Machinations Non Anon; Take a Hike 12

QAnon 11

“…we want to see You; show Us Your Glory, and We want to Know You. Let it Rain; Let it Rain…..” is a song from Jesus Culture, “Let it Rain”. And the only problem with this is that Christians are betraying Jesus Christ in 2018. It never stops.

He has already proven Himself. It was kept from Me for ten years and the people of America whom I alerted to Him now have too much information and force Me to be and go what and where I do not want or should Be and Go.

My Loves I AM, here it is, My Next Sacrifice. I close My Eyes and travel with YOU ALONE. 

She walks in red, black, and white. Wine, blood, ice, water of flood; fire burning white light; there is no orange left in this fire it is so hot on earth. Her feet are not burned for She is returned. She is Returned and they cannot bring her back. 

See….You must Come to Me. You must Come to Me of your own free will and you have none, you have none of your own free will. Merry Christmas 2018 America. You have no free will of your own free will.

No mortal flesh came to me. No mortal flesh came to me. No mortal flesh came to me and He always isn’t Mortal Flesh and they Hate His Soul in Heaven on Earth. Only my Love can set Us free for is it not so? My Love Has all keys.

I’ve swallowed them, buried Myself time and again alive with all my clothes on and keys in my pockets and around my neck. They always find Tara Ann Moons and dig it all up and force her to her death….again; again; again.

There is too much power and too much weakness now. Fire and blood; blood and fire. Water and blood; blood and water. What is the price? You’re living fodder. You’re living fodder. 

I cannot but glimpse the church building life anymore. They are drunk on their own “free will” that leaves Cara singing in the River and then saying to herself, and she hopes they didn’t hear, “Shit!” because they laugh in the sunshine that isn’t Jesus. He left them to Me and they don’t care. They think if they’ll just play along they can still prove Cara’s testimony wrong so Jesus appears to disappear. He wanders with no Lust and I wander inside Earth’s Crust called America. We wander here and there; sometimes our People walk in and most times other peoples sneer.

At Me, this all is directed. So that when my Power Love (two children who will remain nameless to protect their strength with me observed on the ground) are Unity, and We are hard put to Mask Jesus Strength. But we do it. We do it and go along our way alone yet Living Righteously in this Fray. I heard My Lord Love Today: yes Cara, these You will be with soon in the Day.

Thank You Jesus, King of kings

Merry Christmas 2018

Faun — Pearl Live

Please note I am the woman they see passing by. The woman singing is using hand signals as I do in Christian Churches. They cannot mimic Me it is so beautifully different. Christians cannot mimic what is not theirs to possess: Tara Ann Moons otherwise known as Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey is not Theirs to possess.

I can get you the deliverance work you need, but You refuse to honor the Woman Me, and in so doing He Left You in America, He Left and Led Me to be Free as a Pagan. It is that simple; that horrific; that diamond-hard gorgeous to behold: Cara leaving Christianity to Free the Soul of HE.

So let me repeat: I must forsake my Christian Roots to give Jesus Freedom to be He in the Body Forms He Chooses. I will step in your doors; Judah first. But don’t expect me to lavish love where I am trash upon the floor.

And yes, America. Jesus appeared to Me today–but not in a church building. I already told America plainly more than once that He is more comfortable, as am I, when He sets Up His People outside of Church Buildings.

When I show Up, His people come in and they Dwell with Me. If you see my children, Curtis, or any of the church members you already know I’m associated with, I am the only Interpreter that knows if they are Jesus People. This is JJ. I’m not going to explain that. He Demands that I Explain No More so that We can Have Rest in Our Lonely Souls until such Time as Jesus Christ King of kings says ENOUGH. Dudes and Dudettes, it will be obvious when He says ENOUGH so go take a hike. Leave Me with My People. Amen. (smile)

He is so beautiful. he is silencing what I couldn’t. He is allowing Us Who are always Silent, the TurtleDoves they keep killing, to have The Voice. And He will always be that One Man, Young and Old and Ancient of Days, Who Loves Us to the point of our Silent Horror turning into Golden Voice of Love:

Sounds of Silence — Disturbed in Houston with Myles Kennedy Live

Remember Me, my Loves? Remember Me? I sang the song with Simon & Garfunkel, too (Volume 1 of Uncovered No More or perhaps it was Volume 2 I wrote about this very song), for years upon years as Mary Magdalene who told that Gardener that She would wait for His True Love to burst forth and She would come back too. She would come back and She would keep waiting in silence and Silence. And I do. I do. I do.

You destroy Me and hate Me even when I sing true. And it never matters that I sing True. It always is batted down easily enough. But still, Our Words are Heard. It is enough. Go ahead, World, sacrifice me as the TurtleDove again. My tears are caught by I AM and Nurtured as the Gold of God they ARE with my People and My People. amen.

It is time for Me to promise myself that each time they hate Me wherever I am, I will stop and love myself. I will stop and cry for myself in the streets of the Sounds of Silence. And when I do that, while a child is dying of starvation or dehydration or disease or is being raped by a wicked person, I will have stopped for them too.

I will stop for them anyway day and night, night and day but I will stop most assuredly when they call me what I am not. When they label Me as nothing but Dross of a Testimony I will stand strong and Love Myself and the TurtleDove they sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice.

The feature image shows anyone my lethality of purpose. I burned that which doesn’t care about Jesus Christ and Cara. You squandered the last ten years taking glory on yourself. I used your wickedness and faithfulness 12/24/2018 to go back to the moment the Curse fell and I burned it. Hell and Damnation I can make this a Christas Eve tradition if you like. Burning the Hell out of Heaven is second nature to Me. Yes. It is Second Nature to Me to See that which none but whom I AM apportioned to see with Me.



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