Happy Birthday, Patrick Clayton Beaty 7

The Burning Bushes, Little Sister, Blood 2

Learning to be Free 6

The Lord is directing me and Me to make some changes rolling into January of 2019. It is, after all, a digit sum of 12. I am unsure what my schedule will look like. When Christianity returns my inheritance, I will be able to better put down the Fire and Death Angel Mirage you keep me in by your own free will for ten years. Had Heavenly Door Ministries interpreted my family’s waking dreams and sleeping dreams with more honesty, they would have provided from their funds to obey GOD in my life. In other words, they would have helped Curtis and me divorce in the flesh, remain in love with each other and our children in the flesh, and supported us to move on more IRL honest.

Instead, they went with #QAnon, my publisher and my testimony were destroyed, and Curtis and I are overworked. We are living within 1 Corinthians 7 and I am the Life Song of 1 Corinthians 13 all glory to GOD as Tribe Judah Star Tara Ann Moons.

We have carved out a peaceful existence. Yes, sex is still a part of our lives as Curtis and Cara Coffey. Did I say I was OK? No I didn’t. I’m not nor ever will be OK as Tara Ann Moons until that day GOD defines me IRL as Tara Ann Moons. And that requires the TimeLine Events of my life, and my life alone, to change. Carry On My Wayward Son — Kansas

In the meantime, I am now a Pagan Christian. Christians have stolen so much from Pagan Traditions and white-washed it with “religious zeal” to the point of no return at least in America but I think it is more true that Europe and the Western World are seeing this issue as well.

I expect, and demand, a return of my Christian Life. But I place no expectation on Immortals, mortals, and Angels because I’ll just get hurt again.

I have no expectation on GOD. HE HAS BEEN KILLED enough by Immortals, mortals, and Angels. It is nothing to me to wear Death Angel, Fire Angel and then there is the Pagan Goddess that I really am as a Female Representation of GOD as Tara.

I have a new Pagan friend on DM of Twitter. He knows my boundaries. He passed a video along to me last night, and I interpreted it for him and wove Christianity and Paganism together in the Throne Room no big deal.

Here (below as in Omega Jesus Christ) is the video we used as friends to have an enjoyable Spiritual discussion. To be clear, my mother’s Physical Therapist just left. We don’t have to DM to have a beautiful conversation as friends.

It is 9:30 AM, Patrick. I hurt. I’ve seen You with Body Forms of Jesus. We aren’t celebrating together for Your Birthday and that sucks. And Frank just gave me a boat-load of artists. He is German. We are ready and waiting for the Republicans and the Federal Government Illegality to Come Down. I’m like….why not Yesterday by the Beatles and by Foreigner, both. But we both and Both know that the wheels of Government and Finance never go as fast toward more righteousness and balanced judgment as they should.

Pagans are pan sexual. I am not. Does America have any questions? You start any judgment and gossip about me and my children and Curtis ever again and you already know you’re dead. I know the judgement and gossip are there. I’m still dealing with very real flashback of persecution placed upon me that gets America, Christianity, and the Republicans this testimony today.

When I hug you, you are gone. ((American Christians & Republicans who gossiped and judged me and my family instead of trusting GOD in my life)). There are those Jesus Accounts on Twitter still dying for you. I’m not going to link them. You go ahead and get on Twitter. Figure this shit out. I am in Love with Everyone. I need to be in Love with Me and Who I know I’m in Love with with Me.

I can’t see that life as easily anymore solely in a Christian Church. So when you see me go into a Wiccan Setting, now you know. I’m as it was from the beginning, pre-flood, and still in love with post-Christianity that is dying in America and Europe along with the Muslim Religion and etc.

Will the buildings and businesses survive your reality from 2018 and beyond? That is none of my business. Jesus Christ, Me, and Tribe Judah are my Business. Game Over. To be clear, I led an Angel named Metatron in this very video and am still pure as the driven snow IRL as Cara Coffey. If you can’t handle my allegory, die today.

Happy Birthday, Patrick Clayton Beaty. Let’s get this party for King of kings started in Austin, Texas. To be clear again: the Ram Man and Tara Ann Moons are Who this Video is About in the life of Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey IRL.

We are Brother and Sister Beaty. That is a Miracle of #DeepMystery the world is not worthy of. We have a love that has absolutely no sexuality involved as does Jesus Christ with All His Elect. Live with Us and Appreciate Us NOW. I am Uncovered No More, Tara Ann Moons. It is all glory to GOD and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

Tara Ann Moons is a Socialist, who has moved to Canada since America killed Cara, who is also returning to a more gentle life balance that includes the religion of Vegetarianism but I add fish because here is what I know: fish can be eaten with no cost to society if said society is in balance. Forever is seeing that and just because America doesn’t care about the Earth like Pagans do doesn’t mean the Christian Me can’t go with my true, root, Tribe Judah people.

You’ve got that right. My Twitter DM Friend and Frank are Tribe Judah Remnant now. My Friend didn’t even block me when I told him I’m a death angel. He didn’t flinch. I can’t say that for American Christianity, now, can I #ASS? Who is that, Cara? That IT is (drum roll please): 

American Shit Show

American Christianity, call me the weakest of women when I tell you my New World Order for my very real 15 children. I birthed in spirit 12 children (Rev 12) and adopted three children whose parents had to wride the Perfect Storm as white people in #ASS. I have no children who are 15 right now, America, but Lydia will be 15 in July. Every time Cara’s Kids turn and turned 15, You got this message that you never understood:

I want my children to be Pan Sexual until they choose to settle down with a mate or Mate and have children. When the children are grown, I think it wise that the couple decide beforehand to go back to Pagan Roots no matter which religion they choose to raise their children within and become Pan Sexual again so that the wickedness of this present darkness doesn’t eat the general Mortal and Immortal population alive.

Christianity is a Weight. I am Lilith, first woman, speaking thus. Let me be clear: I do not like her. She is the Mother of Angels and is a mystery that I have solved as an Eve. Lucifer and the show named “Lucifer” helped me in this endeavor. I do not nor will I ever thank Tom Ellis, the Baptist, for this necessity of vow I had to throw. What’s more, I hate vows according to Song of Solomon. Does America have any Pagan Questions?

Author Cara Ann Coffey Disclaimer: evangelicals will think that I would have run off Curtis and my kids so they were justified to do what they did to me kind of like how Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries justified himself to tell women to expose themselves before him in the “presence of God”. You can’t listen to what Tara Ann Moons says or does. You look at what Cara Coffey does and not what she had to say for ten years. I said what I had to say to get this article here today in Jesus Name, amen. As to pan sexuality, I told a child of age in 2014 that if he/she committed fornication and didn’t stay with the one it was enjoying sex with, ask forgiveness and move on. I was thanked by a post-Christian, confused child.

What the world now knows is that Cara Coffey taught her children how to be Pagans the last ten years. They are already saved. That’s what Christian, faithful parents like Curtis and Cara Coffey are for. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to you how Curtis has a problem with the political/religious stances I am taking now. He is a gentleman and doesn’t interfere with my spiritual lifestyle.

I’d never hurt my family. The physical divorce would not have changed what we did the last ten years and for the rest of my life it is nobody’s business what I do. You didn’t think that way as Christians from September of 2008 through December of 2018. You lost a true Christian just like you’ve lost Jesus. He’s more a Pagan than He is a “Christian” in America in 2018. I’m only telling you that he is the friend of tax collectors and sinners. And He is. I’ve said it for years–I have an easier time in my life at Whole Foods than I do in any church building. I’m going to visit some Wiccan Celebrations and color with them, Lord willing. I expect not to be judged. I expect not to be called a missionary. I am with my People no matter where I go. I deal with what is not my people and I can damn well tell the world I have more “not my people” in church buildings than I would at a Wiccan Outdoor Celebration like what is brought forth in the video below.

I gave the interpretation to my DM friend who is openly Pagan in discussion. I will do nothing of the sort in writing at UNM. You don’t deserve it, love me for it, or nurture my family for that sort of gold. 

Y’all know what happened, right? Lucifer ripped my Christian Heart Out and threw it in the fire of hell, laughing. He thinks he did me a favor, the Bastard. Well maybe He did and maybe He didn’t. I ain’t letting all three Archangels get away with this shit. They gonna be hearing about it forever. 😈🔥🌟🖖🏻😂

December 13, 2018 saw high winds and storm clouds for Mama Cara Tara to finish this article. 🙄🌟💚🔥❄️🖖🏻😥💔

Faun – Walpurgisnacht (Director’s Cut)

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