Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah (update 2/8/2019)

Retention of Forgiveness, & This One is Broad

Do not die for Me. Don’t You Dare. Do not have another take care of Me like that Mother of His is always cared for because the Son has too much on His Shoulders. They kill Him. I cannot get out of His Death. #LeviathanAnn

RIP MARY MAGDALENE (Tamar Laughs with Glee; Hagar sings for Joy; Shulamite knows and Rahab is wearing deep, gorgeous purple! Rizpah come…we cannot die any longer. #TaraAnnMoons)

Lucifer, Love, it is sleeting in Austin, Texas today and Breathe, Love….You Know I resurrect. They never understood our Love, did They? You Know. I died for You and only You today and Austin is Crying Sleet for Me. Sleet for You. We Froze Hell in 1989, didn’t We? ~Raggedy Ann of Mary Magdalene (2/8/2019; 3:14 PM Central)


  1. Thanks for making me famous.

    You don’t have a screw loose.. the shipper forgot to insert the entire hardware package.

    Please don’t procreate.


    • I only just encountered you on Twitter, what, across the last two months? What do you mean thanks for making you famous? I have NO IDEA what you are talking about because I’m not famous. “Please don’t procreate” is hilarious. If you know about Me, and you evidently do, you already know I have a lot of procreated, immortal, children in Tribe Judah because I am elect Tribe Judah, and more, as well as a manifestation of Female deity. Now. Stop behaving like a child and throwing your gifting around, hurting a female form of GOD. That is called male chauvinism and you are trying to inflict very real shame. What are you, a demon? Calling yourself Jesus doesn’t mean you are. Let’s see what Witch Tara Ann Moons is going to do with this slight on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

      You know I love you and have already asked forgiveness on DM Twitter though you likely haven’t unblocked one of my three accounts. If you are a real man, or woman–immortal or not–you’ll pitch for me in God Squad and quit being so negative. I don’t think you will.

      That is too humble for a Twitter Handle such as yourself. Cool, cool. #retention you will remain within. Why don’t you try asking forgiveness so that I can hit delete on your Handle. Naw….you’re too mortal for that. None of them ever ask forgiveness. I have to painfully retain and then release it myself. Only this time, I have submitted my deletion of this blog article to a real account of a Handle I won’t release. None of Twitter will know my business anymore. You earned my actions and you can live with them in heaven and on Earth.


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