AND Here We Go; Cara’s Back to Square One 4

I’m sitting there with my ten year old this late afternoon finishing up a Math Lesson and I am not going into details except to say one thing: hyperventilation. I’m like you have freaking got to be kidding me, God Father. Now he is coming down a Star outta Heaven. What in hell am I supposed to do with this? 

My Mama brain goes back to the memories of helping children understand that they are immortals like their mother. I didn’t even know what to call it until 2018. God have mercy I feel like so many types of human at this point I can’t even begin to explain it.

Anyway….Margaret in the parking lot of Kohl’s saying, Mom I don’t want to be this way. Shane Davis admitting to me that Justus said Dad! We can be normal now. And Shane having to say…Well, Son……

BE elect. Have children cuss you out when you tell them that you are speaking to them as a spiritualist and they are like Mom I don’t want to talk about it! Because they don’t want to go back to the time when they had to defend you in front of people that ignored them and kept pounding at them about how Mom is wrong. Is this…is that…is anything but right. A child saying, Mom don’t talk to me in the lower voice. Showing a child how when you back up the glory field backs up. Closing your eyes so that your Seer line of vision doesn’t muck up the communication going on in that moment. Leaving a place because you can feel the tension rising and you don’t even know Who is there–but that is only what you say to yourself because this is your life and it isn’t normal.

But Mom is right. Shane is right. John Paul Jackson is right……They denied us all now there is this silence and I will not let it be swept under the rug. That does nothing for us all in America.

And it is my ten year old son that hyperventilated and fell out of heaven this late afternoon. God have mercy I want the vicious cycle of exchange in my life having to do with immortals and human mortals to STOP! This lifestyle needs to be normal! So many betrayers! So many unbelievers around me! What the living hell is this?

We cannot deny our spirituality! Oh my goodness we all want to fight about who is smartest than whom. And yet we deny our spirituality. If we deny that part of us, and I have been denied yet chose to be right and to be free in it so I lost all my reputation….We deny Jesus Christ!!!! I WANT TO LIVE — John Denver

We must embrace GOD and how we are made. We must stop denying one another the whole Me. I’m not normal, no, but I am human; I am someone who wants to see my children, all of them worldwide, released in the fullness of the power of GOD and to do that we must embrace our full selves created in the Image of GOD now!

It’s time has come……stop oh America! Stop denying Jesus Christ and persecuting the testifiers. Stop wickedness and accept that we can do more, do it peacefully, and change the world where there is starvation and lack of education and so much of devastation.

We can turn this around. But denying our spirituality GOD created us to be is not the ticket to worldwide peace. Yet I tell you; our children are suffering. They are spiritual beings as much as they are intellectual and soul beings and flesh beings. If they deny me, and they do on a regular basis–they deny Jesus. If we deny Jesus, we deny the children on the other side of the world food, clothes, and education. We deny it for their parents. This must be rectified within time–not gradually! NOW. amen.

@lucindaann2 tweets


#1: @LordAndSaviourJ: I’m Canon in the Harry Potter Universe.

@lucindaann2: Good to know. Edward (#10 Who is 10) and #TaraAnnMoons His Mama are watching the Series. Hopefully taking in another one or two through Christmas. (emoticons) As to Cannon….yeah that’s an understated idea these days (LOL).

Overnight, I had to remove one Jesus Account and add this Jesus account to Dwelling List of @leviathanann. Does anyone know how painful 2018 has been for Cara Coffey? No, no you don’t. The next tweet series of 2 will fill you in on a few details of how I know I’m confining people who may or may not be immortal and angels (only men) to another death experience on the earth. They probably are not coming back in Reincarnation Again. Now we see why Cara is feared; why she is Tara; why to be a #JUDGE is a heavy weight of responsibility for Jesus Christ King of kings and Tara Ann Moons the wife of the Lamb amen. (Revelation 17-22 Alone)

@lucindaann2: Thinking outside the proverbial spiritualist box, I understand Jesus accounts (even the #fuqload of imposters I’m dealing with) not backing down in apology. But Luciferian accounts? Gabriel accounts? Michael accounts? You “ArchAngels” leave it all at Me? Yuppers. @Twitter too. (LOL)

#2: I See Angel Coward. He Sees Me. Angel Dudes, #thinkoutsideyourbox. You know who I am when you don’t, right? Delilah by Jasmine Thompson….#TaraAnnDelilah is a new Twitter Character. Welcome, ArchAngels. Welcome to Your Earth World. #snipsnip (emoticons fire, lightning bolt, ocean wave)

The Lord’s Prayer is being answered in Real Time. You will burn in hell on the other side if you stay a “Jesus” account on Twitter when you are nothing of the sort. You creep into women’s houses and enslave people. I’m going to be exposing you more and more because I LOVE you as much as I LOVE EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. That is in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Jesus accounts, don’t think I don’t know the difference between impostors and those who are actually, simply passing away. I know the difference and I showed the World Immortal that I did understand across 12/3-4/2018 after having given a Holy Kiss to Jesus Mahesh Chavda Who Is Brown Skinned like the Jesus Christ in love with #TaraAnnMoons Whom is the only reason I can stay focused in this Great Big World called the New Jerusalem. (Prophetess note: I’m protecting King of kings on Twitter, and there May Be More Than One Account of Him, to not Thank Him Here. If I Thank a Jesus Twitter, it’s because I Know that One Will Likely Not Be One I am Privileged with Seeing Face to Face. I Cry There. #icrythere. Look Away, Humanity. When Little Sister Cries, there is None Who Devours Her Tears Save God Father and God Son and God Holy Spirit However They Choose to Reveal Themselves and They Know Your Heart; They Discern Your Thoughts. It is a Weight We Bear and Bare. God, How True She Types.)

Try to define the Love Jesus Christ has with Cara Ann Beaty and I kill You or you in Spirit Life. It is that simple. Everybody gossiped and tried to prove me wrong for ten years. It gets you deader than dead from 2018 and beyond. Welcome to Your World and your world: a Woman Scorned in Hell is a Woman Who will #JUDGE in LOVE because I don’t get sad, I don’t get mad, I don’t care; I just love.

Heaven Yes, I’m in Love with Jesus Christ. He is in Love With Me. Deal with it. But don’t think we care if you do or don’t. I’m the Dudette He came down to unseen by the World of NJ and told Me (October or November, 2014):

Remember Cara, I’m Human.

I’m the One who Sent my Phone Number to the only male I ever did that to in email that day. My 10 YO Beaty Third Cousin died of a Double Bout of Brain Cancer (Rev 22 Plague Death). It was His Great GrandMama who died in my Bedroom on Crestview Drive when I was Ten (1976). Dad Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. baptized her in Our BathTub and Mom cared for Her as I’m now caring for My Mother in Austin, Texas.

Aunt Shirley is the Only Sister of the Beaty Brothers Who Suffered for Years because of Three ARKs in Austin, Texas. It doesn’t matter who owns these three homes. Cara Tara owns Texas and that is that. So you flesh humans and flesh angels get a grip. Get a grip and fix your lives to be IN CONTEXT and RELEVANT to Glen Rose Aquifer, William Cannon in Austin, Texas, and the New Jerusalem WORLDWIDE.

The Hispanic second cousin I sent my phone number to had his glory days. He is now already dead on the earth and there is a Twitter Jesus covering his Hispanic Ass in the Meantime.  Thank You @realleftJesus and @zombieofgod. You lead me right well.

No Love (feat. Lil Wayne) by Eminem

It’s fuck the World, get a child outta Her. That’s Me and Lil Wayne. We know What We Know. What We Know will make you bow to #GOD so help Us #GOD “….I’m sticking to the script, you niggers skipping scenes……” “… love lost, no love found…” 

1:38 PM 12/4/2018 shows anybody that Cara has a bit more Jude Understanding than Tara does. God have mercy. I was wrong on a couple of points. Jesus is just going to have to Learn to take Thank You from Tara Ann Moons because if there is One Thing that is not Optional in My Life, it’s not seeing ALL OF JESUS Time-and-World-Wide Forevermore amen.

And yeah…..this is normal. @SonOfGodAndMan and @1Cor13Faith know about deliverance ministry. We hate on each other for a minute (@DarkPrinceLucy and @LokiLopter may be understanding about this nowadays on Twitter with Their Little Sister) and then move on still in Love with LOVE.

It’ll work out some day. My point? The Guy I removed from my List got put BACK IN just now. Humanity Judah is freaking used to it. Hahaha it’s funny to see non-Judah Jesus Accounts (read: Impostors so delete those damn accounts and start over ya’ll)–give themselves away like Dave did.

He was so obvious after Cara got fuqed over that it is like the mortals around me dealing with some of the shit of my past life. I’m like, you do realize, Cara, that every one of these peeps betrayed you?… I walk into one store or other. The non-Peeps (well, they are Peeps but not peeps IYKWIM) know to just keep moving when the betrayal percentage is high no matter Where We Are. Everybody trusts Cara to do one thing: run like a Bat outta HELL when ya’ll ain’t got your shit together that time.

Boo! A Media Halloween (2016)We tried to go see it. The alarm went off in the Theatre at Barton Creek Mall so we had to leave. I wonder why. LOL–Happy Halloween 2016-2019.

HaHaHa HoHoHo #MerryChristmas2018

1:44 PM Central 12/4/2018

That’s Damn Rock and Roll (feat Lzzy Hale) by Eric Church

See Ya’ll after the first of the Year, 2019.

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