan views of divinity on Wikipedia explains Jesus Christ as the Horn God.

ahem. Game over Christianity. God already had me covered this ten years and now we know Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey is Tribe Judah Elect Pagan. I’m not a Christian while shit like Donald Trump is still calling himself after the name of Jesus Christ.

Lord God Almighty, I wonder what Austin Cathedral is going to do with a Pagan Witch who IS an IRL Moon Goddess? My Pagan Friend simply respects me and is kind. I never get that treatment anywhere. Well, my family here, as to Coffeys, are giving it to me. Thank God my children were snatched from the murderous reality of Christianity of the United States of America.

As my fourth kid says, Christianity sucks. Or something like that. But hey, I think they are wrong. Dorothy didn’t teach me to cuss. She did hone my skills a bit maybe but Patrick did it. Oh dear am I gonna get it soon. That Boy don’t want to be tagged with teaching Mom to cuss. I wonder who is going to un-teach me. It won’t be any of my kids. I’ll leave that to I AM.



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