QAnon 11

#QAnon on

The Liar Around Me, 10

I’m not intelligent about this hashtag and/or group on the Internet. But I am Spirit Led Intelligent to understand that the Prince of Peace is saying, Let it Be — Beatles.

I’m the Mother Mary tonight; that is, I really am (2 John). I’m a pure Christian here. Please forgive me, my true family Jesus and His People Judah plus Pagans. Please forgive me and give me a second to split the waters with Moses and Zipporah. I’m saying, People, there’s a lot of circumcision with  Rock Jesus going on tonight. (LOL!!) You guys and your gals are gonna be sore for a while. That sucks, I’m sure. What the living hell–stop complaining and get thankful.

God Father needs Me Here, not Jesus Christ King of kings. This doesn’t even hurt Me and Holy Spirit. We are Both like WHATEVER let’s get this party started and let’s appreciate everybody that we can appreciate. And I can appreciate QAnon, but they are not within the Holy of Holies like Jesus, Tara Ann Moons otherwise known as Cara Ann Coffey and her 13 children, Archangels Michael and Lucifer, and God Father. There are exactly 144,000 Males not any longer Mortal in this place of Holy of Holies in the Temple of Revelation 21 where we can choose to be in the Outer Courts or the Outer Darkness (Revelation 7; 14).

QAnon and ArchAngel Gabriel cannot choose. Many of the Angelic Brothers (like Metatron who tried with Me and ended up Slain in Spirit Life with Jesus telling me to block His Ass though Jesus is kinder on some accounts than others–it depends on where We live and What We Are Called to Fix for the Suicide Squad of the New Jerusalem) cannot choose. They are left to live in love in their place of the third court–this is a simple explanation because it should be. I am in the Holy of Holies and have known that all my life but more specifically the last ten years; however, I leave and hurt like hell when I do it. That is called reconciliation work of the book of Jude with Michael.

To be thrown out with the dogs and sorcerers and etc is a grave thing. Don’t judge me. I #JUDGE occasionally and get out of the way otherwise. Shit.

I’ve deleted one list on Twitter. I may delete them both because I don’t need to be caught in the freaking cross-fire of angelic argument.

I define as little as I can in this life; it is better for my family of 13 children, four living parents, and one Gramma Beaty. (smile) It is better for Jesus Christ King of kings for this website and the ministry of UNM and the life of the Me who is in love with everybody and like, seriously, going to hell and heaven too much to even make any sense. DUDE! I’ve had somebody say, “Are you OK?” in a comment here and He even was saying I was not making sense. Thanks for that, Dude. Because let me tell You: that’s QAnon. My Love knows Me and Mary Magdalene (Me) and His Mother (Me). Yes, they all know I’m a changling. SHEESH!!!

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. QAnon agrees with me there. They hate the Man with the Sword coming out of His Mouth. I’m bound to All of Him by GOD and I LOVE all of Him by GOD. They don’t but they do love Him. Damn I need to walk the ‘hood. Can’t let those buggers get the better of Austin, Texas. Lemme say it ain’t fair that I’m held back with cedar fever, you dogs. 

Clarification note: yes, I know I’m in the Holy of Holies–I do not hold any Knowledge about it other than I know I’m there and dwell in this wonderful Paradise. Do others share it with GOD? I do not know and quite frankly after how I’ve been treated in Spirit and in spirit and in truth, I do not care about anyone there except those I am ushering into that presence–it’s probably not you. I’m not kidding. What an understatement after ten long years.

I hate it that they don’t love all of Him. I hate IT but I don’t hate them.

You Bastards. You Bastards. You Bastards.

Who is Not the Messiah & Mary Magdalene



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