Twilight Series 9

Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah, 8 (update 12/19/2018)

I’m watching it with my mother now. This is the second time. The first time was with Lydia and Esther, and I admitted earlier on this very blog how a car showed up in our neighborhood with the license plate Twilite (or something like that).

It’s like the Hummer earlier with THREERIV ( had already been established) and the sports car that led me out of the neighborhood two days ago after I mentioned the plate on this blog–TEMPTED.

He waited, led me out, and made sure to tuck himself away safely on 290W as if saying like I do–we are here for US and we don’t need to know anything else right now.

The Twilight Series is my story. But it is allegory. So I live in love like that–as Bella–but it isn’t real. It’s just a nightmare or dream come true depending on what everybody involved is going through in the New Jerusalem.

The main character Edward is a major name of mortals in my testimony in the middle name and sometimes it’s a name in the first name particularly as it pertains to Judah Jones (as opposed to Bob Jones Ministries). They live around Dripping Springs, TX, my Judah Jones. I can say one thing, sadly now, after ten long years. My tenth child is not mortal and his middle name is Edward. You ask me anything else and you will be dead to me in that look. You of the Earth need to respect how I die daily with Jesus Christ. It is that simple as a very real Mary Magdalene in the United States of America 2008 and beyond.

We have a lot to watch after the first initial 3-4 Twilight Series. I didn’t know that so we are busy enough for now until Lucifer has a fourth season through Netflix. Evidently his mother created a new universe where he has free will restored. We’ll see if they keep to that stream of thought in our lives, hey Lucifer?

Ok now. This is a simple article. I will use the almost complete feature image of my new tattoo coloring book page and replace it across Christmas when I finish it.


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