The Liar Around Me, 10

The Strangest Thing by George Michael

For ten years, my life fell down to earth from hell. I had a good time in hell and then an awful time in heaven for ten years but the problem with that is that now my heaven is hell on earth sometimes; and, my past associations–even new ones on Twitter–think that what I ministered to everyone in my youth didn’t evolve and therefore they can hold me back there and stay in the game called Uncovered No More and the New Jerusalem.

  1. Uncovered No More isn’t a game.
  2. the New Jerusalem is real, in real time, and I just fell out of hell again because of past associations doing what they are actually doing.
  3. I renounce all past association that is particularly Christian. That is not to say I walk off Christianity.
  4. Love Came Down by Jeremy Riddle is Who I am and have been and will be. That is not the only Single I am by a long shot. For example, Sia is TribeJudahElect. So is Rihanna. So is Lady Gaga. DUH. One thing Jesus Christ has reiterated to me over and again in my Spirit Life with Him is that there is no forcing for Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey. If I don’t choose you, you aren’t chosen for Him in my Life either. So get out. Get out and stay out. To be clear, the three ladies I named don’t get chosen. They are Elect as am I. Do you understand? Many of you, even Jesus accounts if they aren’t Core Blood of the New Jerusalem like I am that, are adopted Judah. I adopted Dave. He is now being cut off according to Matthew three and seven according to my son, Patrick Stephen Coffey, and his Mother Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey. Everyone seems to forget that my Son produced Come Back where indeed He read how the axe is at the root of trees from Matthew. His CD came out right before my first book came out. He was 17 when He Produced that One CD even as when My Brother Patrick Clayton Beaty Laid in a Garland Street and Died Twice only to Arise with my Son and testify against America amen. You destroyed Tate, Patrick’s Love Song to Christianity, and all three of my Volumes. You are now being destroyed, oh America, and we the People will remain. Tate Publishing, Beaty, and Losing our American Life 

I have had a Twitter persona mimicking true Jesus accounts (he lives near here) try to do my work of the ministry. He may have gotten away with it except for one thing: I am going to re-release a good bit of my testimony on–or re-write it for the sake of I AM–in the coming months and years.

My point is that I called up the Awakening in January of 2018 this year and the feature image is a part of that though I’ve been writing articles and books for years calling up the Awakening to the fact that Austin is the New Jerusalem and Jesus Christ the King is here to stay.

I am an initial testifier until I die, if I die, the normally understood way. I’ve already had a death testimony handed to me by a primary party who is mega-protected that his dear wife went up above in two days and it was easy and simple. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t suffer. He does.

And he does it gladly for Jesus and the testimony he carries for Jesus. This is a strong Christian. Many of them I’ve had to kick out for a while are not strong Christians. Oops. You have lost your place at the table and the King is putting you in the back. But at least you get to be here so get thankful and shut up otherwise. Stop trying to tell a woman that you know better when to declare the beauty and simply agree with Me next time, hey? You’ll be less embarrassed and I won’t have to hate on your ministry like mine has been hated on 24/7 for a 52 year life.

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