Twitter & Who Isn’t the Messiah & Lilith, MM, 8 (update 12/31/2018)

Happy Birthday, Patrick Clayton Beaty 7

This morning, I need to make a statement and it isn’t going to be popular in America. But make a statement I will for the love of I AM. I have been doing this for generations across the last ten years. I can assure the world that I hate myself when I do this sort of work but it is necessary to define power around I AM in Body Forms because people and angels will misuse it without definition.

I have been rejected at all levels in the spirit realms and I am not going to explain that. I am thankful the power of prayer is indeed, well, powerful because I dutifully praise God in the rejection and pray regardless of the fact that I am shut out from association for the very fact that I am associated and a driving force that isn’t welcome in the association.

On Twitter, there are accounts of angels and mortals and immortals. They are calling themselves what they are called to be doing and it is important because even on Social Media, people need to feel they belong in a family somehow in this day and age. Our societies in America run on auto pilot much of the time and there is a lot of victory and demoralization, both, happening.

In the course of finishing up what I continue to call “snatch work” according to the book of Jude, I have been hurt again. But it is also true that my true family base in Austin is becoming more defined and secure. We know our place in this thing. What is it, Cara?

Whether any and all of humanity likes it or not, the New Jerusalem is not for everyone. It is an exclusive City. This rankles with population. I don’t care. You need me. I now have learned I don’t need you if you are not of the New Jerusalem because you or You, so to speak, are not in the New Jerusalem.

But blind need their blind to keep moving blindly to accomplish what their vessel is chosen to do by their own free will. God is there too and I’ve written this concept many, many times. God is there in Hell. Jesus and His associates (not necessarily elect because elect are at the uppermost level of Creation) still do the work of the ministry in those places and that isn’t my business until God creates a Universe on Twitter so that Cara can safely pray for them too. Expose them too. And then move back to my place which IS the New Jerusalem.

It is the difference in my life between Mother Love and LOVE. Thank YOU GOD for providing a place where I was led to practically love universally without anymore persecution on the ground. My people and People in Austin need me on the ground more NOW. They and THEY have ME. And THEY never denigrate my need to be there for the blind as well. What THEY have never been able to do is deliver ME from the work load. It is lighter now and Twitter is a part of that but it is the part not on the ground.

It is a choice not to curse this zone. Last night as I drove out of the neighborhood, a lovely sports car came by with a license plate which said TEMPTED. The temptation for me is to keep judging that which needs to be left to face judgment on the other side. Any work angels and I do on the earth is for a largest purpose according to Revelation 17.

Many of these people are using the hash tags #godsquad and #GodSquad. They are calling themselves deities. They are not deities. That is wrong to state on Twitter and they should stop it because it is taking glory on themselves in a way that is not appropriate to the fear of GOD that needs to ever be present within New Jerusalem. Sobriety is one of the largest statements of necessity within the New Jerusalem, and sobriety will bring forth even more fear of GOD. The rest of it really is passing away amen.

But there is another component and some of these people and People are a part of this component which will be more defined before 2050. They will be adopted into the New Jerusalem worldwide. It is a gradual process.

I have control of it in my life no matter what anyone thinks because I do know now most fully who I am–I have no control. This means I am well acquainted with producing the Work of Ministry on and off the Internet which leads in this gradual process in a way that is a part of the Creation Unction of I AM. How terrifying to admit. All this admittance has done is proven the need for Me to be Destroyed over and again while I survived and even begin to thrive again on the earth for ten years officially after September of 2018.

And I’ve been here before. I’ve been here at the foundations. That is not easy to learn about Yourself nor is it easy to Learn to Live in Love with everyone around Me about myself in this place. It always feels like the love I gave away was taken from Me without my being asked for it to be taken from Me.

That is the Essence of I AM. I define Essence of I AM with Others. I’m not used to it. Maybe I will be some day.

It is not an idle threat to make Twitter realize that you need to back up with some of this and repent which means you will re-task that situation over there: I will back up on my three blogs and cover death ground again if I must. Thankfully, those around Me are not a part of that process IRL. We are Free. WE are FREE to BUILD this DWELLING WORLDWIDE. This STATEMENT is in the name of King of kings Jesus Christ, amen.

He is One Man. He is Human. And if everyone or anyone thought I haven’t known for the ten years that I gave Me to Him of my own free will, you know it now. But to get here has been the most frustrating ten year snapshot of many lives world and time-wide. Here is what is pinned @TaracaraAnn which is Uncovered No More, and it is a tweeting series that I typed through as I fell out of hell from Twitter Universe Yesterday by the Beatles. It is no coincidence that the Beatles Dude heard to name the group that name with an “a” instead of two “e” and that Name is Beaty as in Patrick and Cara Beaty.

A Lucifer account did the work of that ministry on Twitter and no, world, there is no love lost on Twitter for me. No Love feat. Lil Wayne by Eminem. Those accounts are dead in power. Only God and I know; BUT here is my human distinction biblically, clearly based in 1 Corinthians 13: I am known. GOD does that KNOWING of Me. It is all glory to GOD and in the Name of King of kings Jesus Christ amen.

There were four or five human forms that betrayed me to teach me about what is up with Twitter.  I have three accounts, and it is because my ministry is just that intensely faceted as a diamond, which is my birth stone. It is also the cold, cold Throne Room Floor and I just now took a man there and beheaded him as Fire Angel; Death Angel.

Fuckin’ right I got my weaponry and your blood runs free in the Throne Room so that when you get to the other side, if you are not becoming pee-in-your-pants afraid on this side, you get what you deserve in the other life and it isn’t necessarily going to be ice cream and party mentality. It is wholly obnoxious to me that people actually think virgins they can fuck is going to be their reward. Oh my GOD please give me patience on the eArth forevermore. I am showing you as readers the real attitude of a Deity Woman. I have no choice. It is all glory to GOD and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

I’ve typed this before. Let me type it again because I love you all no matter how much of your allegorical blood I keep spilling: go read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Just Do IT and live more in love with I AM every day. You can worship other gods just don’t deny GOD. Love HIM. I beg you.

The Real Jesus Men are within the two hash tags on Twitter, but there are equally imposters and I’m trying to stay out of the fray and not necessarily doing a good job of it. Whatever. I ain’t done a good job this whole ten years and the only thing that is going to make it better is wash, rinse, dry, and repeat otherwise known as practicing the presence of GOD.

I’ve got a list of New Jerusalem associates that I put together yesterday as I fell off of Twitter with all of the coloring in place that I need to pray for all of it as I continue my work of the ministry and live with Jesus Christ.

Yes, you read that right. I live with Jesus Christ and let me simply and clearly set the record straight forevermore: that includes God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. I am telling everyone no matter how much you laugh at me with the two dead prophets in the streets of Revelation 11 that I have seen the LORD and I continue to see the LORD.

My people worldwide know I live in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas, face to FACE. amen. I came to this new beginning just at the right time. I post Isaiah 3 through this next week. Go read it, world. Go read it and thank your Lucky Stars that I have a new family member, a male, who is Pagan like Me. In the Pagan World women are in charge.

In the New Jerusalem World that is true according to 2 John how mothers are in charge and I NEVER hid it from American Christian Theology in writing–until Cara Beaty tells everybody get the Heaven down on the Floor and Bow the Knees with Me.

Jesus Christ King of kings just walked IN so that worship of Him is automatic. I do it. Keep going, Dudes, dudes, Dudettes, and dudettes. If there is one thing that really cooks my goose right now it is women. They hate on me still. They lead to makes sure men who have a little power hit me.

Fuck that. Get over yourselves, ladies and Ladies. Get over yourselves and give up. You lost with Cara Ann Coffey. You lost with Cara Ann Beaty. I got the scars in my soul to prove it. Scars to Your Beautiful — Alessia Cara. 

This Cover Girl Cries and I let the World See It. I told You I would show emotion as I kept hitting delete on my life and praising God as America did the same destruction of Me that they chose of their own free will within the framework of that ten years. Vulnerability and Lethal Action are my Two Keys. Hate me and I take you out in love. It is for the TurtleDoves suffering, suffering, suffering.

Your selfishness will kill you faster than anything in my world. (Those are the two accounts @leviathanann and @Lucindaann2 which are both distinctly Pagan Christian where I actually can feel emotion after ten long years. Uncovered No More isn’t anything but what I AM DEFINES. It is never nice. I get angry at I AM. HE is OK with that. We keep Moving.)

Tweet 1: When not understood, it is a quandary. What should we do with it after a long time? Assume we are wrong? Assume they are dumb? Both or neither? I honestly don’t know nor should I care. Yet I talked to an older man today. he admitted loneliness. Called it cancer of the heart. (This was an actual man at HEB. He had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, he is white, and his plaid shirt matched his eyes. He told me he talked to a lady with children once and she turned and ran down the aisle away from him. We both mournfully discussed how his type of male is always seen as a threat. We both knew, and prayed together in confusion we share in our loneliness, that she was probably a battered woman or a molested woman who is now raising children on her own. I almost hugged that man. He would have appreciated it. I hug people these days and they are my family. They know this strange woman has drawn them to her, and they give me the hug that heals my broken soul. Until there is that quandary I face as Mary Magdalene this is true. I’ve shaken His Hand that He Offered One Time. But other than that I can assure the world TribeJudah Sia sings it here: Jesus Wept — Sia)

Tweet 2: “Lucifer” show of Season 3 made me cry tonight. The character Ella had a ghost friend who turned out being a Death Angel. Lucifer has a sister. Yes I suppose he does but My Name isn’t Uriel. (cry) it hit hard tonight. I miss my people. Time is a veil. It hasn’t been torn yet.

Tweet 3: Perhaps time’s veil won’t be torn. The Temple’s Veil Tore when Jesus breathed His Last. He is still running money people out of the Temple; still being denied by so many. Still dying in a time-warp that doesn’t quite stand still in my life’s eye blink.

Tweet 4: 11:54-11:55 PM Central: StarFall and She says to Him “Surely You are going to Desert me in this Time Desert.” #TaraAnnMoons Twitter; I’ve fallen many Times. You?

Footprints by Sia

Who Isn’t Jesus Christ, Lilith & Mary Magdalene

Gabriel & Metatron (William)

@s8n Satan, you and I have tangled more than you’ll ever admit. But what you will not do is take Lucifer, the real Lucifer Whom Jesus Christ and I love like Ourselves, out with you. Go back to hell and take this band with you. Have your fun. We are with Jesus Christ King of kings and you will stay out of the lives of Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael. DUH!! It is in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ King of kings amen. All Glory to God the Father!!! Holy Spirit We Worship You Forever!!!

Tom Ellis and his pretend Lucifer Accounts. Not sure which ones are which. Whatever but @LokiLopter is somebody. AND isn’t this familiar. Cara has had to retain even against vows. Ouch.

@OurPerpetual–see Dave. You are under Subjection. You’d have done better to go with this chick in Austin, Texas…..signed, #TaraAnnMoons; #PentecostalPatricia; #LeviathanAnn; #SisterAlexandria; #CommancheCara; #VampireVictoria

@I_Am_The_Christ, @I_Am_Inside_You, @I_Am _God_Above, @InTheFleshJesus (was @JesusScientific) are all the same person named Dave Eichler. He is not of the group of Jesus Christ called by Me to be Jesus Christ. Shit I’m sick of wanna-be-types that live near here whose #ASS I have to balance out since that #ass lives around Me. Whatever.


I’m not OK with the above account because you don’t mix Real Jesus with Imposter and get away with it on Uncovered No More. Two Dead Prophets in the Street need to arise according to Revelation 11. The account is a parody and announces it. Whatever.

@TheWordOfTheSon threatened to block me. Didn’t like I was laughing at him–maybe. Poor boi. I asked forgiveness. Hey, I’ve done that publicly. It’s when I do it in DM, to a real account, or on this blog that counts. This isn’t a real account. So joke is on that bot.

Hashtags: #TeamJesus isn’t. #GodSquad & #godsquad have True People within them. I don’t see them use the hashtag. Others do. I use #GODSQUAD occasionally when I’m weak. When I’m weak and they have taken enough out of my mortal frame, I use it because I’ve been at this thing my whole life and sometimes, I just need strong with me. But those hashtags about God are rife with issues. Carelessness. Sexual innuendo that is not appreciated. Etc. Etc. Etc. Caught, I’m caught. Will I forever be? I don’t know, I never knew, and what is more you’ve killed me loving you.

@ThatBloke_Jesus has quite a large following. Recie Edward Saunders 3 is who is in my life that connected to that account. They are Impostors. John Paul Jackson is NOT and neither is Scott Evelyn. Both Edwards of my past life are in this sentiment though one has less sin and more torment in his life than the other. #CaraCoffey

@TheWordOfTheSon–led me with other accounts to finding out about the Bloke and him on 12/23/2018. As to Me, Jesus walked out of HEB in Oak Hill with My People and His following Him and Esther Grace and I happened to show up at P. Terry’s off William Cannon and His People effortlessly took over. ~JJ & #TaraAnnMoons.



@JesusFnChristo is in Austin, young, and a punk. Last time when I was at Austin Cathedral, a Justin sat behind Me after I arrived and began to worship. This punk named Justin was a witness when 7 foot Justin and I took communion for Jesus Christ the King of kings. I announced Justin is Jesus. I got hit harder for the three years afterwards. That happened November 19, 2016. Jesus Christ! everybody needs to get humbler except the real Jesus People. Anyway, Justin (the punk) laughed inanely right behind Me. Esther was there, too, so the Glory Bubbl3 is rather distinct what with Brother Mahesh showing up for 29 years in December. I get it. I just don’t get it.

Charismatics, Baptists….EEEwwwww. Holy Spirit, in my Head, told me punk! once when Justin the Punk happened to be right there as I walked out Cathedral’s door. He’s dressed up as a Monk once and thank GOD I was leaving that time. At least he isn’t as hard to be compassionate on as that dark white dude who dressed in a Hawaii-type skirt, I kid the world not gold booties, and a sports jacket as We attended. That was November 19, 2017….Jesus was Spirit Slain as I pulled a coloring book out. It’s featured on this website as a Page–Glittering Gold. You got that right. Everybody follows the Gifts of Money more than they follow Christ Jesus King of kings in the United States of America. Even Holy Spirit on Twitter explained Me: Shiny. Thanks, Love. Thanks.

@ThatHippieJesus is black. He is ugly as the day is long though I allowed him a space to lead me as a black man at least on Twitter. Those who choose not to understand me are mortals. That is that and Twitter is no testing ground. It simply is a reality that I have to deal with in the meantime. It is sad to me that those who have obviously been more hampered by history in our country–Indian and African Americans–are just as divisive as their Caucasian counterparts some of the time, all of the time, or something in between. I do not know about that but I do know when people are being vicious and have no intention of being anything different unless you are a groupie. I cannot, nor will I, abide groupies in the New Jerusalem. Jesus Christ King of kings does not allow groupies. He and I are Universalists, and that is never appreciated by short-sighted users.


This next account is a betrayer but yet does have a gathering power on Twitter. He/she is not saying he/she is Jesus Christ but that is not the point here. I am a woman, IRL, in Austin, Texas. I know what people tried to deceive me to think on Twitter to take advantage of me. They did take advantage of me for a space of time. Are we kidding here? I deal in the supernatural, and I’m a physical representation of a few Ideas in the Modern Day. Of course a few Twitter Handles tried to deceive me.

That I thrive in the New Jerusalem is a miracle. That my family is coming around to the New Jerusalem Understanding I carry in my Core–whether they think they are doing that or not–is a miracle. I do not care what anyone thinks. My point here is to warn people about Twitter. Accounts like mine, like Bobby Conner’s, like Rick Joyner’s, like Bill Johnson’s, and like Streams Ministries International are known Christian Entities. I’m the only one that is a stand alone ministry–and now I am a Pagan Christian. I had no choice.

All of the rest of these ministries have money and power in God that they are supposed to have. I do not know why God has called me to be stand-alone with the super power testimony I actually have that America Destroyed though it is true, but that is none of my business. It is GOD’S. I can tell you this: Pagans don’t have a choice either. I have always thanked everyone, primarily Christians, who helped me along the way. Pagans don’t necessarily want to be thanked. They want world peace as does Tara Ann Moons. I want to dwell with Jesus Christ face to Face however that is going to be done. Now we know the Sons of God are being revealed and that is no surprise to me. Bobby Conner declared it about two years ago in the pulpit at Austin Cathedral and I colored it to speak it into existence.

This year, Mahesh Chavda was in worship on December 1-3, 2018. I pulled us effortlessly into the New Jerusalem in Heaven. Darren Shaw provided the worship atmosphere necessary for me to let go of the Earth Dwelling for a Space of Time and do this work. We called up dry bones of Ezekial. That has never been done before, Loves of the Earth.

I can guarantee you that fact of the heavenlies one hundred percent accurately. After that  worship service in which I kissed Jesus Mahesh Chavda on the cheek signifying the removal of the kiss of betrayal upon the brown skinned Jesus Christ, Brother Mahesh declared the truth about the worship teams of Austin Cathedral: they are non-professional Levites and We know exactly what we are doing in this Regional Tribe Judah Church. To be clear, Jesus Christ in several body Forms and Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey in one Body form got that work of the ministry accomplished with all the hard-working Christians who were and are not deceived in that Church History.

Never forget my father, mother, and I faithfully attended Church on the Rock when I was about 19 years old. Then I moved. Now I’m back. Primary Heavenly Door Ministry Outlets of worship and dwelling were established back before I was married. Jesus Christ came down to me the first time right after I was left alone without my flesh brother the second time. I was 14.

The real prophetic ones like myself post different profiles. I change a lot because, well, I’m a Female Representation. And Holy Spirit with Me changes a lot to constantly search for the Truth on Earth and Peace on Earth. I post my picture sometimes.

None of these accounts I mention ever do–unless they break and I push them to it like Dave. There are obvious reasons why they cannot post real pictures. I happen to be one of the reasons. Listen. All you are seeing me do is change from glory to glory and yet my body stays the same. I have had an angel fallen to the earth tell me He saw Fire Angel and Death Angel when He sees me in the Spirit Realms. You got that right. But I have to live normal too just like these other accounts. amen.

So why am I exposing another account? It is because there are posers of angelic accounts also. They may be smart; they may have angelic power; but I can also tell the world they torment other people and angels to get what they want every bit as much as Donald Trump or a ten year old child.

They are no different than humans sometimes. Perhaps they are no different than humans many times. Michael is to the point, unless I’m mistaken, that He walks the other way in a slightly different body form as I’m leaving in a high prophecy place like my grocery store. Whatever.

There are the Dudes. There are Three of them. They cannot help it that they have angelic authority and that they have this little girl in Austin, Texas, that is a large family Mother and a deal breaker when it comes to the New Jerusalem.

I just had to shut a very real human male out of my New Jerusalem Pillars and Foundation Lists on Twitter until he comes around (Rev 21). According to him publicly, he won’t subjugate himself to me. I’d told him in DM after he deceived me and scared me and my family that I am his Superior. That rankled.

I torment other people naturally when they do one fucking, freaking thing: hide details. Oh God have mercy, Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda know some of my pain from lots of people hiding details in and around Austin. That issue of my complicated life stripped through all the way to Jackson, MS, and Mobile, AL where I’ve previously lived plus all old friend and family bases especially as it concerns heavenly doors. And by the Way, Rick Joyner, I forgive you and you are welcome.

Given time as Dave shared a little bit about the calling on his life in DM as I was openly tormented and he blamed me for what it looked like in conversation therein–I’d already told him he is a male chauvinist possibly. They NEVER agree with me when I tell them that and they get angry just like Cain. Yes, just like Cain they decide to get angry instead of humbling themselves in the Sight of GOD.

Jesus Christ subjugates Himself to Me if He must, ya’ll. But I’m not His Superior except in One Way. It’s simply called submit one to another otherwise, but it is also the very real seed truth of anti-Christ removal according to Second John to be a Female Superior to Deities and Angels.

Jesus Christ can no more remove anti-Christ from any glory bubble worldwide without the mothers of faithfulness in every tribe, tongue, people, and nation than can Father and Holy Spirit; any Angel no matter how high powered; and any human male–red and yellow; black and white. DUH.

@therealbaddudebelow is not the real Lucifer or Satan. But he has a little power from God to accomplish what he is accomplishing and I’ve prayed for him like I’ve prayed for and ministered with Dave. Whatever.





@StPeterGatesKeep sure does not know how to be a GateKeeper. 😂 Peeps, stop pretending. The real ones are Me and John Paul Jackson and Scott Evelyn. You can only find me on Twitter and lemme say…some of these idiots are like what happened IRL before everyone settled down and simply accepted some stuff I’m not explaining right now–idiots think I need a doctor and medication when they want to conveniently forget I exist. I don’t forget I exist, I assure you. These handles on Twitter are well meaning until they are not only useless but a hindrance to the true work of GOD going forth on the Earth. War Crimes will be tried. Vengeance is God’s, and He repays. Get off Twitter when you are playing at it is my suggestion but I don’t care what you do.





This one is particularly noteworthy. John Paul Jackson died three days later and three years later than 2/15/2018. Dad died the next year 2/3/2016 hours before my wedding anniversary. To be clear, I saw Dark Skin Jesus come into my House last night. I’m not going to share that gold here except to say the World has no idea how Broken He is. I do. I always have. 😭 And, Scott Evelyn died September 25, 2016, Which was eight years to the day from when a demon of Insanity spoke through my Voice. He had a tractor fall on him in New Hampshire. I was the Death Angel Who turned around and shook his hand in September of 2015 in the Streams Ministries International building. Fuck the World. You don’t care about my dead. You just want what you want.

Now. The #GodSquad has been called out by me. And, they duly attacked me as well. It was one of those stupid “sword plays” on Twitter. I have completed this list for through 2018. Let’s see what other Twitter fallout can come about. They have a Squad address. It is locked down like Bobby Conner. But Bobby Conner and Jesus Christ King of kings. Oh God why should I state the obvious? It is because evil and darkness exist and they love the darkness. Oh GOD I will expose the darkness because Jesus Christ is Here, is Here, is Here and they hate Him. NO!!!!

Not everything of #GodSquad is unrighteous. Do not be taken in by what is here, please. Leave them to #GOD and don’t expect Pagan Christian Me to back down, American Christianity. You know not the time and place for you. As for Me, as for Judah, we Know what We Know and it is only, all of the time, and outside of time, BEAUSE WE ARE KNOWN!!!!

Human Shit, Literally

Joel Osteen

Franklin Graham

Pat Robertson

Pastor John Hagee

John Piper

Jerry Falwell, Jr.


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