You Will Never Be Able to Say Cyria Didn’t Love You, America, 3

The Burning Bushes, Little Sister, Blood 2

The feature image is a thumb drive. I haven’t told the whole truth. One Twitter Handle that betrayed me tried to get me to burn my own writings. He even went so far as to think he could be a man I could submit to at least on a ministerial level. The very audacity of such shit is beyond me at this late part of my game called Uncovered No More.

You heard that right, Uncovered No More is a game to many of the Christians in America. They knew perfectly well Jesus Christ was showing up around me. They made certain I looked foolish and in need of men. This all landed very close to home from 2014 through 2018; however, I gave Mahesh Chavda and my pastor Bill Hart a Holy Kiss on Sunday, December 2, 2018.

Whom didn’t kiss me yet is a Body Form of Jesus Christ. When I kiss Him on the Cheek, whichever One it is of Them, it will be monumental. Let’s see if He gets near enough for me to do it. There isn’t anything that Tara Ann Moons needs to do more than give That Man, in Some Body Form, a Holy Kiss to wipe away the absolute, degrading, fucking pain of the Betrayal of Disciples. Peter and Judas Iscariot are whom I’m talking about, of course.

When that Body Form allows me to kiss His Cheek, He will automatically get the password to my websites. I’ve given that password to two men, one a mortal and one a Savior Who is Young and a God. He won’t even admit it on Twitter that He is a God and it is nice that Someone Understands the necessity of obscurity even as Cara’s Life catapults more and more into Tara Ann Moons Whom I was, I am, I will be. Cara is being eaten up by testimony. It never pays to be Cara. I get worked and misunderstood so much it is ridiculous.

Does America see what I’m telling YOU? When I gave Mahesh Chavda a Holy Kiss, I gave Jesus Christ a Holy Kiss. Move over, my Love is in Town and doesn’t need a kiss from me on the cheek. amen. What Mahesh Chavda needs is the password to all three of my websites. amen.

Uncovered No More’s old testimony is going over to The aforementioned Young Jesus knows that and knows I’m not allowing my Virtue to be placed in any church building save the two in Austin which are Judah: Austin Cathedral and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

This is a prophetic guess. I won’t step foot into any other churches for a while but it won’t be alone when I get around to it, possibly. All three ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer will be with me if I’m to give of my Virtue to Christians like that again, but that is not preferable. I never get preferable. Enough said. I’ll announce it if I change my mind.

I don’t know what’s keeping everybody. I sure as heaven don’t have a problem with kissing Jesus on the Cheek. And I’m no Judas Iscariot or Disciple Peter. That is the rest of American Christianity and their petulant women that are they. amen.

I warned YOU. You continue to hate me and betray me, shutting me out at every level and even on Twitter it doesn’t really stop. Wow. The world thought I was a dumb-ass white woman. NO. I am a woman in LOVE with all of YOU and that is that. But here is the DEAL: I love me too. If I love Me, then I love Jesus Who is One of Me. Where is He? I don’t know but He does, oh yes He does. That One is in a lot more charge than any human or angel could have ever imagined forever before 1966-2018 and forever after 1966-2018.

I watched Season 3, Episode #13, of “Lucifer” tonight after having accomplished weights and stretches at the YMCA where I worked out as a young woman of 19. And anyway, Amenadiel and Lucifer were having a conversation about Cain. Amenadiel refused to look at the forearm mark upon Cain. Lucy and his older angelic brother talked about “Loop holes” with God Father (“Dad” to them). Hear me now: I give ArchAngels Power at UNM for One Man: King Jesus Christ. Hope that settles it. I’m tired of being misunderstood. I don’t abide Loop holes. They don’t sound like “everything brought into the Light” and/or etc. I saw a license plate on my way home tonight. “Zeal” has consumed me and will always Consune Me for God’s House and Jesus Christ Who is King. Yes. He has a Body Form. Come Lord Jesus, Come! “Only the Winds” by Olafur Arnolds is playing. The imposters in my life fall away. Angels bow too. I LOVE You All. I LOVE You All. And GOD Knows that about #TaraAnnMoons; however, HE WAITS patiently for Her to Know it Too.

PS That’s Patrick in the Body Form Who dropped dead in a Garland Street on September 27, 1980. 💛😓❄️


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