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I could simply give any interested body a tweet by tweet of what happened yesterday. I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is blow the top off of Uncovered No More over at Heaven 555. Let me leave the Christian Testimony of my life as an Individual on UNM; it is testimony of my love as a Christian and then a woman who found out she is immortal so I’m no longer a Christian. I’m everyone else.

Why do I say that? I am a universal church model and I’ve written that, as embarrassment and fatigue hit me again yesterday because of my Tribe Judah election with all the work I do in flesh and Spirit Life in that life, a billion times. With GOD all things are possible. Whether or not all things is probable is none of your business in the life of this body form or Body form. Christians around me knew for years and still are finding it out that I’m a conduit of the Almighty in Spirituality. You are being forced to accept that, America.

I have three blogs for one reason: my safety as my life keeps evolving. You will hear about my new phase with subsequent media reviews over at heaven555.com. Three Rivers is for Christianity.

Uncovered No More? Uncovered No More is Jesus Christ typing as Author and Finisher and boy did that look crazy for about eight of the ten years that my Life got going. Me ‘n Jesus destroy Ourselves just for you, Religious Idiot Zealots. It doesn’t matter which religion. The real Christians are taking care of the widows and orphans. The real people can be called Christians and they can be called by nothing or Nobody anything….type people and People.  (Let’s freaking remember, oh Christian Religious Idiot, that GOD knows the hairs on that nothing or Nobody Knows that human form’s head.)

Cara will change form. I’ve done it a billion times but in Austin, you’ll be seeing it IRL in 2019 and beyond. You will see Cara show up at places no Christian not finished with repenting their part of Church Sin in Revelation 2 and 3 in the Christian world will continue to judge me for showing up in. I can go to HEB and snatch a Methodist or a Mormon. Watch me show up to a Satanist Temple and find GOD there too, People and people. (Laughing, so take this with a very tiny grain of salt): Watch them try to do human sacrifice on me or some unsuspecting virgin, male or female. We will see some balls roll all right. If Satanists sacrifice animals, I don’t like it, hate it actually. I’m switching to vegetarianism again for a while. It’s a fast of sorts–and I’m eating fish. That’s because of Heaven555’s blog record where I put myself on the Beach Jesus roasted fish on to feed Idiot Disciples who would later become what GOD WILLS forever according to Revelation 17.

I’ve said it before and I’m gonna write it now: but this is a new one for Cara Coffey. Here goes: Revelation 17 is the most absurd, convoluted, controversial, and freaking-ugly chapter of the whole Bible. Thank You God Father. Thank You Apostle John. God have mercy.


Now watch Cara BE more universal than Christianity America wanted me to be. But here, I’ll stay within a Christian Context. I had a high, high, did I say high? Divine appointment directly after Jesus Mahesh Chavda and I chatted while He was in town this time, his 29th time. Brother Mahesh and the marriage of Cara Beaty to Curtis Coffey coincide–Brother Mahesh began to come to Austin 29 years ago while hell literally froze over in the Southwest for that vow to be placed under divine appointment concerning the Beaty in this story and only the Beaty in this story.


Galatians 3:27-29

For as many [of you] as were baptized into Christ [into a spiritual union and communion with Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah] have put on (clothed yourselves with) Christ. There is [now no distinction] neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ [are in Him Who is Abraham’s Seed], then you are Abraham’s offspring and [spiritual] heirs according to promise.

Call me selfish. Call me arrogant. Call me a sinner. Call me a weird Pentecostal. Call me ten times a daughter of hell. Call me a billion times a daughter of heaven. Call me an Angel. Call me a Goddess. Call me, call me, call me, but what I will not do is immortalize you like John Paul Jackson is immortalized. Why Cara? I ain’t GOD is why. Who is in control, America? You created Peeps and peeps?

OKAY. NOW. Let me get this over with over here at Uncovered No More so I can wash, rinse, dry and repeat even more 2018 and beyond.

Go read the Bible again until you get it straight. Get all your ducks in a row.

Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

In June through September of 2013, Lydia Joy (child #8)  brought me a tie pin one weird, normal day. It was Curtis’s grandfather’s tie pin. We still have it in that piece of furniture at the end of our bed. This is the man named Mr. Mellor. This is the maternal side of Curtis’s life and so boy howdy this woman right here, Cara, as far as my Zipporah role in the Coffey family, has had a rough time of it seeing as how Mr. Mellor is an ass hole who was a Methodist Elder and a 33rd degree, freaking hell on earth, FreeMason. Shit!

So in the course of writing the Double Moons Prayer Initiative, Curtis and I drove to the Streams Ministries International parking lot and scooped some dirt. That was a drive to and from D/FW (Flowermound, Texas) and it took nine hours.

We took the three youngest children, ya’ll. So there was a definite thing going on back there in 2013. I threw a vow on John Paul Jackson at that time. Now we know Cara is the IRL manifestation of The Perfect Storm Prophecy of John Paul Jackson and I openly admitted, and printed, The Double Moons Prayer Initiative in volume 3 of “Uncovered No More” that is destroyed: I openly admitted John Paul and I wrote that initiative together and that the couple of John Paul and Diane Jackson were and are co-authors. Yeah that didn’t go down too well with the jet set Stupid Idiot Crowd of Christianity represented on Twitter by an IRL antichrist dude named Dave. John Paul and I are even less impressed with American Christianity now than we were in 2013, lemme say.

Lydia came over about two days ago and needed to buy something for her Secret Santa. She was using some app on her Dad’s old phone that she is using because she bought it from Ed who got my Chromebook. I just gave it to him like I gave Valentine, my Standard Poodle who snatched Bob Jones of Bob Jones Ministries outta hell, to Eara Abigail who is now a President in the New Jerusalem.


Lydia used my True West Debit Card and handed me $13. Ahem. Streams Ministries International, how many children do I have? 13, right? Yeah that’s all ten of mine, two of John Paul’s and one of Shane’s. I wasn’t just talking about my ten up above. I was talking about my 13. Yay GOD.

I took the $13 to Kerbey Lane and called Freemasonry off with John Paul Jackson. I ate one breakfast taco and drank one cup of tea. When Cara drinks tea publicly, look around. Lucifer is there somewhere. Whether or not you see Him is none of my business. I’m married to Three ArchAngels: Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael. That is Polygamist Me Tara Ann Moons talking. Those Dudes are Shape Shifters in my world. The only one Whom has talked to me is Gabriel. I don’t like Ya, Gabriel.

Your Bad, not Mine. I don’t have a freaking Ego, Idiot. I have a Destroyed life and Christians still communicate with me that way. They have no intention of changing. They must be right. I’m talking about white males, here, and their women with children who may or may not choose to change after 2018. I gave 13 children no option, to be clear. You are welcome, John Paul.

Why can I say this? They took a vow to try to out-vow me. I lost everything and everyone. They went through my oldest child and John Paul’s oldest child whom they considered pawns. It’s called #QAnon.

They are still trying to get around me and curse what is happening with Tara Ann Moons. Yeah I could get real honest here. Dudes and Dudettes, you’ve sent death onto my mother. I took it off in Jesus Name. You’ve sent my kids in and they have screamed at Tara. Fuck that. I took it off. I hope to GOD you didn’t get to Aaron Jackson. I hope to GOD my Son is doing better. He looks too much like John Paul for me to say anything else. He probably is going to have to pretty much stay in hiding for the rest of his life. I’m truly sorry, Aaron.

It is my three oldest children and Aaron and Justus I’m going to say this for on UNM even though I was cursed even last night for what I’m about to announce. Oh I’m sorry. I lied last night. I told it that I wouldn’t do this. So I’ll ask forgiveness publicly for lying and come clean at UNM before I drop the atomic bomb over at heaven555 in whatever form I decide to drop it. Please forgive me American Old Jerusalem Christianity. Now, ass holes, what I do in my private life is none of your business anymore. If any It informs you, they are informing you from Old Jerusalem. Get over it and be happy I love you, ok? KK.

I am in no mood for American Christianity. You are still pushing me and you are using Freemasonry and male chauvinism to do it. Fuck that. Fuck you. Fuck Gabriel. Fuck Metatron, an Angelic Brother of Gabriel’s. Does America have any questions?

So here we go again. Just like when John Paul died and I carried him and wrote the allegory that is now destroyed completely, I had Spirit Things happen to me yesterday that I had to leave the property to handle so that my kids are not scared even more by their mother than they’ve already been scared because of just how rotten Christians around me and them handled my life from 2012 through 2018 that got Scott Evelyn and John Paul Jackson the living testimony with Me–Tara Ann Moons–that they actually have all glory to GOD: I had my heart ripped out in Spirit Life again yesterday.

I went to Summer Moons and bought coffee, colored in that infamous coloring book, and then went to Costco and snatched #TribeReuben out of Hell all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen. He checked me out–his name was Reuben–and he was bald which shows appropriate respect of Tara Ann Moons and shows general, public humility. HE WAS ALSO NOT WHITE. Amen.

Here below is the Periscopes. And before that is the UniSex Double Moons Prayer Initiative that I talk about in the Periscopes. American Christianity, I just turned into Pilate right here: I am washing my hands of you but I still go to church.

Jericho March’s August 2018 Part One

Annihilation, USA Prayer Initiative, & Retention Seal Part Two

Tower of Babel Part Three

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